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Tuesday, 15 April 1997 23:48

The FBI and the Framing of Oswald

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John Armstrong shows how the FBI altered the photographic evidence to misrepresent Oswald's belongings as taken from the Dallas police. Included is a piece of testimony to the Warren Commission that was altered before inclusion, and copies of two letters from the IRS showing that at least two of Oswald's W-2 records of employment were forged in January, 1964.

From Probe, Vol. 4, no. 3, March-April 1997

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John Armstrong

John Armstrong began investigating Lee Harvey Oswald in the early 1990s, uncovering a plethora of discrepancies concerning Oswald's height, weight, eye color, scars, medical records, school records, military records, and photographs, as well as indications that the FBI suppressed, ignored, fabricated, altered, and destroyed evidence.  After delivering lectures at conferences throughout the 90s, he published his findings as Harvey and Lee.  The research materials for the book were given to Baylor University, which has made digital scans available; see also his website.

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