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Saturday, 29 April 2017 13:05

Some stylistic guidelines for submission

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At Kennedys and King, we try to maintain professional standards regarding the material we publish, much as if this were a peer-reviewed journal.   Thus, aside from the quality of the content, which it goes without saying is carefully scrutinized, we also aim for a certain regularity with respect to formatting and citation style.

The following is a brief set of guidelines we would kindly ask our prospective authors to observe.

  1. We prefer submissions to be in an editable document like Word or MacIntosh Pages.  (For dyed-in-the-wool LaTeX users, we have nothing against that very respectable tool, but it just does not transfer to our CMS editor easily.).   An .rtf document will also do in a pinch.  No .pdfs, please.
  2. Please avoid fancy styling such as alternations between font type, size or coloring, etc., and confine yourself to things like italicization, emphasis (boldface), bulleted or numbered lists, and indentation.  We also prefer that text not be underlined, as we reserve that as a marker for hypertext (for the sake of legibility).
  3. For footnotes, please use either one of two methods:
    • in-line the reference; e.g., "....." [Smith, op. cit., pp. 212-23].  A bibliography may optionally be appended in this case to the end of the article.
    • use the built-in footnote insertion mechanism available in Word and Pages (please select the "endnote" option and arabic numbering).
  4. We recommend picking a bibliographic reference style and maintaining it consistently.  It does not matter if it is Chicago, MLA, APA, etc.; but do not mix them (for a useful overview of the standard styles, see
  5. If you wish to include images or video links, .mp3/.mp4 files, etc., it is generally better to put a marker in your text where they should go and send the actual files separately.  Please name the files without using white space.

While we will proofread your document before publication, we expect the burden of conforming to these guidelines to fall upon the author's shoulders.

~The Editors

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