From Bad to Worse: Debunking Gerald Posner’s JFK Evidence

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In his five-part dressing-down of Gerald Posner’s Case Closed, Martin Hay deems the chapters dealing with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to be even worse than those on Lee Harvey Oswald. Click here for a systematic analysis of all the ‘JFK evidence’ featured in the 1993 book.

Below is a snippet of this evidence and what’s wrong with it.

Gerald Posner’s JFK Evidence: The Overarching Theme

Hay begins Part 3 of his five-part review by providing an overview of the JFK evidence shared in Posner’s book. The British researcher concludes that Posner behaves no better than a lawyer with loose morals when portraying the evidence related to the JFK assassination.

Instead of providing all the evidence, Posner includes what suits his skewed perspective on the assassination. He betrays his true objectives by actively hiding the controversial nature of certain evidence.

Take the heavily-contested single bullet theory. Posner loses all credibility when he relies on the Warren Commission’s scientifically improbable theory to make his case.

Twisting the Words of Linnie Mae Randle

Linnie Mae Randle was the sister of Oswald’s co-worker Buell Frazier. She saw the former approaching their house on the morning of the assassination.

Posner’s Perspective: Randle describes the alleged assassin holding a ‘long package’ along his side. Wrapped in brown paper, Oswald held one end under his armpit while the other swung in the air. Posner also claims that Oswald handled the package as if it were heavy.

The Truth: Turn to page 248 of Volume 2 of the Warren Commission, and you’ll see that Randle never described Oswald this way. She said that he carried the package by his side while laying a hand over the top, and it was close to the ground as he walked.

To an unsuspecting reader, this detail might seem ordinary. However, it makes more sense when put in the perspective of the alleged weapon used in the assassination. You see, the Mannlicher Carcano was 34.8 inches long. The bag that held it wasn’t nearly long enough to hold the rifle. As for the package seeming too heavy, Randle said the wrapping paper holding the object, not the object itself, seemed to be a heavy type.


Finding Patterns Where There Are None

Posner claims that Oswald showing up at Frazier’s house was unusual because Frazier usually picked him up for a drive to his place.

There is nothing unusual about Oswald walking to Frazier’s house, as the latter told the Warren Commission that he usually picked Oswald up ‘around the corner.’ Other times, he would pick him up at the house. Sometimes, Oswald would walk down the sidewalk as Frazier prepared to pick him up. On that day, Frazier was running particularly late, so Oswald showing up on his own wasn’t as unusual as Posner makes it out to be in his book.

Check Out the Review for More on the Posner’s JFK Evidence

There is more to Posner’s JFK evidence than meets the eye. Check out Hay’s book review, which is more organized than the haphazardly put-together narrative the book attempts to sell.

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