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We are always pleased to publish new and original research, reviews of books or media, and other topical items of interest pertaining to the assassinations of the 1960s, their background and aftermath, and the official investigations conducted.   We encourage readers, and especially younger people, to take an active interest in this part of their recent past and to contribute their talents toward a better understanding of it.

All work may be submitted to   The work will be reviewed by our editors for content and style, and in the case of a positive decision, the authors will be given the opportunity to respond to any suggestions our staff may make before the final version is posted.

Please read and do your best to follow our Stylistic Guidelines before submitting your work to us.
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Other Ways To Contribute

As activists, we know how important it is to have good, solid information upon which we can act. We participate in phone trees, letter-writing and other action-oriented campaigns as needed. But we need people who are up on the current aspects of the case, who are informed, interested, and willing to go the extra mile in a pinch.

You can be a part of our efforts. Please participate in our action alerts. For example, in mid-1995, the FBI was balking at the first release of files that the ARRB wanted opened to the public. Through letter writing, phoning and faxing, members of the research community were able to persuade President Clinton of the importance of supporting the Review Boards efforts. The FBI eventually relinquished the files in question and they are now a part of the public record.

If you are able to help coordinate a speaking engagement in your area, if you have any contacts with radio or television sources, or even if you are willing to make a few phone calls in your local area on short notice, drop us a note and tell us how you think you can help.

Donations are always welcome.

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