Best Books on the JFK Assassination

1.Rush to Judgment, by Mark Lane (1966)
2.Accessories After the Fact, by Sylvia Meagher (1967)
3.Who Was Jack Ruby?, by Seth Kantor (1978)
4.The Last Investigation, by Gaeton Fonzi (1993)
5.Let Justice Be Done, by Bill Davy (1999)
6.In the Eye of History, by William Law (2004)
7.Breach of Trust, by Gerald McKnight (2005)
8.Oswald and the CIA, by John Newman (2008 Edition)
9.JFK and the Unspeakable, by James W. Douglass (2008)
10.Destiny Betrayed, Second Edition, by James DiEugenio (2012)

Best Books on the Malcolm X Assassination

1.To Kill a Black Man, by Louis Lomax (1968)
2.The Assassination of Malcolm X, by George Breitman, Herman Porter and Baxter Smith (1977)
3.Malcolm X: The Assassination, by Michael Friedly (1992)
4.Conspiracys, by Baba Zak A. Kondo (1993)
5.The Judas Factor, by Karl Evannz (1993)

Best Books on the MLK Assassination

1.Martin Luther King: The Assassination, by Harold Weisberg (1969)
2.Who Killed Martin Luther King, Jr.?, by James Earl Ray (1987)
3.The Martin Luther King Assassination, by Philip Melanson (1989)
4.Orders to Kill, by William Pepper (1995)
5.The Martin Luther King Congressional Cover-Up, By John Avery Emison (2014)
6.Extra: The 13th Juror is not a book. It is the transcript of the Jowers v. King civil action of 1999 published in 2009. But it has more raw information in it than any book ever published on the King case. See also Dave Ratcliffe's site,, for an annotated hypertext version of the entire transcript.

Best Books on the RFK Assassination

1. The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, by William Turner and Jonn Christian (1978)
2. The Robert F. Kennedy Assassination, by Philip Melanson (1991)
3. An Open and Shut Case, by Robert Joling, J.D. and Philip Van Praag (2008). This book is currently out of print, but the video linked here is based on it. Be sure to read Lisa Pease's review for a few caveats concerning this otherwise important book.
4. Who Killed Bobby?, by Shane O’Sullivan (2008)
5. A Lie Too Big to Fail, by Lisa Pease (2018)

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