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Kennedys And King continues the feature from CTKA where we present again certain important stories that Probe Magazine published in its seven year run. These stories were not included in the anthology from that journal entitled The Assassinations. That book, which Lisa Pease and I are very proud of, is still being sold on Amazon.  But at our publisher's suggestion, we cut many articles out of it for reasons of length. What we cut out could have in fact made up a second volume.

Since much of that material was distinguished, we think it deserves to be circulated again. And by doing so we give our new readers an opportunity to understand what Probe Magazine was really like, and why so many recall it as the very best publication of its kind. We also hope to give you an example of what The Assassinations is made up of and what is available on the Probe CD.

  • The Media Buries the Conspiracy Verdict in the King Case
    Jim DiEugenio chronicles the media cover-up of the conspiracy verdict in the civil suit brought against Loyd Jowers by attorney William Pepper on behalf of the Martin Luther King Jr. family. Although the 12 jurors found Jowers liable for King’s death, the New York Times reported that “a vast conspiracy [was] alleged but not proved.” As Jim surveys the rest of the coverage, this editorial position in a news story is endemic of the mainstream media reporting on this case in general and this trial verdict in particular.
    Written on Sunday, 31 July 2022 22:02

CTKA Classics


The following list represents essays and reviews from CTKA (2003-2016) which we deem to be particularly memorable.

  • JFK and the Majestic Papers: The History of a Hoax, Introduction
    Written by
    Introduction to the 9-part series by Seamus Coogan on the MJ-12 hoax and why JFK researchers need to pay attention to this mess.
    Written on Monday, 15 August 2011 18:04
  • John Hankey, Dark Legacy, aka JFK2
    Written by
    Seamus Coogan's review which started a firestorm on the JFK fora, and a series of further articles at CTKA.
    Written on Tuesday, 16 March 2010 23:37
  • Deeper into Dave Perry
    Written by
    There is a lot more to the Bledsoe arrest report than Dave Perry ever let on. Perry's writing is so incomplete, so one-sided, so agenda-driven as to be misleading. Which, as we have seen with Discovery Channel, is par for the course with him, writes Bob Fox.
    Written on Saturday, 16 October 2010 19:14
  • The JFK 10-Point Program
    Joseph Green calls upon the community of assassination researchers to find common ground, outlining a set of ten elements which can be agreed upon and which should be used in public pronouncements and to inform their organizational capacity.
    Written on Sunday, 02 August 2009 19:22
  • The Connally Bullet
    Written by
    The bullet or large fragment that Nolan turned in was obviously not from Oswald's rifle. If it was, the FBI would have flaunted it as absolute proof of the accused assassin's guilt. Instead, it provided absolute proof that Connally was hit by a bullet from a different assassin. Until recently, only Hoover and a handful of others were aware of that, concludes Robert Harris.
    Written on Friday, 29 July 2011 16:53
  • Howard P. Willens, History Will Prove Us Right
    Written by
    Author Martin Hay writes about Warren Commission lawyer Howard Willens and his continued belief in the conclusions of the Warren Report.
    Written on Wednesday, 18 December 2013 11:46
  • Mexico City, Part 1
    Written by
    David Joseph reviews in detail the evidence for Oswald's alleged trip to Mexico City – Part 1.
    Written on Tuesday, 07 October 2014 20:42
  • The Real Wikipedia? Will the Real Wikipedia Please Stand Up?
    Written by
    Mroz makes the central focus of this article the disinformation within JFK research data. But more specifically, a provable purveyor of such disinformation: that self-described "free, web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia project," aka, Wikipedia.
    Written on Saturday, 31 July 2010 22:27
  • Gary Mack's "Magical" Powers of Dissuasion
    Writing of an episode of Unsolved History, Ryan Siebenthaler states: "The show's producers and Mr. Mack are not working from empirical evidence in their deductions. They had an agenda ... to make the audience believe that there was no frontal shot. If the reader recalls, Mr. Mack did the same thing for Discovery Channel's Inside the Target Car, even altering the position of Jackie Kennedy's stand in inside the limousine".
    Written on Thursday, 23 January 2014 16:46
  • Evaluating the Case against Lyndon Johnson
    The weaknesses in the arguments that LBJ initiated and masterminded the plot to kill his predecessor offered by a number of recent books are here reviewed and synthesized.
    Written on Sunday, 23 September 2012 21:15
  • JFK at 100
    Written by

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    On May 29, 2017, the nation commemorated the 100th birthday of President John F. Kennedy. As we all know, Kennedy was cut down before reaching the age of 50. Yet, his short term in office still casts a giant shadow over contemporary American history.  As author Larry Sabato has shown, the vast majority of Americans believe that something went wrong with America after he was assassinated. We take this opportunity to remind us all of what might have been and to commemorate what was.  And it's important, too, to learn about the many things Kennedy achieved while in office, but which you won't hear about from today's mainstream media.

    The images below are linked to a four-part slideshow and afterword featuring highlights from the life and political career of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, which we hope you will find informative.

    ~Jim DiEugenio

    1917-1960:  From Brookline to Washington1961:  The Kennedy Presidency
    1962:  The Kennedy Presidency1963:  The Kennedy Presidency


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