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Gary Mack's "Magical" Powers of Dissuasion

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Writing of an episode of Unsolved History, Ryan Siebenthaler states: "The show's producers and Mr. Mack are not working from empirical evidence in their deductions. They had an agenda ... to make the audience believe that there was no frontal shot. If the reader recalls, Mr. Mack did the same thing for Discovery Channel's Inside the Target Car, even altering the position of Jackie Kennedy's stand in inside the limousine".

During the last half century, the assassination of President Kennedy has seen a lot of obfuscation and disinformation. All of it presented as evidence to support the guilt of Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin of JFK. A lot of these demonstrations, as exposed on this web site, have been shown to be calibrated lies. Many of us are not knowledgeable enough in certain intricate areas of the JFK case to fully grasp this disinformation campaign. But in this field, we cannot afford to rely on most evidence shown through the medium of television because that medium, since the issuance of the Warren Report, has been firmly on the side of the perpetrators. Who can forget Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather putting together a program to support the Warren Report the day it was published. Once we understand this, then we should view almost all TV presentations touting the verdict of the Warren Commission as nothing but a continuation of the Cronkite-Rather production, and we unfortunately just experienced a blitzkrieg like effort last November leading up to the 50th anniversary. Truth was hit hard. But sometimes when a perpetrator covers truth with a falsity, it therefore causes even more to submerge than the original lie, and more knowledge to become illuminated.

Having established this as a touchstone, let us take a closer look at some past instances of fraudulent evidence portrayed as factual on mass broadcasted cable TV and perhaps learn more about who or what was behind it. Ten years ago, the Discovery Channel, ran a JFK episode on its series Unsolved History. In 2003's Unsolved History entitled "The Conspiracy Myths" a live shooting recreation was featured along with a laser trajectory test done in Dealey Plaza

Michael Yardley was the weapons and terrorism expert who was chosen to do the live shooting and the night time laser trajectory tests. According to his web site, Yardley thinks that Oswald fired at least one shot that day, but that he was not just a lone nut. Yardley also thought that until his simulation, all previous attempts to do so had been flawed. But as we will see Yardley was not aware of how flawed his own test was. And that the laser recreations in Dealey Plaza were flawed scientifically, causing their conclusions to be false.

The voice that serves as the narrator for this show told us things like "We scientifically search for evidence", and "Was the book depository the only place where a gunman could have fired the fatal shots?" My personal favorite from the narrator was, "In order to find out we will turn the city of Dallas into a laboratory." But as we will find out for ourselves, as with all these programs, their methods do not end up being fully scientific. At times, even being quite contrary to scientific methods. We shall see that their flaw was that the film-makers had to alter known facts and images, and even their own supposed conclusive findings in order to disprove an only hypothetical frontal shot trajectory. And when all the hocus pocus is exposed, it becomes quite believable that they knew of the plausibility of such a shot.

Let us now take a close look at the night-time possible trajectory tests with the lasers, and their supposed scientific claims. The lasers were used as an attempt to check the possibility of sources of shots from in front of the motorcade and possible scenarios for a sniper. As the narrative voice chimes, "This is an experiment," and "We will turn the city of Dallas into a laboratory", it gives the show a feeling of importance and honesty. But now we'll see ourselves how credible and objective these experiments actually were. After Yardley tries out a few locations, which never really seemed to have much credibility as a potential frontal shot source, he then moves up behind the picket fence, to a location known as the North storm drain. This is where the western end of the picket fence, which sits atop the grassy knoll, approximates the railroad overpass bridge. Yardley readies his Mannlicher-Carcano carbine with a trigger-activated laser and opens fire as the motorcade stand-in rides down Elm Street.



This illustrates a potential trajectory to a JFK stand-in, and Yardley hits him on the right side of the head. Which is where many think he was actually hit by the fatal shot. Along with Yardley that night, are historian Daniel Martinez, and of course, the spokesman for the Sixth Floor Museum Gary Mack. (Mack must be making quite a living these days off these cable TV programs.)  (Watch the video segment embedded below.)

Now, as we see the alignment of Yardley's rifle with the head of the person standing in for JFK, the narrator reiterates that yes, the shot did line up, but there are some complications. Gary and Daniel Martinez huddle on the street like an officiating team during a football game. Gary Mack (real name Larry Dunkel) now proceeds to inform us of these complications: "We know from the pictures there were three men standing on the middle of the steps, so they were in the way." He also says there was a tree in the way, but it's no longer living, and he then spoke of the trouble finding the target from that angle. According to Mack/Dunkel, "You would only have a fraction of a second to find him in the motorcade." Yet, Yardley the weapons expert, certainly had no problem locating the target, did he Gary? Also, in a 2008 episode when Yardley did a daytime test run, again from near the same storm drain, he stated that there was, "Plenty of time to track the vehicle", and who is a better witness to the validity of a potential shot, than a weapons expert?

So the main complications Gary Mack claims prevented a shot from the drain were the three men, who were standing basically at the Elm Street sidewalk base. And they display a night time background shot of the grassy knoll, along with a cut out portion of the Mary Moorman photo. This cut out segment contains the three men and the cement staircase on which they stood. It seemingly represents a collaged image of then and now, and should be visual proof of the terrain and obstacles from 1963, merged with that of the background of today. But it is not a factual representation. It may have been visually verified by a said "Kennedy assassination expert", and on a show under the titular rubric of "solving history", but things are not always what they seem. They precisely merged a modern background shot with the Moorman segment with the three men.

But upon proper scrutiny of this collage, one can see that some of the alleged obstacles that would have been there that day have been altered. Most blatantly the three men who stood on the steps the day Kennedy was shot have now – in the altered collage – taken a slide down Gary Mack's Magical Staircase, into the pages of some sort of a fictitious Hollywood annual of history. Obviously this alteration was done to conceal the fact there was a true line of sight from JFK to the north storm drain. The three men on the stairs would not have been in the way of an assassin's bullet. But with a simple altered collage and the help of Gary Mack and his magical power of dissuasion, it seems as if the trio would have blocked this shot. Although one can hardly anymore believe what is seen or said about Kennedy's assassination on television. In other words, someone or more than one person at Unsolved History manipulated this collage and placed the three men from the Moorman photo all the way to the bottom of the Elm Street sidewalk. And somehow, they got Gary Mack from the Sixth Floor to verbally agree with this altered image and supposed reality. This tinkering with time, space, and images now allows the storm drain location to be labeled as another "outrageous theory". Yet in the altered image, there are as many as seven steps missing to make the men appear as if they are all the way down at street level. So if anything is an outrageous theory, its this altered collage through which the producers and Gary Mack try to trick the uninitiated into thinking something is not possible. When in fact it most certainly is and most likely did happen. As we shall see, Mack had to have known the true locations of the three men. As he was at another filming location for the show where the trio was recreated in their true locations.

Because of this fakery, the lead man of the trio, Emmett Hudson is shown as being all the way down on the sidewalk. This would have made him the closest witness to the shooting. But he was not. In fact, it actually appears that the program created a new staircase. While looking at the forgery one can see the white reflection off the concrete middle beak on the staircase, just to the left of the men. This is because in order to falsely prove that the men were in the way, a separate staircase had to be created. Let us now refer to it as, Gary Mack's Magic Staircase. So basically when the faked collage was superimposed over the nighttime background shot in 2003, the creators took the overblown cut out of Moorman, and pasted it using the three men to cover over the area of the bullet path, and used Gary Mack to say: Well see these three men would have blocked the path of such a shot. In the genuine unaltered Moorman photo, the top of the limo windshield blocks us from seeing Emmett Hudson's feet. But in the altered version they just have him standing on the sidewalk anyway – without his feet. Another obvious point of forgery is when Mack first points to the knoll, we can see the concrete wall and the pergola. But when the collage is completed, this whole area disappears, and the grossly enlarged clip covers over the true background of the knoll. All that is intact is a small portion of the pergola not blocked by Mack's head or covered over by the blown up segment. The concrete wall and pergola are true landmarks still standing today. So they should be visible. But because of this overblown cut-out, it causes the portion of the picket fence to approximately double in size. It then blocks out the concrete wall and much of the pergola.

Let us now take a look at another episode of this series called Unsolved History. This installment also featured the ubiquitous Gary Mack who, at the very least, should have no problem sending his son to college. This one was called "Death in Dealey Plaza" and was aired in early 2003. It includes a segment attempting a photo recreation or staging of the Moorman photo. The recreation was also done in Dealey Plaza, and there is an attempt to take a photo with the same type of camera Mary Moorman used, and from the nearly exact spot that she took her famous photo from. Since the three witnesses on the staircase were part of Moorman's photo, stand-ins for the trio of men are placed on the staircase for the Moorman photo recreation. The men are shown in the still taken from the show, seen below, and it gives one quite a shock,. For this time they are placed in their correct locations. From the top left, we have a still from the Muchmore film, a known verified image along with the Moorman photo. On the top right is a close up of the cement staircase where it meets a walk up from the T intersection with the sidewalk. This is how the staircase was then, and is still today. So this is further visual proof that the collage shown in 2003's "The Conspiracy Myths", was faked. One can detect this because none of the three men could be standing on the staircase where it meets the sidewalk, because it does not even exist in physical terrain in this manner. Not then and evidently still not now. This also causes the sidewalk barrier where it turns a ninety degree angle and meets the staircase, to vanish.



In the graphic at right, the images in the bottom left and right quadrants are an intact screen grab that was a double split screen image shown in Death in Dealey Plaza. Their Moorman recreation is on the left, and on the right, the original intact Moorman photo without alterations. The reason this is so important is that Gary Mack was on hand for this. Not merely present, but by his own admission, a participant. "I was fully involved in the restaging," he said in response to a question on a Discovery Channel viewer page. So how in the world could Gary have not known the true locations of the trio in November of 2003, when we see that yes, he already did know their accurate locations for the earlier show airing in February of 2003?

If there is no cover up going on today in the media then why were these 2003 images altered, and yet only months before the same person was admittedly so "fully involved" in the restaging, and had the three men placed in their correct locations. In other words basically in the earlier show when it was not necessary to disguise the origins of a frontal shot trajectory, the men's positions were truthful, but when they did need to discredit a frontal shot they were not honest in their image overlay shown in the later 2003 episode. Seemingly so to deny the validity of a shot from the storm drain area, even after their laser trajectory aligned, and how strange for Gary Mack to be the one who verbally denies this possibility. Since Gary has been involved directly with the Mary Moorman photograph for decades, he had to have known the true locations of the three men, and has admitted being fully involved with the Moorman photo staging in the earlier filmed episode. How strange it is to have two separate placements that supposedly represent the three men's locations, in a span of one year, on the same series, and Gary Mack involved with both. There must be a grand reason for this strange historical contradiction.

Let us look at another attempt at disinformation. This one is also associated with Gary Mack, and another Unsolved History production. This time Gary and the show say that no one could have fired from the storm drain because there were too many witnesses in the area and two railroad workers nearby. According to Gary, these two RR men were to have been so close, that no shot could have come from there without them hearing the shot, or the supersonic crack of the bullet. Again, Michael Yardley lines up there, this time with a rifle without a laser attached. He makes an attempt to line up a shot and fire at a stand in. But now there is shrubbery in the north storm drain area, and it blocks his view. So Yardley now moves to the front of the picket fence, standing on the grassy knoll. Everyone can see that Yardley has a clear shot at Kennedy, even though the program director has Jackie Kennedy giving her husband a bearhug – something she is not actually doing at this time. It's apparently done to make it appear she would get hit by such a shot, and further discredit this ateempt. Still Yardley notes "There is plenty of time to track the vehicle", and this is a potentially viable shot.

But then, old reliable Gary Mack informs us there is a "historical problem." There were two railroad men "not ten feet from there." A shot from a video taken from behind the presidential limousine shows these railroad men standing on the overpass bridge as the car passes underneath. Unfortunately for Gary Mack, a still photo exists of these same two men dressed in white, and still standing in basically the exact placements when the shots were fired.



One can see from this photo, and by estimating these men as being close to six feet tall, it's quite obvious they were more like the 40-50 feet away from the storm drain., and not less than 10 feet. In a talk I had with Dave Perry, a close associate of Gary Mack, he agreed that the closest witnesses were not ten feet away, but more like 40-50 feet away. It's interesting that even after Gary Mack dumped his bad information on Yardley, the expert sniper adds, "Nevertheless, with all that going on, I'd still take this spot into consideration, provided I could get away." Which he could since the parking lot was adjacent to the storm drain.

I also asked Perry about the claim made by Gary Mack about the three witnesses being on the stairs and in the line of sight for an assassin from the storm drain. Perry referred to a plan of Dealey Plaza prepared by Greg Ciccone and said, "Using the Ciccone drawing, a shot from this location fired to the point of the fatal head shot would not have an effect on the three individuals standing on the steps. The bullet would pass several feet to the south of their position with Emmett Hudson being the closest to the path of the bullet. So if Mr. Mack claims the men would be in the way, that would be incorrect." (Emphasis in original.)

Kennedy assassination researcher Dr. David Mantik also chimed in on this issue. He said that he thought the storm drain was a very good spot for an assassin. Mantik said he had been to this spot, "and I have seen how isolated one could be there...Because of the way the fence was angled at this point, it would have been difficult for anyone actually on the grassy knoll, or on the overpass, to see any activity in the storm drain." Even though Mack has stated how a shot would surely have been noticed, even having to exaggerate the proximities of witnesses, but still Dr. Mantik and Yardley see it as a potential sniping location. In his review of the Unsolved History show, Dave Mantik said, "My own observations of the skull X- rays suggested to me a shot from about this direction." So here a medical doctor agrees, and he is not the only one. President Kennedy's personal physician, Dr. George Burkley, who saw his head-wound said, "It was a simple matter of a bullet right through the head". Later when acting Presidential Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff parroted this to the press, as he said , Kennedy died of a gunshot wound to the head, and he pointed to his right temple. Strange that this is the same right head/temple location that aligned for Yardley's laser, only to be falsely denied as possible. Did they at Unsolved History know the likeliness of this right temple shot, and how it best matches only to the North storm drain?



Later on Dr. Mantik saw the image (graphic at right, top left) of a crowd of witnesses and a police officer who first ran up the knoll to the storm drain area. On the top right is an enhanced photo taken seconds after the last shot. Circled at right in this image is a possible cloud of gunsmoke; it too appears to come from the drain area.

The images at the bottom, left and right, are from Mark Lane's film Rush to Judgment, and it is a clear view of the north drain from behind. The red mark denotes as close as the 2 railroad men stood to the drain and clearly one can see how far away these two RR men were from a potential shooter at the fence at the drain. They are not the 10 feet away Gary said, but more like the 40-50 feet away as Perry admitted they were.

According to Unsolved History, they were shedding light on the assassination, and seemingly solving history. Well, with an unbiased viewpoint, let us shed some light on true known images, and also see how they accomplished their forged images and trickery. By literally illuminating some images from the episode, we will enhance contrast and see how it was actually done.

The narrator back in 2003 told us that lasers did find a possible trajectory from the north storm drain, but that "witnesses and obstacles in the way conclusively eliminate these storm drain theories." Yet, from the images here, we see that there are no obstacles nor were there any witnesses that day that would have prevented such a shot trajectory. We can see that the actual photos show the three men at the staircase break, well above the sidewalk. (SEE IMAGES BELOW)



The image seen at top left is the grassy knoll seen from the south side of Elm Street. Notice the white cement retaining wall sticking out above the bushes, and the full, intact staircase on the grassy slope, with its reflection off the middle break in the steps. There, just below the middle break is where the trio stood, and this image helps us see the men's positions in relation to the road. Clearly as Dave Perry also noted, we all can see the shot would have gone below the men. That must have been the reason that they created the faked collage, seen at bottom right. In the same image atop left, also note the white cement cage structure just to the right of the staircase, known as the pergola. Part of this structure seems to magically vanish when the cutout of the three men is inserted. Also we can see in the altered collage that the fence grows nearly to the height of the pergola, which becomes quite ridiculous when comparing the fence's height difference to that of the pergolas, seen in the images at top. Next is Mary Moorman's photo taken at just about the impact moment of the head shot, and it clearly shows the three men standing just below the middle break on the staircase. Below are two screen captures from "The Conspiracy Myths". At bottom left is Gary Mack, pointing to where he claims these three men stood. But he falsely portrays them at the sidewalk base, seen in the picture on the bottom right. Just look at the two photos on the right, top and bottom, and see how the three men have been moved. They clearly have been swept down in the form of half of an X, riding down on Gary's magical staircase, only to become the physical vanguards of denial for a frontal shot.

Now go back to the bottom left, and we can see the top of the white cement retaining wall, and we can just see the upper edge about the bush line. Look right above the top of Gary's pointing finger and we see the wall; which is visible in all the photos except the bottom right. So we see that this section in missing in the right bottom image, #4. It is missing because the collaged section containing the three men has been overblown to falsely portray the men in the line of fire; whereby it causes the cutout section containing the fence to be grossly enlarged. But without a contrast change, the deception is hard to pick up. Surely, the producers at Unsolved History knew the dark backgrounds during the night filming eased their deceptions. By simply performing a contrast enhancement, we all can see how easily the forgery was created.

It would seem from this that the show's producers and Mr. Mack are not working from empirical evidence in their deductions. They had an agenda. Their agenda was to make the audience believe that there was no frontal shot. If the reader recalls, Mr. Mack did the same thing for Discovery Channel's Inside the Target Car, even altering the position of Jackie Kennedy's stand in inside the limousine. Mack tried to say that a shot from a much more oblique angle up the picket fence would not work. Now we have shown that it appears he tried a similar ploy, except with the shot further down, near the end of the fence. Except that this is just as fatuous as his former pretext. Can we trust these were just errors? Even if they are now done at least twice to the same effect? Someone should pose that question to Mr. Mack.

Or perhaps the Oswald family, Marina and her daughters should investigate filing a lawsuit for fraud.

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