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Jock Penn to Bruce Anderson on Alexander Cockburn

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Jock Penn's letter rebutting a claim in an article by Alexander Cockburn in which Cockburn tried to state that Oswald killed Kennedy to help Cuba.

Bruce Anderson, Editor
Anderson Valley Advertiser
P. O. Box 459
Boonville, CA 95415

Dear Mr. Anderson:

Alexander Cockburn, ever obstinate, is of the opinion that JFK's ". . .assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, shot the president because he believed, not without reason, that this deed would help save the Cuban Revolution." Oswald disagreed.

From his arrest until his summary execution, Oswald spent almost 48 hours in police custody. Reportedly, twelve of those hours were spent in interrogation by state and federal police. There is no stenographic or taped record of these interrogations, and Oswald was denied legal representation. However, memoranda by some of the investigating officials were published in the Warren Commission Report. These officials report that Oswald vehemently denied shooting either the President or officer J. D. Tippit, and two of these officials also report that Oswald expected Cuban policy to remain unchanged with the death of JFK.

According to Inspector Thomas J. Kelly of the Secret Service: "[Oswald] said there would be no change in the attitude of the American people toward Cuba with President Johnson becoming President because they both belonged to the same political party and the one would follow pretty generally the policies of the other." (WR page 629).

Also present, Capt. J. W. Fritz, of the Dallas Police Department writes: "Someone of the Federal officers asked Oswald if he thought Cuba would be better off since the President was assassinated. To this he replied that he felt that since the President was killed that someone else would take his place, perhaps Vice-President Johnson, and that his views would probably be largely the same as those of President Kennedy" (WR page 609).

Sincerely yours,

Jock Penn

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