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Letter from Pearl Gladstone, as published in Gambit, a weekly paper in New Orleans

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Concerning Gary Raymond's incarceration after refusing to destroy records as ordered by Harry Connick.


To the Editor:

The story of district attorney staff worker Gary Raymond has reached Philadelphia, and I find it distressing and shameful. So do the eighth-grade students in my classes. America is nothing if it cannot live by its stated ideals of respect for an informed citizenry. America is nothing if it jails honest men like Mr. Raymond, who had the heroic courage to refuse to follow the bidding of his employer, District Attorney Harry Connick, and destroy historical records.

The files of Jim Garrison's case against Clay Shaw in the assassination of President John Kennedy are public record funded by tax money and now mandated by Congress to be reviewed by the Assassination Records Review Board. It is out history and not the private property of any elected individual. America was conceived in order to protect us from private agendas like those of King George and Harry Connick.

Every student in our schools knows that question and hypothesis must be proved by evidence. That is basic curriculum and the foundation for civilized progress. Destruction of evidence is a deliberate act of war against the entire process of rational thought. Destruction of evidence is what Harry Connick is advocating. It is sad to witness a judicial process in New Orleans that has acted as an accessory to this reprehensible action that flies in the face of law, of Congress and of constitutional protection.

The public has a right to know what is in files paid for with tax dollars. Elected officials who deny that right should be promptly impeached. A democracy lives only when a rich diet of information is available – then let the people decide. Harry connick is not the one to decide. He would wipe out a valuable source of data. That's abuse of power, and a failing grade in any classroom in America.

Too many unanswered questions remain about the murder of a president. The evidence has been withheld, and answers have been provided without evidence. That's bad science, bad governing and abuse of power. Gary Raymond is a hero in this story, one of the many officials who have borned the slings and arrows of official hits simply because they dared to look for evidence, and perhaps for truth.

Pearl Gladstone

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