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Letter to Harry Connick (Sr.), District Attorney in New Orleans, from Pete Johnson

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Pete received a return call from Connick after his first letter. This is his follow-up piece.

Harry Connick
District Attorney
619 South White St.
New Orleans, LA 70119

Dear Mr. Connick:

Thank you for taking the time to call me (Thursday, March 28th) in response to my letter of March 24th, regarding your decision to prosecute Gary Raymond and Richard Angelico, and your disagreement with the ARRB over Kennedy Assassination documents still in your possession. It is gratifying to find someone in your position to take the time to respond by phone.

Enclosed is the March/April 96 issue of Probe, CTKA's newsletter, with the appropriate passages underlined.

My opinion is that the law is rarely as black and white as your interpretation would suggest. The underlined sentences dispute your legal interpretation, and I would be interested in your response.

My overriding concern is to reestablish public confidence in government for future generations, including my two children. I believe that a serious study of the Kennedy assassination leads one to the inevitable conclusion that a far reaching conspiracy resulted in JFK's death (as well as Oswald and Tippet), and the subsequent cover up was much more damaging to our democratic institutions than the assassination itself.

Therefore, I believe that the public's right to know (and the government's responsibility to admit the truth) far outweighs the rights of citizens who gave "secret" grand jury testimony over 20 years ago. Even if you believe that no conspiracy existed, you would have to acknowedge that the government's response has been filled with distortion, lies, and cover up. Your responsibility at this point is full cooperation with the ARRB if at all possible.


Pete Johnson

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