Remembering Christine King Farris: The Last of the King Siblings

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While we are familiar with the towering figure of Dr. Martin Luther King and the crucial contributions of Coretta Scott King, it is equally important to remember the lesser-known yet equally influential members of the King family.

Christine King Farris was the first King sibling born and the last to pass on. A teacher and life-long civil rights activist, she died on June 29, 2023, at 95. Below is a snippet of her life and legacy.

From Violent Beginnings

Christine King Farris was born on September 11, 1927, in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. As the eldest sibling of the King family, she experienced racial segregation and injustice from the time she could remember.

Growing up amidst these challenges, she and her siblings were instilled with a profound sense of purpose and a belief that they could change the world.

Like her brother Martin, Christine was profoundly influenced by their father, Martin Luther King Sr., a Baptist pastor. Their family's faith transcended the walls of their church and became the driving force behind their activism. From an early age, Christine joined her brother and sister in tireless efforts to dismantle systemic racism in America.

A Lifelong Champion of Justice

As the civil rights movement gained momentum, Christine King Farris remained a steadfast advocate for justice.

She was vital in organizing and participating in various civil rights endeavors alongside her siblings, especially the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).

 Martin Luther King, Coretta Scott King, Dr. Ralph David Abernathy, and His wife Mrs. Juanita Abernathy Leading a March in 1965

An Inspirational Educator

Christine's contributions extended far beyond the public eye. She was a devoted educator, sharing her wisdom at Spelman College in Atlanta.

There, she inspired countless young minds and emphasized the transformative power of education as a tool for empowerment and societal change. Her commitment to education and civil rights created a profound legacy that continues to influence generations.

Notable Contributions

As the last surviving sibling of the King family, Christine King Farris assumed a unique role in safeguarding her family's legacy. She penned several books, including Through It All: Reflections on My Life, My Family, and My Faith, offering a deeply personal window into her life and the impactful journey of her family.

Through her writings and public appearances, she ensured that the world would always remember the story of the King family and their invaluable contributions.

Christine also advocated for preserving the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Her pivotal role in its establishment secured the historical significance of her family's contributions to the civil rights movement, ensuring their story would be shared with the world for generations.

Be the Torchbearers for Justice with Kennedys and King

Christine was the torchbearer of civil rights for her family and community, just like her family before her. Now that the last of that generation has passed on, we must carry it forward, starting with advocating for the truth behind the Martin Luther King assassinationartin Luther King assassination. Contribute to our efforts through multimedia or by spreading the word.

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