The Problem with Joe Carter’s Response to RFK Jr.’s Statement

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Joe Carter is a former reporter for United Press International. He was on the scene during that tragic day when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas.

While he was someone who was there from the beginning to the unfortunate end, his support for the findings of Warren Commission and dismissal of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. cast his testimony regarding the JFK assassination in doubt.

Tap here to know the main narrative regarding RFK Jr. that Joe Carter recently supported.

Keep reading to know what the presidential nominee said about his uncle’s assassination and Carter’s problematic response.

RFK Jr. Triggers All the Wrong Memories for Joe Carter

On 25th July 2023, in a heavily criticized interview with Fox News, Bobby Kennedy said there had been a concealment of facts spanning six decades regarding the JFK assassination.

He pointed out the Warren Commission's connection to Allen Dulles, who had held the position of the CIA head and was dismissed by his uncle at the time of the latter’s assassination.

Robert Kennedy Jr. also said he believed President Kennedy’s death was the result of a deliberate scheme and a conspiracy involving multiple individuals.

Joe Carter’s Response to the Assertions

A week later, Carter responded to Kennedy’s claims, saying they had triggered nightmares from that fateful day. His denouncement was reported in an extremely biased news report by The Norman Transcript, an outlet few are familiar with, for all the right reasons.

We at Kennedys and King wholeheartedly extend our well-wishes to the former reporter and hope that he feels better in the months following Kennedy’s statement. What we can’t support is his often-unreasonable support for the main narrative.

JFK in 1962

The Problem with Joe Carter’s JFK Assassination Narrative

In the same report, Carter mentions that he doesn’t buy the idea that the intelligence community was somehow involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy because, wait for it, “It always came back to Lee Harvey Oswald.”

The former journalist said that Oswald worked a job where he was in shooting range of the President’s motorcade, and he took it. He didn’t mention the finger and palm prints that were provided as evidence of Oswald’s alleged crime, and for good reason.

You see, there is no proof tying Oswald to the JFK assassination because the Warren Commission has itself debunked Oswald’s presence on the easternmost window from where the shots were said to have been fired.

It acknowledged that the key box and a nearby box at the window where the shots were fired did not bear Oswald's identifiable prints. Moreover, the prints found on one box were not conclusive evidence of when Oswald had touched it. Additionally, FBI expert Sebastian Latona found no latent prints on the paper bag during his initial examination on 23rd November 1963.

Help Us Get to the Truth Behind the JFK Assassination

If there is evidence tying Oswald to the JFK assassination, there is also enough reasonable doubt and contradictory evidence for the issue not to be “black and white,” as Joe Carter puts it.

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