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How RFK was Assassinated w/ Robert F. Kennedy Jr

RFK Jr. explains the RFK assassination to Bill Maher in just 15 minutes. ...

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RFK Jr.'s Peace Speech

RFK Jr., quoting his uncle JFK, calls for diplomatic settlement in Ukraine. ...

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Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistleblower, dies aged 92

Analyst who leaked studies showing US government knew the Vietnam war was un-winnable became activist and writer. ...

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13 June, 2023 — JFK Assassination Records – 290 Additional Documents Release

290 additional documents released by the National Archives on the JFK case. ...

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Imperial Blowback and the CIA’s ‘Tainted Source’

America’s premier intelligence service has a fundamental design flaw. ...

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How JFK Would Pursue Peace in Ukraine

Sixty years after Kennedy’s commencement address at American University, crucial lessons must still be learned about how to end dangerous conflicts in a nuclear world. ...

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Peter Kuznick on the Importance of the Anniversary of JFK's Peace Speech

American University’s Peter Kuznick on the role of Norman Cousins in brokering peace between Nikita Khrushchev and John F. Kennedy, Jr. ...

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