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Jim DiEugenio on the King Trial and Media Coverage

Transcript, courtesy of David Giglio, of an interview with Jim DiEugenio on the media and the 1999 Martin Luther King assassination trial in Memphis. (Listen to the interview on YouTube courtesy of O...

Videos & Interviews

Clete Roberts interviews Roger Hilsman on Vietnam (1983)

Transcript, courtesy of David Giglio and Our Hidden History, of an interview with Roger Hilsman, who confirms that JFK's policy concerning Vietnam was essentially different from Johnson's. Note that h...

Videos & Interviews

Harold Weisberg on Howard Brennan and Marrion Baker

Transcript, courtesy of David Giglio, of a Pacifica Radio interview from 1966 with Harold Weisberg in which he questions the statements of two key Warren Commission witnesses, Howard Brennan and polic...

Videos & Interviews

The RFK Tapes

An audio documentary series by William Klaber and Zac Stuart-Pontier that examines the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. (Click image for link) ...

Videos & Interviews

A&E Reports: RFK Assassination

Shown only once, this episode of A&E Investigative Reports makes the case for CIA involvement in the Assassination of Robert F Kennedy.   (Click image for video link) ...

Videos & Interviews

The Assassination of Robert Kennedy

The Robert Kennedy Assassination, a gripping documentary by the acclaimed producer Chris Plumley, exposes how the CIA planted two operatives within the Los Angeles Police Department who manipulated

Videos & Interviews

RFK Acoustics Evidence (2007)

This 2007 Discovery Channel documentary explores the audio evidence in the Robert F. Kennedy assassination and how it reveals a second gunman at the Ambassador Hotel. ...

Videos & Interviews

Mort Sahl Interview with Elliot Mintz

In this remarkable Pacifica interview from the Sixties, Mort Sahl reveals how his career was ruined, as he lost two broadcast programs in Los Angeles and he was blackballed—not due to ratings, w...

Videos & Interviews

David Giglio interviews Lisa Pease on James Angleton and the JFK Assassination

Author and researcher Lisa Pease discusses CIA's cold war counterintelligence chief James Angleton and his role in the events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Listen to the audio a

Videos & Interviews

David Giglio interviews Jim DiEugenio on the Death of Bob Parry, and the Problems with The Post

A study in contrasts concerning the journalism of Robert Parry, whose singular groundbreaking investigative work did more than any other to shed light on the interconnected scandals of the Reag

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