How the World Reacted to the JFK Assassination

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We all know how John F. Kennedy was assassinated. What we don’t know is who had him murdered. See how far we have come in solving this mystery here.

While the search for his killer(s) continues, let’s examine how the world reacted to the John F. Kennedy assassination.

Disbelief in Taiwan

Taiwan has been one of the most long-lasting strategic allies of the US. The assassination of John F. Kennedy left the country nonplussed and aggrieved.

If Generalissimo Chiang Kai‐shek’s words are to be believed, their genuine shock had to do with a perception of the bulletproof security detail provided to chiefs of state. Before President Kennedy’s murder, the assassination of a president was unheard of in Taiwan.

Empathy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong termed President Kennedy’s death a not quite “purely American loss.” Kennedy’s stands in the Cuban missile crisis and South Vietnam made him quite popular in Southeast Asia.

At the time of his death, the US was also winning against rival communist countries in Asia. Many in Hong Kong believed the assassination would significantly weaken America’s position.

Kennedy with German chancellor

Morbid Curiosity in Israel

Save some Orthodox Jews who eschewed tuning into the shocking news for Sabbath, Israelis were drawn to their radios following the news of the JFK assassination. While the president had passed away on his way to the nearest hospital, news spread much slower in those days.

However, it still spread much faster than any other news. The US Ambassador to Israel at the time, Walworth Barbour, also made a radio appearance, thanking the Israeli people and founder and first prime minister of the State of Israel, David Ben‐Gurion for expressing their condolences.

Condolences from Greece

An outpouring of support and condolences emerged from Greece following the President’s assassination. Among the JFK tributes was a book of condolences signed by 2,000 Greeks at the US embassy in Athens.

The country’s then-Prime Minister expressed his condolences and credited President Kennedy for extending mutual peace between the countries. He also welcomed continued cooperation with the new President, Lyndon B. Johnson.

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