Critiquing Arun Starkey’s Critique of Oliver Stone’s Documentaries

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Arun Starkey’s claim that Oliver Stone’s JFK Revisited and JFK: Destiny Betrayed, are based on Jim Garrison’s findings is absurd. As the person who wrote the script for the 2021 film, DiEugenio knows that’s not true. Click here for a more comprehensive analysis of Starkey’s Far Out film review.

Before that, check out a preview of our rebuttal below.

Did Starkey Ever Read the Companion Book?

Does Starkey know a companion book to the 2021 documentary called JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass exists? He would’ve been less tempted to publish his hit piece if he did.

Starkey most likely watched JFK: Destiny Betrayed and disregarded the evidence in the film, prioritizing Tim Weiner’s arguments over the voice of reason. The companion book contains 500 footnotes related to the statements in the movie.

The Answer to Oliver Stone’s Divisive Power

Starkey uses many words to convey a simple message: Oliver Stone’s work is divisive and controversial. He accuses the JFK expert of touting conspiracy theories while doing the same throughout his article.

Starkey refers to Stone’s 1991 feature film JFK Revisited to drive this point home. He’s a little late to the party because everyone who has studied the JFK assassination long enough knows why Oliver Stone’s documentaries are divisive.

It’s not because they rely on conspiracy theories but because they call out the media jumping on the findings of the Warren Commission before they came out.

 JFK presentation

Where is the Assassination Records Review Board?

We must stop and ask Starkey, “Where are the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) findings in all this?” The entire point of the 2021 film was to discuss the origins and discoveries of the ARRB and hear about them through three of its most influential members.

Not only did Starkey completely sidestep this significant point, but he also ignored the new developments that are as far from conspiracy theories as can be. You can’t theorize Kennedy’s autopsy or the ballistics evidence, but Starkey doesn’t want any part of that. He only cares about what Tim Weiner wrote in his Rolling Stone hit piece. Click here for our choice words for that malarkey.

Rise Above JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theories with Kennedys and King

With President Kennedy’s 60th death anniversary fast approaching, it’s more important than ever to steer clear of the propaganda and conspiracy theories regarding the John F. Kennedy assassination and the political murders that occurred in the same decade.

The only way to learn the truth behind the JFK assassination is to debunk the lies as soon as they take center stage online.

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