How A Lie Too Big to Fail Gets it Right

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With all the controversy surrounding the unsolved JFK assassination, it’s easy to forget that we’re just as far from finding the real perpetrators of the RFK assassination. However, Lisa Pease’s A Lie Too Big to Fail reminds us why we should care about the accused and the victim of this unfortunate incident.

Below are some highlights from our review of what we believe is one of the most insightful reads regarding the RFK assassination.

The Accessibility of A Lie Too Big to Fail

Many things are assumed with a case as old and cold as the Robert F. Kennedy assassination. Writers and so-called experts often write as if the reader would know specific facts about the event that happened nearly 60 years ago.

For some, picking up a book about a political assassination this old is like starting a connected trilogy from the second book. Lisa Pease’s A Lie Too Big to Failis accessible because it covers everything we know about this assassination while avoiding conjecture, conspiracy theories, and disinformation.

She also engages the reader with never-before-explored motives and information, sharing them so that they are instantly hooked on the subject matter.

 Richard Nixon

Covering All Bases; Claiming Nothing

You won’t find a single line in Lisa Pease’s literature that might indicate a claim. The author’s work is well-researched and thorough, but she doesn’t claim to have solved the case.

Pease analyzes the involvement of the mob, private military contractors, and the CIA in this high-profile assassination. She doesn’t discount Thane Cesar, the anti-Kennedy security guard who stood beside Kennedy the night of the assassination with a gun, as a suspect. Cesar leaving Ace Security right after Kennedy’s death is nothing, if not suspicious.

Lastly, Pease gives Richard Nixon the benefit of the doubt but shows a diary entry that indicates his brother Don might have known about the assassination plot.

A Rational Discussion on Actionable Hypnosis

Most readers struggle to wrap their heads around actionable hypnosis because it being real is the stuff of nightmares. Imagine blacking out and having your body controlled like a string puppet.

While actionable hypnosis sounds like something out of a bad movie, Pease provides a rational perspective on Sirhan’s possible programming before arriving at the crime scene.

She uses existing examples of people who were hypno-programmed to prove how Sirhan could have acted against his will and knowledge.

With a book like A Lie Too Big to Fail, you don’t have to read more into the RFK assassination, but you can advocate for Sirhan’s release. Stay tuned for Sirhan’s next parole hearing, and you can write a letter to the Parole Board seeking his release. You can also explore our archives for more information about the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Dr. Martin Luther King.

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