Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Perspective of the RFK Assassination

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The assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968 was a moment that forever altered the course of American history. He was a tour de force whose assassination remains a point of contention and controversy.

One voice that has emerged as a prominent advocate for re-examining the circumstances of RFK's murder is none other than his son, RFK Jr. Click here for his thoughts on his father and uncle’s assassinations.

On a recent episode of Club Random with Bill Maher, the now-presidential candidate sat down with Maher and made some compelling points regarding his father's murder.

The Autopsy Report

A critical piece of evidence that RFK Jr. has pointed to is the autopsy report. He highlights the findings of Thomas Noguchi, the coroner who conducted an autopsy on his father's body.

Noguchi's meticulous examination led him to conclude that the shots that killed Senator Robert F. Kennedy came from behind, contradicting the idea that Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, who was in front of him, was the only person to fire a gun that day.

Eyewitness Accounts

RFK Jr. has drawn attention to the 77 eyewitnesses present during the assassination. According to these accounts, Sirhan was never in a position to have fired the fatal shots.

Their testimonies raise questions about the accuracy of the official narrative and point to the possibility of a second gunman.

Sirhan in a prison jumpsuit

RFK Jr.’s Revisits the RFK Assassination

In the podcast, RFK Jr. said that there were eight bullets in Sirhan’s barrel. He fired two of them at his father, one clipping his ear and getting lodged in a door jamb and the other hitting Paul Schrade, who was standing beside him.

He was then tackled to the ground by six men, one of whom, Rafer Johnson, tried to get the gun out of Sirhan’s hand. He failed to get Sirhan to let go of the weapon, leading the latter to fire the remaining shots but not at the Senator but away from him.

In conclusion, Sirhan stood facing RFK, whereas the four fatal shots came from the back. If all of Sirhan’s bullets are accounted for, the idea of a second gunman becomes very real.

Seeking the Truth

In light of these discrepancies and unanswered questions, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not content with accepting the official account of his father's assassination.

Instead, he advocates for a thorough re-examination of the case, the evidence, and the individuals involved.

Advocate for the Truth with Kennedys and King

Join Kennedys and King in raising your voice for the truth behind the political assassinations of the 1960s.

In this case, all you have to do is a) Watch the 15-minute podcast and b) Go through Thomas Noguchi’s official autopsy report to know that Sirhan did not fire the shots that mortally wounded Senator Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel that day. Contribute to our efforts or read our articles for a better understanding of the RFK assassination.

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