Officer Tippit and the Curious Case of the Light-Gray Jacket

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The findings of Warren Commission will have you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Officer Tippit while fleeing the chaos that naturally follows the assassination of any political figure, let alone one as important as the President of the United States.

His connection to the assassination of Officer Tippit is based on flimsy evidence, such as the Eisenhower-style light-gray jacket that was recovered in the direction the killer was said to have escaped after firing his gun at Tippit—more on that in our most recent article.

Let’s see if the jacket belonged to Oswald or even the killer, shall we?

Marina Oswald's Testimony

Marina Oswald claimed to recognize the jacket as one of two belonging to her husband. However, she stated that both of Oswald's jackets had come from and were purchased in the Soviet Union.

The jacket found in a parking lot two blocks from the Tippit crime scene was identified as a brand sold in clothing stores in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, a clear indication that it had not originated in Russia.

A Weak Link in the Chain

The Eisenhower jacket stands as the weakest link in the government's chain of evidence against Oswald in the assassination of Officer Tippit.

The jacket, officially labeled as Warren Commission exhibit 162, was reportedly found partially hidden underneath a 1954 Oldsmobile in a parking space behind Ballew's Texaco service station.

However, the circumstances surrounding its discovery remain shrouded in mystery. No one saw the killer place it there, and the identity of the person who found the jacket is unclear.

light gray jacket

Unreliable Witness Testimonies

Witnesses who observed the gunman fleeing from the scene generally disagreed on whether the found jacket matched the one worn by Officer Tippit's killer.

Some either failed to identify the jacket, while others explicitly stated that it did not match the garment worn by the assailant. In the end, even the Warren Commission was forced to conclude that the witness accounts varied with regard to the jacket.

The Discrepancies

Authorities attempted to connect the jacket to Oswald by claiming that some fibers found on it matched the brown shirt Oswald had been wearing when he was arrested.

However, witnesses consistently described the killer as wearing a white shirt, not a brown one, adding further uncertainty to the jacket's relevance.

Take a Closer Look at the Assassination of Officer Tippit

The inconsistencies, lack of concrete links, and conflicting witness testimonies cast significant doubt on the jacket’s relevance to the crime and whether Lee Harvey Oswald committed it.

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