The Odd and Redundant Beliefs of Mark Shaw

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In 2021, Mark Shaw visited the library in Allen, Texas, to promote his book. Although this event took place two years ago, the content of his talk has gained millions of views on YouTube. Unfortunately, Shaw's presentation raises more questions than it answers regarding the John F. Kennedy assassination, as it is marred by inconsistencies and a lack of rigorous evidence, which is surprising given his legal background.

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The Mafia Conspiracy

One of the most striking aspects of Shaw's presentation was his unwavering conviction that the mafia was responsible for President Kennedy's assassination. What makes this stance peculiar is Shaw's apparent ignorance of the wealth of new evidence that challenges this theory.

For example, declassified documents from the Assassination Records Review Board findings revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald's uncle, ‘Dutz’ Murret, was not working for Carlos Marcello in 1963, thereby dispelling a key link to the mafia. This new information significantly weakens the mafia conspiracy theory, yet Shaw remains undeterred, likely to this day.

The Ed Becker Anecdote

Mark Shaw relied on the infamous Ed Becker anecdote, where Marcello allegedly suggested that he would remove the "stone" from his shoe—referring to Robert F. Kennedy—by getting rid of his brother, the President.

However, recent disputes and questionable witness accounts have cast doubt on the credibility of this story. The House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) used aspects of this anecdote to support the Mob-oriented case. Even so, the foundation of that case was never particularly strong, and it has since been debunked by the FBI and other sources.

President Kennedy Facing J. Edgar Hoover and Robert F. Kennedy

The Joe Kennedy Double-Cross

Shaw also subscribes to the theory that Joe Kennedy double-crossed his Chicago backers regarding his son Robert Kennedy's stance on organized crime. Supposedly, in return for such a double-cross, the Chicago Mob was expected to support John F. Kennedy in the 1960 election.

However, statistical analysis has shown that the mob-controlled wards in Chicago did not vote as expected, rendering this theory dubious at best. This theory also fails to account for the fact that Senior Kennedy's influence in Chicago was less substantial than previously believed.

Mark Shaw Does Not Stop There

In his 2021 presentation, Shaw made more insubstantial remarks regarding Joe Kennedy and Dorothy Kilgallen by referencing disreputable and debunked resources. Instead of subjecting yourself to the transcript, you’re better off reading Jim DiEugenio’s dressing down on Kennedys and King.

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