The Most Outrageous Claims About Robert F. Kennedy

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It’s no secret that Mark Shaw, a lawyer and controversial author known for his ‘work’ on the Kennedy assassinations, has added to the lore surrounding the Kennedy brothers with his book, Collateral Damage.

In this blog post, we'll explore some of the most outrageous claims about Robert F. Kennedy, as discussed in our article.

The Enigmatic Security Log: A Dubious Clue

One of the most striking claims in Shaw's presentation centers on a supposed clue that he discovered. He contends that this clue, a security log or ledger from 20th CenturyFox, provides evidence that Bobby Kennedy was in Los Angeles on the day Marilyn Monroe died, suggesting his potential involvement in her death.

However, Shaw's presentation deviates from the details presented in his book, Collateral Damage. In his book, Shaw acknowledges Bobby Kennedy's seemingly airtight alibi, which placed him in the San Francisco Bay Area on the day of Monroe's death. Shaw even references an Associated Press story that supports this alibi. Despite the substantial evidence supporting his alibi, Shaw casts doubt on it and puts his faith in the enigmatic security log.

 Marilyn Monroe Holding a Cigarette Between Her Fingers

The Mystery of Frank Neill

One of the most puzzling aspects of Shaw's narrative is the character of Frank Neill, who supposedly witnessed Robert F. Kennedy's helicopter arrival. Shaw does not provide a clear background or establish Frank Neill's credibility as a source. Who was Frank Neill? Was he a former journalist, a Fox employee, or a police reporter?

Accounts regarding Frank Neill's observations vary across different authors and publications, leading to inconsistencies. The contradictory details regarding the helicopter landing site, arrival time, and Neill's reaction to Kennedy's presence further question the accuracy of these accounts.

Inconsistencies in Shaw's Claims

Shaw's assertion that Collateral Damage does not contain opinions or speculations is contradicted by the content of the book itself. The text is filled with Shaw's speculative scenarios, particularly his theory regarding how Marilyn Monroe may have been murdered.

He presents a graphic and unsubstantiated narrative that contradicts the well-established facts of Monroe's autopsy, which unequivocally points to a potential drug overdose as the cause of her death.

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Mark Shaw's book contains a series of provocative claims and theories concerning the Kennedy brothers, particularly Robert Kennedy's alleged involvement in Marilyn Monroe's death. It is, as you may have guessed, questionable at best.

Read the first part of our review to discover his factoids about the JFK assassination. Check out our articles through which we aim to share the proven facts about the incident.

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