Has the Defense Intelligence Agency Destroyed More JFK Evidence Than We Think?

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Decades of investigations, theories, and revelations have shaped our understanding of the John F. Kennedy assassination. However, much like our articles, recent claims suggest that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) might have been hiding a dark secret regarding the destruction of crucial JFK assassination evidence.

Today, we will explore the disturbing possibility that more evidence related to the Kennedy assassination may have been lost than previously believed.

The Vanishing Documents

The unauthorized possession, loss, or destruction of government files is not a new phenomenon. In recent times, we have seen headlines about missing government documents and the withholding of information from the public.

The JFK assassination has garnered substantial attention over the years. The National Archivist boasts thousands of pages of relevant JFK documents, shedding light on that fateful day.

However, it is crucial to consider that thousands of documents, either intentionally or due to negligence, have been lost or destroyed. This leaves us with two unsettling possibilities: Foul play or sheer ignorance.

 President John F. Kennedy Standing with a Foreign Ally a Year Before His Assassination

The DIA's Disappearing Act

The DIA was established in the early 1960s. It was tasked with unifying various military intelligence functions. Over time, it became a significant entity within the US intelligence and military structure.

However, recent revelations suggest that the DIA might have hidden a more significant secret than previously acknowledged. DIA official Roger Denk informed congressional officials that the agency had destroyed all its files related to the JFK assassination. This startling admission shatters the historical record and might as well be an admission of destroying crucial JFK evidence.

Getting Into the Nitty-Gritty of It

The precise timeline of this document purge, the number of files destroyed, and the motivations behind this action remain elusive. The DIA's decision to obliterate such a vital part of the historical record without higher approval and without providing any justifiable explanation is deeply concerning.

While other intelligence agencies like the CIA and FBI have faced criticism for concealing potential connections and important JFK evidence, the DIA's actions appear even more audacious. They are enough to render anyone who’s dedicated their entire life to this unsolved case equally speechless and outraged.

Spread the Word to Prevent More Elimination of JFK Evidence

The only way to stop the DIA and other intelligence agencies in their tracks is to keep doing what Kennedys and Kinghave done since the turn of the century: Advocate for the truth behind JFK assassination.

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