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James DiEugenio

Dr. Michael Marcades, with Norma J. Kirkpatrick, Rose Cherami: Gathering Fallen Petals

Extraordinary, mostly never before seen photos, and a valuable document annex accompany Michael Marcades' narrative about his search for his mother, a time-consuming, courageous, and honest undertakin...

James DiEugenio

Mark Lane, Part II: Citizen Lane

On the occasion of Mark Lane's passing, Jim DiEugenio looks back at his autobiography, concluding: "Lane’s life stands out as a man who did what he could to correct the evil and injustice in the...

Vince Palamara

Clint Hill, with Lisa McCubbin, Five Presidents

On the second to last page, Hill/McCubbin write: “As with our previous two books, our overriding concern was to present a factual account to preserve history, while also abiding by the Secret Se...

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