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ARRB: Behind the Curtain

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The organizational hierarchy of the ARRB is discussed.

From the November-December, 1995 issue (Vol. 3 No. 1) of Probe



In our attempt to make our coverage the most current and complete on the Review Board, we are presenting this organizational structure chart sent to us by Board spokesman Tom Samoluk. It reveals who is working with the board, and how the Board is operating below the layer of the five appointed members who make the actual decisions on what and how much will be declassified. We should also note here that the teams denoted at the bottom are the people who first see the incoming records. Each new batch is assigned to a team for preliminary review. Samoluk noted that the newest batch under review are from the HSCA. He also specified that so many records are under review that teams do not have exclusive assignments. There is a crossover.

Some other ARRB updates: 1) During the federal shutdown, the Board staff still worked due to a technicality in their funding. 2) Although no decision has been made yet on 5 of the fifteen documents the FBI disputed (Probe 7/22 and 9/22), the Bureau seems to have gotten the message. On November 3rd, the Bureau voluntarily released 11,380 pages of documents previously reviewed by the HSCA. These will have to be reviewed further by the Board since some were redacted, but at least they are now in the Archives at College Park. Four of the more interesting files concern Orlando Bosch, Howard Hunt, Carlos Marcello, and Robert Webster. 3) As predicted in our last issue, the Board has increased its pace. At the 10/24 meeting over 400 documents were voted for release. Samoluk states that he expects even more to be voted on at the upcoming December 12-13th meetings. We applaud this new urgency. The Board will stay in business until 9/30/97. We hope and urge and advise readers to help them fulfill their complete mandate. One thing you can do is write your congressman to get increased funding for next year so more investigators can be hired. In that regard, reader Cathy Brown sent us word that the Board has requested some Mob records from an Illinois inquiry that the HSCA reviewed. Even if undermanned, the Board is doing its best in locating obscure and previously unrevealed files. They also designated all post 1/1/60 FBI records on Sam Giancana as "assassination records."

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