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Sirhan Sirhan Parole Letter

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Now that Governor Newsom has prevailed in the special California recall election, Jim DiEugenio exhorts our readers to contact the governor in support of Sirhan Sirhan’s parole. Governor Newsom will be making the final decision soon and Jim provides some helpful talking points to use in Sirhan’s favor.

To our readers:

Sirhan’s case for parole has been decided in his favor—on the 16th try. If the entire parole board agrees with the original decision, then the case will be passed up to Governor Gavin Newsom. Please write him letters, in any way possible, and accent the following points:

  1. The Parole Board has spoken after a review of Sirhan’s case.
  2. Newsom’s decision should be made on the merits and legal doctrine, not on an angry outcry for vengeance.
  3. Sirhan has been through 16 parole hearings and at the 15th one, Paul Schrade, a victim in the Ambassador Hotel’s pantry that night, asked for his release.
  4. George Gascon, LA’s progressive prosecutor—who Newsom knows from San Francisco—did not send anyone to argue to the board that Sirhan be kept in prison.
  5. Sirhan has served a much longer time in prison, 53 years, than others who have been charged with the same crime. This indicates the reason to keep him behind bars is more political than legal.
  6. Sirhan has been a model prisoner. This should be a part of the governor’s decision, since it indicates he is not a danger to society.
  7. The law has been changed in regards to prisoners who committed a crime at a young age. The Board said this was a factor in their decision. It should also measure into the governor’s.
  8. Finally, at 77, Sirhan qualifies for elderly parole. He has also had his life endangered more than once while in prison, the last time being in 2019. (Click here for details)

There are four ways to contact the governor: snail mail, fax, phone, and email. Click to this page for how to do all four:

Contact the Governor

Try and do this ASAP. There will be a lot of pressure on Newsom to decline the board decision. We need to act fast. This is what KennedysAndKing is all about.

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James DiEugenio

One of the most respected researchers and writers on the political assassinations of the 1960s, Jim DiEugenio is the author of two books, Destiny Betrayed (1992/2012) and The JFK Assassination: The Evidence Today (2018), co-author of The Assassinations, and co-edited Probe Magazine (1993-2000).   See "About Us" for a fuller bio.

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