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A Special Request from Editor and Publisher Jim DiEugenio

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Jim DiEugenio makes a special appeal to our readers for assistance in exposing the truth in the JFK, RFK, MLK, and Malcolm X assassinations.

As every reader of this site understands, we barely get by. The reason is able to survive is simple: our main workers—that is our webmaster and I—are not paid; and our contributors are not either. We do get some contributions and this helps us get along. For example, we do not have to pay the upkeep on the site out of our pockets.

As of now, we have a very small number of regular contributors, that is people who make small donations regularly each month. If we could increase that number of people by a factor of three we could do what I personally have always wanted to do. We could increase the reach and scope of our site and articles.

One does that by hiring what is called an SEO company. That acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization. What this kind of company does is it places your web site strategically into the search engines, so that it comes up on the first page of searches, by either general or specific topic, that is, in comparison to other sites or with specific articles. One method is: by auditing your web site and then doing key word searches it can greatly increase your exposure. These companies know how the algorithms on the major engines work and they can help increase traffic to the site. Not just nationally, but in some cases internationally.

All we need is about ten of you to donate $35 monthly and we can do this. I personally think that there is no other site out there like Kennedys and King. I also think that the quality of our work deserves a wider horizon line. Don’t you? But, in a small way, we need you to help us do it.

Please consider supporting our efforts


checking the “Make this a monthly donation” checkbox

when you make a donation.

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James DiEugenio

One of the most respected researchers and writers on the political assassinations of the 1960s, Jim DiEugenio is the author of two books, Destiny Betrayed (1992/2012) and The JFK Assassination: The Evidence Today (2018), co-author of The Assassinations, and co-edited Probe Magazine (1993-2000).   See "About Us" for a fuller bio.

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