Friday, 11 August 2023 01:25

Kim Iversen Interviews Lisa Pease

Kim Iversen interviews Lisa Pease about the Robert F. Kennedy assassination and her milestone book on that case, A Lie Too Big To Fail.

The chief White House correspondent for The New York Times on the declassification of the remaining JFK files.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with aspects of his outlook, the media is clearly slanted against him.

Biden agreed to make public a majority of assassination records, but thousands remain secret six decades later.

President Kennedy was killed almost 60 years ago under the most suspect circumstances. What secret operations from more than a half century ago could outweigh the need for total disclosure of that murder?

A giant black hole has been created out of which nothing more might emerge.

RFK Jr. explains the RFK assassination to Bill Maher in just 15 minutes.

Tuesday, 27 June 2023 02:13

RFK Jr.'s Peace Speech

RFK Jr., quoting his uncle JFK, calls for diplomatic settlement in Ukraine.

Analyst who leaked studies showing US government knew the Vietnam war was un-winnable became activist and writer.

290 additional documents released by the National Archives on the JFK case.

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