Tim Smith

Tim Smith

Tim Smith has been a college professor for 33 years. He currently teaches philosophy, logic, world religion and intro to Biblical Hebrew. He has an interest in all aspects of the Kennedy assassination, especially the physical evidence in the case. Tim also has spent enormous amounts of time reading the testimony of the 488 witnesses that appeared before the Warren Commission and the 52 witnesses that gave public testimony before the HSCA, which he used for my Masters thesis.
Sunday, 19 September 2021 21:41

The Mysteries Around Ida Dox

Tim Smith examines the mysterious work medical illustrator Ida Dox performed on behalf of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) utilizing her drawings, testimony, interviews with the author, and evidence contained in the National Archives as chapter 4 of his upcoming book on the witnesses appearing before the HSCA in public testimony.

Tim Smith takes a new look at Howard Brennan’s testimony before the Warren Commission and analyzes how the interlocutors questioned and guided Brennan to achieve their preconceived goals. This assessment causes him to ask, “Did EVEN the Warren Commission Believe Howard Brennan?”

Saturday, 02 May 2020 23:17

The 3 Faces of Dr. Humes

Tim Smith surveys the sworn testimony of Dr. James Humes across three governmental investigations and exposes the contradictions, inconsistencies, and evasions with respect to the facts of the autopsy performed on JFK at the Bethesda morgue.

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