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Where was Oswald during the shooting?

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A brief presentation of the "Prayer Man" figure in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository discussed by Sean Murphy.

Most researchers of the JFK assassination don't believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the man who assassinated President Kennedy. The zealous defenders of the Warren Commission demand that those of us who doubt its conclusion that Oswald was the sole assassin identify the real assassins. Although we are under no obligation whatsoever to identify the real assassins in order to exonerate Oswald, thanks to the exceptional research of Sean Murphy, there is compelling evidence that Oswald was standing just outside the front entrance to the Texas School Book Depository building at the time of the assassination.

According to Murphy, the man he has dubbed "Prayer man" (due to the posture of his arms) was likely Oswald. See below:



Murphy's extraordinary research was discussed at length over at the education forum; formerly owned and run by John Simkin. For those of you who have not taken the time to read through this important research, I highly recommend that you do so. Murphy's work is both highly compelling and revolutionary (click here to read through this important research). Readers are also strongly encouraged to read through the discussion of "Prayer man" on Greg Parker's research forum (this can be read here).

The reader may also be interested in reading through my essay on former DPD Sergeant, Gerald Hill, in which I argue that Hill framed Oswald inside the Texas Theater by pretending to remove the revolver used to kill officer J.D. Tippit (WCE 143) from Oswald; during Oswald's scuffle with the DPD officers (this can be read here).


An e-book recounting Sean Murphy's contributions, narrated and commented by Stan Dane, is now available:


And see now also Bart Kamp's ongoing work at his website

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Gokay Hasan Yusuf

Gokay Hasan Yusuf lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has been researching the JFK assassination since early 2009.

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