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This is an opportunity to free Sirhan. James DiEugenio asks all readers to act on this ASAP.

As you know Sirhan Sirhan has been (falsely) imprisoned for the murder of Senator Robert Kennedy for over fifty years. His next parole hearing is for March 12th. His current attorney, Angela Berry is asking people to please write the Parole Board. But do not focus on his innocence, write about his age, 78, the fact that he has been a model prisoner, our prisons are overcrowded, and he is not a threat to anyone.

Mail the letter to this address:

State of California
Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
Board of Parole
P. O. Box 4036
Sacramento CA 95812-4936

And mail Angela a copy also at her office address:

Angela Berry
75-5660 Kopiko Street, Suite C-7, #399
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

If you would rather email your letter, please send to BPH.CorrespondenceUnit@cdcr.ca.gov for the Prison Corrections office and please include a copy for Angela Berry at angela@guardingyourrights.com

Begin with “Dear Parole Board” and ask them to please parole Sirhan since he has served much longer than most prisoners charged with similar crimes. Plus he has been a very good prisoner while incarcerated.

There is also a new law that says people under 26 at the time of their crime (Sirhan was 24) should have their youth weighed higher in the parole decision.

A key factor in gaining parole is public interest; this is why we request you to write the letter. They are important in influencing opinion. Thank you and please act on this ASAP.

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