William Kelly

William Kelly

William Kelly is the Research Coordinator for CAPA (Citizens Against Political Assassinations, http://CAPA-US.org), and is the author of the blog http://JFKCountercoup.blogspot.com

He can be reached at Billkelly3@gmail.com

Thursday, 25 October 2018 22:35

Walter Machann Interview Synopsis

Bill Kelly presents excerpts of interviews conducted by Gayle Nix Jackson with Father Walter Machann, friend and confidant of Silvia Odio, concerning, among other things, her famous late September, 1963, visit by “Oswald”.

More journalistic connections to the CIA are examined by Bill Kelly, in particular those of Hugh Aynesworth, Priscilla Johnson and Gordon McLendon.

Bill Kelly examines the Luce empire and its connections to the CIA.

It is apparent that the roots to many of the black propaganda operations related to Dealey Plaza, especially those that try to falsely implicate Castro in the assassination, stem back to David Atlee Phillips, one of Linebarger’s protégés, writes Bill Kelly.

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