Alex Sill

Alex Sill

Los Angeles-based guitarist and composer Alex Sill received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in the Jazz Program at California Institute of the Arts.  He has studied and performed with some of the world's top musicians, and has written for a variety of contexts, including film/trailer music, jazz bands, rock bands, orchestra and a guitar trio.  Alex has been deeply interested in history from an early age, and believes the examples set by John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. can provide a powerful impetus for social and political engagement today.  For more info visit:

Extralegal assassinations, unwarranted domestic surveillance, interventionist wars at the behest of corporate interests, torture or other activities of that stripe – these all have their roots in the Dulles era in which covert, corporate power developed into a well-oiled and unaccountable machine running roughshod. These dark forces have continued to operate regardless of who is elected president; and the refusal to face them has caused the Democratic Party to lose its way, writes Alex Sill.

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