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John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

Oliver and Jim Reply

Oliver Stone and Jim DiEugenio reply to Tim Weiner’s review of “JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass” published in Rolling Stone magazine, correcting the statements regarding Rus...

James DiEugenio

The One and Only Dick Gregory

Jim DiEugenio evaluates the new Showtime documentary, The One and Only Dick Gregory, and provides missing insight into Gregory’s work with Martin Luther King, Jr. and his expanding agenda toward...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Oliver Stone to «Paris Match»: It was the CIA that shot Kennedy

Oliver Stone’s interview with Paris Match, translation provided courtesy of Bill Simpich via Google translate. ...

Aaron Good

Deep Fake Politics: Empire and the Criminalization of the State

Saving his best for last, Aaron Good finishes his review of Adam Curtis’ Can’t Get You Out of My Head with Part 3, dissecting the methods Curtis uses to muddle the truth and revealing his ...

Aaron Good

Deep Fake Politics: Getting Adam Curtis Out of Your Head

Aaron Good shares Part 1 of his review of Adam Curtis’ Can’t Get You Out of My Head, which examines the problems with Curtis’ view of postwar US hegemony and his obscurantist tendenc...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Matt Douthit

Truth Is the Only Client

Matt Douthit reviews the 2019 self-produced documentary Truth Is the Only Client, streaming now on Amazon Prime, and finds it has essentially tried to take the modern and improved Oswald-did-it narrat...

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Jeff Carter


Jeff Carter examines Sam Pollard’s new documentary, MLK / FBI, regarding the extensive surveillance apparatus established by the FBI and directed at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Despite avoiding ...

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