Wednesday, 24 May 2023 03:09

Joe Biden is no match for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

This Santa Barbara newspaper has now not only endorsed Robert Kennedy Jr, for president, but is attacking his critics one by one.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said, “It was my father’s first instinct that the agency (the CIA) killed his brother.”

Indeed. After President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy went straight to CIA Director John McCone and asked him point-blank: “Did your people kill my brother?”

Mr. McCone replied “no.”

Mr. McCone was telling the truth. As he knew it.

Because, truth is, Mr. McCone was kept out of the loop and deceived by his most senior intelligence officers who regarded Allen Dulles (whom President Kennedy fired in 1962 after the agency’s Bay of Pigs debacle) as their true leader—and who later directed the Warren Commission coverup.

But R.F.K. knew the truth. And he planned to do something about it when elected president in 1968.

And of course, the CIA could not allow that to happen because it would mean its very existence as an institution was at stake.

So the big question now: What will the agency do about R.F.K. Jr.?

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