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Ted Charach's Press Conference: Thane Eugene Cesar's Gun Found

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Revelations concerning the charges of obstruction of justice, subornation of perjury and cover-up in the RFK case, along with the first public viewing of the nine-shot, .22 caliber revolver owned by Cesar and found after 25 years in an Arkansas pond.

From the July-August, 1995 issue (Vol. 2 No. 5) of Probe

In truth, heretics are more despised than infidels. In practice, it is never more true than in the attitude of the political elite and the wags who sing their praises, toward the assassination research community. The most recent case in point was the non-coverage of the press conference held by RFK assassination researcher, Ted Charach. Charach used the occasion of the 27th anniversary of RFK's death to reveal the latest findings in the case. Surprisingly or not so surprisingly, not one reporter from any news organization showed up!

It is no small coincidence that author Dan Moldea also called a press conference at exactly 11:00 a.m. on Monday, June 5th, ostensibly to hype his latest book The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy. Since the book concludes that Sirhan acting alone shot and killed Robert Kennedy, we wonder if any news organization covered Moldea's press conference. We certainly did not see, hear or read anything about the press conference, so we're left to conclude one of two things; either Moldea had nothing very compelling to say or the press coverage in this town is a lot worse than anyone realized.

In the course of recapping that which is known from the release of his book, articles, video and film presentations, Charach revealed several new pieces of evidence which substantiate the charges of obstruction of justice, subornation of perjury and a cover-up in this case. He also revealed a new wrinkle in his second gun theory. He now believes that not only did Thane Eugene Cesar fatally shoot RFK in the head, but like Sirhan, as discussed in the book The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, by Jon Christian and William Turner, Cesar was a programmed assassin and has no memory of the acts he committed that night.


Photo by Thomas Smith, showing Ted Charach holding a picture of Coroner Thomas Noguchi indicating the point of entry to the bullet that struck Robert Kennedy at point blank range in the back of the head. Sirhan was shooting from, according to eyewitnesses, no closer than one and a half feet in front of Kennedy.

Charach displayed copies of documents recovered from state archives which bolstered the 1970 testimony of criminalist William Harper. Harper testified that LAPD criminalist DeWayne Wolfer had falsified the results of the test-firing of the gun used by Sirhan. The documents clearly show the serial number of the gun test-fired by Wolfer as H-18602. Yet, the serial number of Sirhan's gun is actually H-53725. Wolfer has always stated (even under oath) this discrepancy was merely a "clerical error."

Charach also revealed that last year he made a trip to the Middle East. During that trip he met with members of the Israeli Mossad who, Charach implied, had been aware of the CIA's use of Sirhan Bishara Sirhan as a mind-control subject and a programmed assassin. He offered up a film he had made of these discussions with the Mossad agents to any legitimate news service organization for airing and analysis on American television.

Another film he offered to any news service organization was that of an interview of shooting eyewitness Donald Schulman who that night told Jerry Dunphy of KNXT news (now KCBS) that a security guard had fired his gun back at Sirhan and had accidentally shot RFK. Jerry Dunphy and KCBS have denied that this interview ever took place. Of course, since no news organization was represented at the press conference, nobody took Charach up on his offer to air either of these films.

Finally, Ted Charach, who refers to himself as the "Father of the Second Gun Theory" in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, has teamed up with feature film producers, Beaux Carson and Tim Gibbons to tell the story of the search for the second gun and the lives who have been affected by the search.

The project is titled, "Operation Tinker Toy" - Phase I and Phase II. It's the story of how the gun turned up in the possession of certain residents of a little town in Arkansas, and how their lives took rather dramatic turns for the worse under possession of this gun. Their story is told within the backdrop of Charach's 25 year search for it.

At one point during the press conference, Beaux Carson brought in a man toting a metal briefcase and a handcuff attached to his wrist. Inside the briefcase was the nine-shot, .22 caliber revolver, serial number Y-13332, salvaged from a muddy pond in Arkansas after 25 years. This is the gun which was owned by Thane Eugene Cesar and which Charach believes is the second gun used in the assassination. Sirhan's gun was an eight-shot, Iver-Johnson Cadet, .22 caliber revolver, serial number H-53725.

This was the first public display of the gun since its recovery in 1993. Carson announced that tests on the gun and test-firings will be made sometime this year by independent forensic labs. He stated he had also been approached by law enforcement agencies who expressed interest in test-firing the gun using their own forensic experts. He hesitated to identify which law enforcement agencies were interested.

We came away from the press conference believing ourselves more blessed for the cursed heretic and despising evermore the beloved infidel.

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