Wednesday, 08 May 2024 11:41

JFK at Sixty

featuring Gary Aguilar, BIll Simpich and the Peace Speech, a talk in San Francisco sponsored by Rossmoor TV, Friends of the Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center.

Wednesday, 08 May 2024 10:21

The Dallas Police Convicted Oswald without a Trial - Part 2/2

Written by Johnny Cairns

In part two, Johnny Cairns shows how all quarters objected to the Dallas Police and DA convicting Oswald in the press when he had no attorney to reply. These critics included the ACLU, Percy Foreman, the American Bar Association, the New York TImes, and even J. Edgar Hoover and the Warren Commission.

Wednesday, 08 May 2024 02:03

The Dallas Police Convicted Oswald without a Trial - Part 1/2

Written by Johnny Cairns

Johnny Cairns exposes the wildly unethical and irresponsible behavior of the Dallas law authorities, behavior which deprived Lee Oswald of any possibility of a fair trial, — and ultimately took his life away.

Wednesday, 08 May 2024 01:35

Adam Walinsky, key assistant to Robert Kennedy in the senate and a major part of his 1968 campaign, passed on in November without notice in the MSM

David Talbot pays tribute to Walinsky.

Tuesday, 30 April 2024 07:27

The Tippit Tapes: A Re-examination

Written by John Washburn

In a new examination of the Dallas Police tapes, John Washburn demonstrates how it is almost a certainty that the tapes have been altered, and altered in a way that indicates a deliberate cover up for malignant reasons.

Tuesday, 23 April 2024 18:51

Four Died Trying, Chapter One

Written by Jerry Fresia

Former history professor Jerry Fresia comments on the first installment of the distinguished series by Libby Handros and John Kirby on the four major assassinations of the sixties, the circumstances surrounding them, and their impact on history.

Friday, 19 April 2024 18:19

Under Cover of Night, by Sean Fetter, Part 2 Featured

Written by James DiEugenio

In this volume, Fetter makes his case for a conspiracy, one featuring Lyndon Johnson and, of all people, the deceased House Speaker Sam Rayburn. To say that it does not work is being much too kind to the author.

Sunday, 14 April 2024 02:47

Under Cover of Night, by Sean Fetter, Part 1 Featured

Written by James DiEugenio

This review of Sean Fetter's Under Cover of Night explains how it descends from the book Murder From Within, contains weakly supported assertions, and is packed with personal attacks.

Thursday, 28 March 2024 14:08

Deanne Stillman’s 'American Confidential' Exposed

Written by Johnny Cairns

Our own Johnny Cairns exposes MSM author and playwright Deanne Stillman’s attempt to caricature Lee Oswald and his mother in a non-referenced and ill-informed book that is anything but confidential.

Thursday, 07 March 2024 09:54

Coast to Coast show this Friday (8th March 2024)

Oliver Stone and Jim DiEugenio to talk about the JFK Act, JFK Revisited and the new book The JFK Assassination Chokeholds with host Richard Syrett.

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