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Mexico City, Part 3 – The Trip Down, Part 2

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David Joseph reviews in detail the evidence for Oswald's alleged trip to Mexico City – Part 3.

At this point we've shown:

-Oswald in New Orleans while simultaneously in and around Dallas with Jack Ruby during the summer of 1963

-The New Orleans Oswald working with anti-Castro forces while publically being recognized as pro-Castro

-The Dallas Oswald was seen with Maurice Bishop aka CIA's David Phillips

-The Dallas Oswald visited Robert McKeown requesting to purchase scoped rifles at ridiculously high prices

-Ruth Paine and children arrive in New Orleans to whisk Marina and child away to Irving, TX leaving Oswald alone to his own devices 3 days before Nagell's predicted assassination dates of Sept 26-29.

-The Lee Harvey Oswald who left 4905 Magazine a mess and owing back rent carried two suitcases onto a downtown bus the evening of Sept 24th only to return the following day in order to retrieve and cash a $33 unemployment check from the Texas Employment Commission.

-The FBI could not locate Oswald for the evening of Sept 24th, nor could they find any record of Oswald leaving New Orleans on ANY bus which could get him to Houston in time to perform activities the evidence shows he did.

-The Australian women who spoke with Oswald on the Monterrey to Mexico City leg of the trip claims to have purchased Transporte del Norte bus tickets yet describe a journey that has been documented to have occurred on a Flecha Rojas bus. The WCR simply states she was wrong about the bus line. (We will show in this article how Mumford, Bowen nor the McFarlands could have been on this Flecha Rojas bus leaving Monterrey and in turn presented or was given a fabricated story)

-Witnesses claim to have seen Oswald sitting on this bus with Mr. Bowen aka Albert Osborne.

-The man representing himself as Lee Oswald presumably purchased a Houston to Laredo Ticket after midnight in Houston.

-There is no record of a bus ticket purchased which would carry Oswald from Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City.

In this part we will continue to examine evidence related to the bus travel to and from Mexico, testing the theory that this evidence does not corroborate the Commission's conclusion, and even suggests that the entire body of evidence getting Oswald in and out of Mexico was created just for that purpose.

The "Lopez Report," an excellent reexamination of the WCR's Mexico trip focusing on the Embassy/Consulate visits and transcripts but offers the following and little else related to evidence of Oswald's travels into and out of Mexico. This is from page 3 of the introduction.

Asking whether Oswald was proficient with a rifle evades the evidence that he was not at the window and the rifle was never in his possession. Discussing whether an OSWALD may be our Oswald performing this or that act in Mexico while the evidence does not support his having traveled by the means the FBI evidence suggests seems to me two sides of the same conspiracy. Since the FBI/CIA presents evidence of an Oswald in Mexico, he must have traveled to Mexico and NOT been at Odio's.

We will present FBI/CIA evidence this same Oswald calls the Soviet Military Attache again at 3:39pm on October 3rd when our Oswald is at the Texas Employment Commission in Dallas. According to the evidence, the very first call on Sept 27 at 10:33am was also to the Soviet Military Attache and NOT the Embassy or Consulate. This call dealt specifically with what Win Scott tells us about Oswald; he was attempting to get visas to Odessa (how Oswald has the number to the Soviet Military Attache in Mexico City remains a mystery). This call on the 3rd confirms we are dealing with an imposter and the fact these mystery man photos are taken on Oct 2nd, 4th and beyond, and not on the 27th, 28th or the 1st strikes me as yet another very strange inclusion to the evidence for no "apparent" reason.

We will be concluding this series in the next and final article with a look at this "In Mexico" evidence to determine whether this evidence corroborates my developing theory that whoever was in Mexico playing Oswald had nothing whatsoever to do with the person claimed to be on these bus(es)s or in that hotel. Another thread running through this whodunit involves the inner workings of a plot not entirely related yet conveniently available for CYA within the assassination investigation.

Thanks to Russ Holmes' collection at Mary Farrell's site we have info about Mexico akin to the autopsy's Sibert/O'Neill report with truths seen thru the eyes of evidence rather than the filter of deception. The following image from Oct 4 becomes Odum Exhibit #1 - Vol 20; with a touch of widening it appears; and the CIA has the chutzpah to claim this is Lee HENRY Oswald without mentioning this is 2 days after he supposedly left. One has to wonder about the purpose of this photo at all other than as a breadcrumb in a trail.

The FBI could not admit Oswald had entered Mexico under unknown circumstances as this would trigger thoughts of a conspiracy. On Sept 26th an innocent man was supposedly traveling to Mexico. It is concluded he takes a bus from his home and has no visible means to secure or drive an automobile. In fact, Lee Harvey Oswald needs to take a series of buses from New Orleans to Mexico City as he is both alone and does not drive. A journey of biblical proportion way back in the day... just extremely long bus rides for our purposes.


There is no record in Evidence which shows that H.O. LEE (his Mexican travelling aka) bought a bus ticket on Flecha Rojas bus #516 leaving Nuevo Laredo at 2pm Sept 26th arriving in Mexico City 10am Sept 27th after stopping in Monterrey.

The Evidence will show that the Australian women who speak with Lee Oswald could not have been on the same bus which left Monterrey at 3:30pm and arrives in Mexico City at 10am. We will attempt to show it is highly likely her and other first-hand witness testimony about these bus rides and the stay in Mexico is fabricated like pieces of a jigsaw to form a picture in the minds of those observing. A loosely bound together series of lies which becomes a story potentially needed in a few weeks to silence remorseful or inquisitive thoughts.

The baggage manifest for the Flecha Rojas bus trip from Nuevo Laredo thru Monterrey to Mexico City and the entrance stamp on his tourist visa (FM-8) is the physical evidence offered by the WCR to place Oswald on this bus or, in fact, anywhere else on Sept 26th/27th.

CE2482 - Flecha Rojas baggage manifest:

WCD 306 p.4 suggests that the man claiming to be Oswald had to have shown these girls the passport taken to Russia in 1959 since Oswald's June 1963 passport would not have these Russian stamps. The one with the 1959 photo of LEE Oswald does not match the man's photo from only one week later and as I will show, does not match the arrested image of Oswald. (Under the premise the story was provided to aid with the self-incrimination of Oswald; none of this actually happened. What the props were in this fictitious account is of no consequence)

WCD 306 p.5 offers the FBI's version of how Mumford and Winston realized that the Oswald in Dallas on Nov 22 was the Oswald they remembered from the trip to Mexico City. Interesting how this man from New Orleans tells them:

Miss MUMFORD. No, I can't really put it into his words; not at that stage. He then proceeded to tell us about himself.

Mr. BALL. What did he say?

Miss MUMFORD. I will have to refer to notes. Oh, yes; the first thing he told us was that he was from Fort Worth, in Texas

The man Ruby killed arrived in NJ from Russia on June 13, 1962. He went to 7313 Davenport in Ft. Worth to stay with his brother ROBERT. His "mother" quits a job and moves to Ft. Worth to be near her "son." Oswald leaves Ft. Worth about 4 months later for Dallas (604 Elsbeth) where he lives until May 1963 when he moves to NOLA (4907 Magazine).

Robert Oswald lived in and around Fort Worth most of his civilian life up to the Mexico Trip. We will be offering a tidbit of evidence in the final article via US INS thru Mexican INS at Miguel Aleman that Oswald's brother entered Mexico at Miguel Aleman the same day Lee enters at Nuevo Laredo.

The Oswald Ruby killed could generously be called tight-lipped, loner, unto oneself and detached when in non-intelligence related activities like cover-work and home life. Yet for this scenario we are fully expected to believe he is a self-incriminating chatter-box with suggestions of communist leanings as if something important hinged upon the performance... or it was one really good story provided witnesses and without corroboration.

The Evidence IS the Conspiracy. Why was this Dallas/NOLA boy talking about his home in Fort Worth...?

The only constant related to Ft. Worth TX is 2220 Thomas across the street from STRIPLING JR HIGH where Marguerite lived in 1947 and was living on Nov 22, 1963; and where Robert Oswald lived in and around during the months/years prior to the Mexico Trip. Harvey Oswald was living at 4963 Collinwood in Ft. Worth with his "mom" when he joined the Marines; depending on which records you believe.

For some reason, the Oswald referred to by Ms. Mumford has his voided 1959 passport rather than (or in addition to) the reissued new one from June 1963. The photo from the June 1963 passport: CE1969

The following is a simple 4 step transition of a photo of the arrested Oswald and the image attached to Oswald's 1959 passport. I've sized and lined up the left eyebrow on both men to be identical. The obviously have similarities yet there remains an incredible amount about those images that do not match at all including the size of the head, the location/slope of the shoulders, the location of the mouth and nose related to the eyes, and the position of the ears.

(Disclaimer: Images used are from the offered and available evidence from the JFK assassination. Nothing was done to change aspect ratio and everything was done to be as exact as possible)

When Mumford (and Winston) ID Oswald via that FBI report as "Texas" they were referring to images of Oswald after the assassination. Images of the man Ruby kills. I have to ask a rhetorical here; If you were shown the 4th image at the far right above and then saw Oswald's image on TV and newspapers would you make the same connection and say they were the same man; or just the same name was used?

How comfortable would you be with this identification when the investigative body writes their report without ever showing the witness a photo of the accused to confirm his identity? In my mind this helps build our case that this testimony of the self-incriminating Oswald is a puzzle piece and not the true account of what occurred.

(May 19, 1964)
Mr. BALL. Well, you were shown pictures of a man (Bowen/Osborne) later on by the Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, were you not?

Miss MUMFORD. Yes.

Mr. BALL. And they showed you pictures of Oswald, didn't they; Lee Harvey Oswald?


Mr. BALL. You didn't ever see a picture of Oswald?

(Miss MUMFORD. No.

Evidence now follows which shows that Mumford at the very least, and possibly the McFarlands as well, were provided with their recollection of Oswald on that bus to support the FBI's story. Only Mumford testified, while the McFarlands only offer a 1 page affidavit. We do not have any direct testimony from Ms. Winston; only the recap by our old friends the FBI. Bringing this full circle, the man the WCR claims sat next to Oswald, Mr. Osborne, claims it was NOT OSWALD who sat next to him on the trip into Mexico. The WCR chose not to believe him.

NOLA to HOUSTON before HOUSTON to LAREDO - A Simple Sleight of Hand

I need to correct something from part 2a. I mistakenly dated the first identification of buses from New Orleans to Mexico as Dec 16th from WCD 183 p22 when in reality it was from Dec 10th. What this means is the FBI asked Mr. Green of Continental which buses went from NOLA thru Houston to Mexico on the 10th and the reply was the 4:40pm and 8:15pm buses.

The WCR source-less criteria for our Oswald taking this bus is that it is the only one leaving after 8am on the 25th and arriving in Houston before midnight.

WCD 231 p12, embedded in the following image which I used in part 2a and dated Dec 16th, is from a Dec 24th report and advises that there is a bus from NOLA to Houston at 12:20pm that arrives at 10:50pm on the 25th.

As luck would have it, by catching this error I stumbled upon an amazing example of how the Evidence IS the Conspiracy. The following is CE2533 taken from WCD 231 p12 which stands alone. I used it above to show that according to the FBI's evidence Mr. Green tells us of a 12:20pm bus to Houston on the 16th of Dec only 6 days after telling us how the 4:40 and 8:15pm buses are the only buses to Houston which then go on to Mexico via Laredo and Monterrey. One could assume from this information that GREEN remembered something about the 12:20 bus that only goes to Houston and is not part of a complete trip to Mexico or Laredo yet could serve the purpose of getting Oswald to Houston at the right time.

CE2534 which follows CE2533 is the Secret Service report on travel from DALLAS to Houston and then how the bus gets from Houston to Laredo by 1:30pm on the 26th and will be used near the conclusion of this article to corroborate how the FBI pulled off some of its Mexico Evidence charade.

Next is CE 2464 - again stand-alone - referred to as "FBI report of investigation conducted on December 16, 1963, of schedule of Continental Trailways buses from New..." [Orleans to Houston TX]. The way CE2463 ends with a paragraph beginning with "On December 9, 1963..." CE2463 final page - Dec 9th one is given the impression CE2464 follows naturally both from the investigation and the dates.

So here we are. Two identical stand-alone WCE's showing the same exact thing; that there were two more buses leaving NOLA on the 25th of Sept headed to Houston yet not part of a complete purchasable trip to Mexico City or Laredo. Both show what looks to be the body of an FBI report without the reports details at the bottom: "On, of, File #, by and Date Dictated"

Those two WCR Exhibits above are copies of a re-typed version of the information from a DATED and correctly copied source FBI report from the Warren Commission's 1555 "Documents." A great many of the WC Exhibits originate with info from these "working papers" of the FBI's investigation. MFF WCD listing.

To establish that the FBI and WC knew from the Dec 24th report that Oswald would be put on the 12:20pm bus from New Orleans to Houston which would serve the purpose of Oswald's fictitious trip, it APPEARS they used the following report from SEPTEMBER 21, 1964 and simply added a more appropriate date for their needs.

This is the SA Callender report of Sept 1964 we find in Warren Commission Document #1553 (of 1555) which appears to be the source report for the discovery of the 12:20 bus. WCD 1553 p6:

Let's take this in. On Dec 10th Major GREEN, terminal manager for Continental bus lines tells us of the only two buses from New Orleans through Houston to Mexico leaving when it needs to in order to complete the timeline. The 4:40pm bus investigation determined that Oswald was not on that bus while the WCR as shown above, says he "probably" took the 12:20pm. Ten months later; which puts into question how much of this Dec 16th report (or any other report) was compiled prior to its date; Major GREEN includes 2 new buses. The report was already written. "Probably the 12:20pm to Houston" almost works with the Twiford story and gets our Oswald character to Houston and Laredo "correctly" so that HAS TO BE the bus he took.

What would be the purpose of re-interviewing GREEN in September 1964 if the information about the buses was already in FBI hands on December 16th? There is no contact report for GREEN on the 16th, only the copy of WCD 1553 p.6.

I believe this clearly proves that the FBI backdated this report, while at some point a predetermined conclusion regarding Oswald's travel was made (provided) and dumped into the festering vat of all the other lies from which the official explanation scoops. The absurdity that we are expected to believe Oswald piecemealed his way to Mexico City by specifically NOT purchasing the full round trip ticket in New Orleans but first the trip to Houston (for which no evidence is offered), then to Laredo (for which no direct evidence is offered), Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey and Mexico City (for which false evidence was created), Mexico City back thru Monterrey to Laredo (offered thru Mexican authorities and Marina Oswald), and finally Laredo to Dallas thru San Antonio is par for our expectations course. We are at the very simplest expected to believe that any normal processes of business or procedure, physics or reality were suspended for Mr. Oswald.

In each one of these WC Documents related to his travel to and from Mexico one would think the summary would start out something like, "Oswald purchased a X-part bus ticket #XXX in New Orleans on the XYZ bus line leaving at such a time and arriving when it did". For it seems that there are no problems knowing for certain the names of witnesses who say they were NOT on the buses with him. Passenger after passenger is identified and questioned and this lone bright white man just traveling to Mexico is not only elusive but travels like a ghost. What we find as we do in every area of the case is that the FBI must offer pounds of paper to NOT SAY upon what they base their pre-determined conclusions.

With the FBI inserting the line, "On December 16, 1963..." to information from 10 months later to support a conclusion not referenced or footnoted to anything in the WCR, I believe we can proceed safe in the knowledge that this Evidence IS the Conspiracy. It would take a project in itself to cross check Commission Exhibits with their source Warren Commission documents to see how many such deliberately fraudulent acts were committed. What we do see easily are the differences between complete FBI report records with authorship, dates and signatures and Commission Exhibits that only show the photo-copied body of the report.

It is this author's view that the PHYSICAL evidence cannot get Oswald from New Orleans to Mexico City on Sept 27, 1963 because he was visiting Sylvia Odio in Dallas during this time period. There is very little to offer for not believing the testimony of Sylvia and her sister Annie in their identification of Harvey Oswald as the "Leon Oswald" who visited her apartment. Even if wrong, the implication that this was yet another imposter is no less comforting.

This re-typing of an earlier date on a subsequent report is indicative of the Conspiracy in that it establishes either:

1. The impersonation was real and part of incriminating Oswald/CIA/FBI/??? while not necessarily connected to the assassination (yet very effective at forcing cooperation) OR

2. We have a CI/OP to create the proper trail of fictitious evidence implicating Oswald as an agent of a foreign government which may be more naturally connected to the assassination, if needed. (Peter Dale Scott's Phase 1 - ALL of this evidence is second hand or worse and exhibits the tell-tale signs of a Maurice Bishop/David Atlee Phillips Op for which he was famous. Phillips comes to Mexico City on Oct 7 - the first "Oswald in Mexico" memo goes out Oct 8)

Whether an Oswald was on any bus between New Orleans and Mexico City is a matter of faith in the FBI's evidence from the Mexican authorities with the CIA's oversight. If this evidence is as trustworthy as the CIA's regarding our Oswald calling the Russian and Cuban Consulates/Embassies and what we read in the WCR; the entirety of OSWALD in MEXICO may very well have been a hoax.

According to our witnesses, an "Oswald" possibly bought a ticket to Laredo in Houston and boarded bus #5133 in Houston leaving at 2:30am and was noticed around 6am as they approached Laredo.

The following affidavit was executed By John Bryan McFarland and Meryl McFarland on May 28, 1964.

Q. When and where did you first see the man later identified as Lee Harvey Oswald?

A. We changed buses at Houston. Texas, at 2:00 a.m. September 26th and it was probably about 6:00 a.m. after it became light that we first saw him.

Q. How many suitcases was Oswald carrying when he boarded the bus at Houston, Texas, or any or-her time?

A. We did not see him carrying any suitcases at any time (McFarland).

The WC chose only to offer a short affidavit from the McFarlands as corroborative evidence for Oswald being on the bus, through Laredo to Nuevo Laredo and onto Monterrey since the testimony of Albert Osborne (BOWEN; which will be discussed below) contradicts this evidence by claiming the man next to him was NOT OSWALD.

No matter how many different ways the FBI tried, there was simply no (real or imagined) evidence available which gets Oswald from New Orleans to Houston in order to buy the Houston to Laredo ticket on Continental Trailways, and no evidence of a ticket for the Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City portion of the trip. So instead of stating the obvious, that Oswald did not make this trip in this manner, the FBI is desperate to find evidence to connect New Orleans to this Houston departure. The 12:20pm special fit the bill while, as I believe we've proven, creating more breadcrumbs from which to follow the conspiracy trail.

Is it realistic to assume that the September 24, 1964 WCR's written conclusion on page 731 about the 12:20 bus from NOLA would not be discovered until September 21, 1964? WCR p731:


With our grain of sand irritating the evidence in such a way as to make ALL of the reporting suspect, we continue to explore how the Evidence IS the Conspiracy.

The WCR/FBI/STATE DEPT. information about Oswald's crossing into Mexico from the US comes exclusively from the same Mexican (Intelligence) authorities who worked side-by-side, first with the FBI's Special Investigation Service* and later with the CIA. There exists no US record of Oswald's crossing or returning. Eugene Pugh, as reported by the Herald Tribune 11/26/63, was the man in charge of the US Customs Office in Laredo at the time and claims to have said this regarding the checking of Oswald thru INS while entering AND EXITING Mexico, "This was not the usual procedure, but US Immigration (INS) had a folder on Oswald's trip." (We will return to Mr. Pugh and chain of command later)

*This seems an especially appropriate moment to review the Bureau's role in the earliest development of US intelligence capabilities. One of the most interesting, but least documented, chapters in the history of the FBI is the experience of its Special Intelligence Service (SIS) during World War II. Established in 1940, the FBI's SIS was the first foreign-intelligence bureaucracy in US history, created years before the Central Intelligence Agency and even before the Agency's forerunner, William "Wild Bill" Donovan's Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Excerpt from "New Insights into J. Edgar Hoover's Role - The FBI and Foreign Intelligence" by G. Gregg Webb (Map is from the FBI's SIS History Vol 1 showing a presence in both Monterrey and Mexico City prior to the creation of the CIA and even OSS)

(Continental Bus terminal - The US/Mexico border at Laredo/Nuevo Laredo)

Our familiar FM-8, the tourist visa, with the dated entrance stamp from Sept 26th and reference to Helio Tuexi Maydon who worked from 6am-2pm on the 26th remains the ONLY physical detail in the evidence that Oswald entered Mexico at this time. WCD 598 2nd p2:

WCD 1063 p15 identifies the two Mexican INS workers between 6am and 2pm who would process visitors to Mexico as MAYDON and RAMOS.

They were working when the bus carrying Oswald, M/M McFarland and John Bowen aka Albert Osborne dropped them off in Laredo, TX before these passengers cross into Mexico and secured Nuevo Laredo transportation. Maydon and Ramos should be the only two Mexican Immigration inspector's names seen stamped on FM-5/8's for all persons entering Mexico at Nuevo Laredo at that time. We find once again that this is simply not true. Yet before continuing to that, we have the expected excuses for why standard procedure, which could help identify Mr. Oswald as the passenger, was not performed (as opposed to Mr. LEE).

CE 2193 - March 16, 1964:

Those who were going on to points in Mexico made their way across the border and would presumably be processed in Mexico by one or the other of these men, RAMOS or MAYDON. At least according to SA Chapman's report.

Also dated March 16th is WCD 676. WCD 676 - Bowen is a breakdown of the FM-5 and FM-8 tourist visas which were stamped on Sept 26th and become the FM-11 master sheet. One can reasonably expect to see SOME of the names of the passengers on the baggage manifest for Flecha Rojas bus #516 to Monterrey/Mexico City. Bowen and the McFarland's are shown to have been processed yet additional Mexican Immigration Inspectors are listed. The McFarland's inspector is not mentioned as being on duty with Maydon and Ramos while Bowen was supposedly processed by Maydon.

(ELEVEN additional Inspector names not mentioned as working these same hours yet named as having processed tourists on the FM-11: Antonio Ramon Guajardo, Manuel Buentello Ortegon, Zeferino Frumencio Gonzalez Perez, Alberto Arzamendi Chapa, Pedro Castro Romero, Hector Raga Lopez, Felipe Gonzalez Echazarreta, Jesus Govea Herrera, Jorge Luis Solalinde L., Eduardo De Leon Siller & Raul Luevana Trujillo).

One has to wonder why all these other Inspectors were left off by SA Chapman when, if you go thru WCD 676 you will see these other men processed FM-5's and FM-8's on the 26th of Sept. The cooperation of one or two to support a story is obviously much easier than a dozen.

Looking thru the rest of WCD 676's listings we come to find that not a single name other than BOWEN, McFARLAND and OSWALD are both on the FM-11 and the Flecha Rojas baggage manifest. CE2463 is the re-typed Flecha Rojas manifest which states that 18 passengers boarded bus #516 in Nuevo Laredo. We must then assume from this information that the other 14 passengers did not come thru Mexican Immigration that morning or did not travel with a bag to check. That all 14 of these passengers were already on the Mexican side and boarded bus #516 going thru Monterrey to Mexico City while traveling with only a carry-on.

The above report explaining MAYDON's failure to record info - CE 2193 - March 16, 1964 - created on Nov 30, 1963 is dated March 9, 1964 and basically tells us that the Form Mexican Immigration FM-11, created from Oswald's FM-8 tourist visa acquired Sept 17th in New Orleans which should have had these three vital pieces of information but did not, could not have had that information. The FM-11 is created from the original and duplicate of the FM-8 and FM-5 tourist visas. Like so many other pieces of evidence, the WC does not offer any comparison images of FM-8's (15-day tourist visas) to see what standard practice looks like. The FM-8 should have the time of entry, mode of transportation, nationality, and the corresponding number for the FM-11 based on that day's alphabetical listing of entries. Oswald would have been #45 based on them placing him under "O" for Oswald even though all the documents related to this trip state his name as Mr. LEE, H.O. LEE or LEE, Harvey Oswald.

From all the Mexican Evidence offered we must accept that according to THEIR RECORDS the man's name was H.O. LEE as it is listed below. It appears that only after 11/22 does Mr. LEE get treated as if his name was Mr. OSWALD all along and what should be standard operating procedure does not occur in his case. CE2469 goes on to show that one "PAULA RUSIONI" while listed on the del Norte manifest does not appear on any other documentation and could simply not be located. Both the following Exhibits, CE2470 & CE2471 attempt to explain more about the created "Frontera bus line" evidence by regurgitating other reports.

Never explained is the switch from Mr. LEE to "OSWLD" on each and every created piece of evidence... somebody forgot to follow the script.

806-Moore, 807-LEE, 808-Ouellet.

Why would Mr. LEE be filed between MO and OU?

WCD 676 p20 - HARVEY OSWALD LEE #807:

Figuring out that Mr. LEE, placed in the "O" spot, should have had the number 45 on his tourist visa was simple matter of finding the starting number for FM-8's and counting. 807 minus 762 equals 45.

WCD 676 p11:

The number 45 should be written on the face of this original FM-8 when it was organized for the chronological and alphabetical FM-11 when in fact we should see the number 38 if Mr. LEE was filed correctly as #800, just before Mr. Mason. WCD 676 #799-#800:

The speed with which these records were found and removed (on the 23rd; Trust me, we'll get there) and the fact we learn that his travel was recorded in Mexican documents as H.O. LEE and not OSWALD is very difficult to reconcile. More amazing is the lack of a "mode of transportation" for Bowen/Osborne. He was claimed to be on the same bus sitting next to Oswald with the McFarlands also on the bus. They entered Mexico at the same time and have the same destination as Oswald and the McFarlands. Unless of course the theory is correct and these actions never took place.

The question that keeps coming to my mind is whether the evidence of Oswald being on this bus as told by the witnesses is a complete fabrication to corroborate fraudulent physical evidence (Flecha Rojas baggage list CE2482) or the truthful telling of information they actually experienced. Since there is little if any evidence for Oswald having been anywhere in Mexico other than what was offered by the Mexican government and CIA/FBI documents; the concept that Mumford and the McFarlands were provided with a plausible story of their encounter with Oswald is not far-fetched. And it appears that Albert Osborne, the man the WCR states sat next to Oswald on the trip from Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City, did not make that statement at all. Bowen claims there are no other English speaking people on the bus. We find that while the evidence names BOWEN, the WCR only names Osborne while not once mentioning Bowen. WCR p733:

CE2195 - Bowen, who happens to be on the same bus to Mexico City as Osborne (hmm) claims that even after seeing a photo of OSWALD, he does not ID him as the man next to him and proceeds to provide a detailed description of said man in direct contradiction to the aforementioned witnesses.

On the Nuevo Laredo through Monterrey to Mexico City leg of the trip we get yet more confirmation that this is the same man all along, as Bowen also claims this person traveled with only a small brown zippered bag which was parroted by hotel staff as well as Ms. Mumford and Winston. Yet Bowen/Osborne had told us that is was NOT OSWALD carrying this bag and making this trip. How can they both be correct and why would Bowen/Osborne do that if he was "helping?"

Well my friends, we have seen time and time again where witness statements supporting the "official story" and what actually occurred rarely matched. At this point we can be reliably sure that incriminating evidence (self-incriminating especially) against Oswald brings with it asterisks, footnotes, side-stepping and confusion. In our situation where the Evidence IS the Conspiracy, nothing can be accepted at face value.

We repeatedly bring up the single piece of luggage since Oswald is known to have left New Orleans with 2 suitcases while not a single witness; no matter how hard the FBI tried; connects our Mexico Oswald with more than this single zippered bag. It is not stated he did NOT have an additional bag, there is only the late arrival of the suitcase from the Paine garage as evidence and the intimations of these few key witnesses. Even the library books returned on October 3rd in New Orleans add to the mystery, since on October 3rd it is claimed that Oswald was in a Dallas YMCA after traveling the many, many hours it takes from Mexico City.


McFarland interview:

Q. Did you see Oswald speaking to any other persons?

A. Yes. We observed him conversing occasionally with two young Australian women who boarded the bus on the evening of September 26th at Monterrey, Mexico. He also conversed occasionally with an elderly man who sat in the seat next to him for a time.

(As we will show later in this article; McFarland's statement about "the evening" corroborates Mumford's 7:30 del Norte departure time from her testimony and conflicts with the departure time for the Flecha Rojas bus from Monterrey)

Yet, while it was obvious that these descriptions referred to the same man, the WCR attempts to separate Bowen from Osborne so as to claim that is was BOWEN and not Osborne on the bus. What we find in fact is the WCR claiming it was OSBORNE and not BOWEN on the bus to Mexico City with Oswald even though there is no record in evidence which refers to BOWEN as Mr. OSBORNE and as the man on that bus.

(A thorough look at Bowen/Osborne can be found here: "From Grimsby with Love The Travels of 'the Reverend' Albert Alexander Osborne" by Ronald L. Ecker June, 2005.) The photo on the left was his 1963 passport photo. On the right is from an unknown date.

Mr. BALL. Now, who were the English-speaking people that you mentioned? Will you describe them?

Miss MUMFORD. There was a young English couple who were traveling down to the Yucatan to study the Indians and their way of life. There was an elderly English gentleman in his mid or late-sixties, I should imagine. He told us during the journey that he had lived on and off in Mexico for 25 years. Then there was the young Texan, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Patricia and myself.

So what are we to make of this conflicting evidence? CE2195 devotes over 85 pages to the investigation of Bowen/Osborne the man identified by the WCR as the one sitting next to Oswald on his trip to from Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City. Yet we come to learn that the name BOWEN does not appear in the WC report and the evidence that places Osborne on the bus is the Flecha Rojas baggage manifest listing BOWEN with no reference to Osborne. It would appear yet again the FBI is trying to give the impression of two different people when there was only one, or at least make the distinction confusing without the rest of the investigation's documents.

It would seem that by default the WC report and evidence equates Bowen to Osborne as the same person even though they attempt to make it seem they are two different people for the McFarlands to identify. This same person seems to be identified by Mumford and the McFarlands as being on the same bus with them.

Mr. BALL. But they showed you pictures of a man, did they not?

Miss MUMFORD. Yes; they showed us two pictures the first time, one picture I was fairly certain was the same gentleman. The other picture. whom they said was the same man, I couldn't give that description--I couldn't say definitely that it was him or even the same man. The second time the FBI official showed me a photo was some weeks or months later, and I could make a definite what is the word I want?

Mr. BALL. Identification?

Miss MUMFORD. Identification of that picture.

Mr. BALL. What did you tell the agent?

Miss MUMFORD. Well, that third picture on the second time he had showed it to me, was, I was certain, the same man


One of the strange "coincidences" related to Osborne is the name on the receipt for 1000 FPCC flyers from June 4, 1963 CE1410 - Osborne FPCC. Oswald had just started working at Reily Coffee across the street in early May. The printing on the rough draft appears like printing we've seen associated with Oswald yet it was not Oswald who dropped off the order, paid, or picked it up. The crossing back and forth between block and script writing will have to be saved for another Evidence Is the Conspiracy article.

If this is the same Osborne, it may explain why BOWEN/OSBORNE tries to distance himself from OSWALD. One would think though, that if Osborne is in the know regarding FPCC in New Orleans, he would corroborate the McFarland's and Mumford, not contradict them.


WCD 78 p1 tells us that by Nov 23th the FBI had information that the Mexican Officials were able to find and relay information from the "official records" of the Mexican government which they had been alerted to no later than the early morning of Nov 23rd. A few pages later the FBI tells us that according to their Mexican confidential sources, Oswald was on the Transportes Frontera bus #340 leaving Mexico City at 1pm Oct 2nd. This information not only turns out to be wrong but specifically created by a Mexican Presidential Staff Official Arturo Bosch in front of the bus line personnel. (Part 3 will delve deeper into the evidence related to Mr. Bosch)

While we may compliment the FBI for not immediately claiming on Dec 5th the information in the following report was accurate, we are still left wondering at whose request the evidence collected was changed to reflect that Oswald was definitely on the Frontera bus based on "confidential Mexican sources."


How about a simple passenger list or record of ticket purchases which would include all passengers regardless of baggage? Well my friends, we will begin to see a pattern emerging related to all the Mexican sourced evidence. Not only were originals taken but so were the file duplicates at the home office. The FBI likes to use the term "borrowed." We will also see how these early erroneous reports of Oswald associated with the Frontera bus line were in fact created for that purpose after Mexican officials are somehow able to locate all these MASTER records within a day of the assassination.

On March 19th and 24th we learn that the original and duplicate copy of the Sept 26-27th PASSENGER MANIFEST/LIST (not the baggage list) had been borrowed by Mexican Investigators and not returned.

WCD 1084 p106:

Again in April we learn that yet another confidential source tries to get these passenger lists FROM THE MONTERREY Flecha Rojas terminal only to be informed they too were "picked up" "shortly after the assassination."

WCD979 p2:

As reports relating to Mexico poured into FBI HQ during March and April 1964 it appears as if any and all evidence related to this trip and these specific buses are taken from their original source locations within hours or "shortly after the assassination." One has to wonder how the Mexican authorities knew so quickly where to look, and which documents needed "review and analysis."

In the next part of this series we will show that, other than the October cables from Mexico City, which do not mention any form of transportation or dates of travel, there is no communication in evidence which relates these days of travel or any attempt to ascertain how & when this travel occurred. That is until the morning of Nov 23rd.

The "results of investigation" mentioned in Kemmy's report which they refer to below is that they are NEGATIVE concerning any corroboration for Oswald entering or leaving Mexico which is recapped in the summary of WCD 188 on page 1.

Pages 10-12 of FBI Agent Kemmy's report (WCD 188 p10) is the typed version of CE2482 - the Flecha Rojas BAGGAGE list with Bowen, OSWALT, and McFarland.

This is the synopsis from page 1 of WCD-188 (WCD 188 Summary) which, like all the Mexican documents states the result of investigation to corroborate Oswald on ANY mode of transportation into and out of Mexico as NEGATIVE.

In both CE2532 and CE2121 p32 (the NY Times account of the trip) we find the FBI concluding that this Oswald traveling as H.O. LEE, took a 2:30pm 9/26 Flecha Rojas bus from Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City.

The 2 to 2:30 departure time for this Flecha Rojas bus from Nuevo Laredo conflicts with the next bus' departure time from Monterrey as we will show shortly.

One also has to wonder about the reference in WCD 762's title page (WCD 762 p2) which claims that the BAGGAGE list is now the PASSENGER MANIFEST CE2482 - Flecha Rojas Baggage List given that we learn that this PASSENGER list was never found along with the reasons why.

WCD 1084, from June 10, 1964, is a 200 page report that reinforces among many things that these records were not available, nor were the duplicates at HQ. WCD 1084 continues with ALEJANDRO SAUCEDO describing what he experienced not long after the assassination when these unknown authorities take their desired records.

WCD 1084 p106-108 In Summary:

-Alejandro SAUCEDO, manager Flecha Rojas bus terminal Mexico City, tells us that "soon after the assassination" the Flecha Rojas evidence was taken by "unidentified investigators" of the Mexican Government. He felt the name LEE HARVEY OSWALD did not appear thereon.

-SAUCEDO claims these men were only interested in the info related to bus #516 on Sept 26th.

-These men tell SAUCEDO that THEY WERE JUST AT FRONTERA where they located the PASSENGER list for Oswald's departure from Mexico City.*

-Mr. SAUCEDO, as told by the same informant: T-12, added on April 2nd that the two men who took the evidence were Policia Federal Judicial (PJF) and that they already had Flecha Rojas duplicate from Nuevo Laredo.

-On March 24th, a week or so earlier, the DFS Assistant Director BARRIOS informs us that the DFS did NOT conduct an investigation with regards to Oswald's travel. *We come to find only a few pages prior in this same report that the FRONTERA evidence was "corrected" by Arturo Bosch of the Mexican Presidential Staff. WCD 1084 p103:

-Rather than BARRIOS looking in the direction of the PJF for these records, he asks the Mexican INS to find the docs. As of May 1, 1964 the Mexican INS was making every effort to find them. Other than the Baggage Manifest which incorrectly gives Bowen 2 seats, no Flecha Rojas documentation has ever been offered.

WCD 1084 p106, 107 and 108:

Please note that "shortly after the assassination" as mentioned in most of the statements related to these travel documents, the "Policia Federal Judicial" appear at the Flecha Rojas terminal specifically looking for bus 516 of Sept 26th. How again would they have known?

In addition, p.108 states that on April 9, 1964 these passenger lists were made available on instructions from SAUCEDO. In the next sentence we are told that the passenger list for bus 516 on Sept 26 was NOT located when it was later looked for in its appropriate location. We wonder how it was so easy to find all these other bus passengers to ask questions about Oswald yet impossible to find Oswald's records.

Also in the next chapter, we will be looking into the actual ticket stubs offered as evidence for Oswald's Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo portion of the trip. Stubs found by Marina in a batch of personal belongings which were at the Paine's on Nov 22nd. These were found in August, 1964. Evidence will be presented to show that these items are complete forgeries and created solely to incriminate Marina's dead husband.


So what US records would there have been to show Lee Harvey/Henry Oswald left the US via the Laredo-Nuevo Laredo bridge shown on page 1 of this paper? What physical evidence can be offered from strictly US sources to confirm Oswald traveled from Houston to Laredo, crossed the bridge leaving the US and had or purchased a ticket for the Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City portion of the trip?

As we recall from part 2a a Mr. Hammett from Continental Trailways claims to recall someone looking like Oswald coming to his counter around midnight asking about the Houston-Laredo trip. He returns at about 1:30am to complete purchase of this ticket even though he could purchase a ticket to take him all the way to Mexico City. (when Mr. Green first offers bus schedules out of NOLA he mentions the only two buses which originate in NOLA and go all the way thru to Laredo...)

It was reported in Agent Dalrymple's report of Feb 20, 1964 that a bus ticket from Houston to Laredo was purchased between Sept 24 and Sept 26 as a result of an interview with Mr. Hammett showing him the auditor's stub for ticket #112230 and photos of OSWALD and of a small zippered bag; there was no mention of another suitcase. (WCD640 p5):

The information regarding ticket # 112230 is discovered on January 9, 1964 and is referred to in WCD640 as "Previous investigation at the Continental Bus Terminal in Houston" (same link as above).

WCD332 p4:

We also come to learn that like the New Orleans purchase, the Houston purchase could have been for the entire trip if desired, not just for a small portion of the trip. This evidence suggests that our Oswald had to purchase yet another ticket in Nuevo Laredo for the Flecha Rojas or Transporte del Norte bus to Mexico City thru Monterrey. The WCR as quoted above states that Oswald was on the Flecha Rojas bus at 2:30pm from Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey then on to Mexico City based solely on the baggage manifest and the statements of Ms. Mumford and the McFarlands. The WCR also states he crossed into Mexico between 1:30 and 2pm. Below is a current "travel agency" in Mexico where anyone crossing the bridge can purchase a bus ticket to destinations in Mexico; you can even see it says "DEL NORTE" under the window.

In essence, the way the WCR tells the story of the trip, Oswald, instead of purchasing a 3 or 4-part ticket from New Orleans to Mexico City, supposedly buys a NOLA to Houston ticket on bus #5121 leaving at 12:20pm because it is the only bus which arrives in Houston with enough time for the second. In Houston he supposedly buys a ticket to Laredo, again when he could have bought a ticket for the entire trip to Mexico City, yet based on the testimony of the Twifords he would have arrived in Houston well after Mrs. Twiford says he called. The evidence for the Houston to Laredo trip consists of the ticket stub from the only Houston to Laredo ticket purchased between Sept 24 and Sept 26, and the word of the McFarlands. McFarland affidavit:

Q. When and where did you first see the man later identified as Lee Harvey Oswald?

A. We changed buses at Houston, Texas, at. 2:00 a.m. September 26th and it was probably about 6:00 a.m. after it became light that we first saw him.

Something a bit strange about the affidavit is in response to the 2 questions about checking his luggage; they are identical. (One of the distinct possibilities is that this Oswald was not on the bus to Mexico City and that the information provided by Mumford and the McFarlands; which contradicts Bowen/Osborne as to whether Oswald was even on that bus; was provided to them or written for them in advance, so it could add to Oswald's pile of conveniently incriminating evidence). Can we consider this a typo when H.O. LEE's "luggage" was such a problem for the FBI?

Q. Did Oswald check any luggage with the bus company so it would have been carried underneath the bus in the baggage compartment?

A. We never actually saw him check any luggage in with the bus company. But in the bus station at Mexico City the last we saw of him was waiting at the luggage check-out place obviously to collect some luggage.

Q. What kind of luggage was he carrying?

A. We did not notice but presume he must have been carrying some hand luggage.

Q. Did he check any suitcases or other packages at a place en route to Mexico City or otherwise dispose of them?

A. We never actually saw him check any luggage in with the bus company, but in the bus station at Mexico City the last we saw of him was waiting at the luggage check-out place obviously to collect some luggage.


This statement rings about as true as Michael Paine's declaration about the rifle being in his garage. It HAD to be there since it was so obvious. What is visually obvious and what is reality does not often mesh especially when incriminating evidence is needed.

Finally, in Nuevo Laredo, he MUST buy a ticket on the Flecha Rojas bus to Mexico City; unless he had purchased one in Laredo for which, of course, there is no evidence. (Flecha Rojas is the sister company to Continental in Mexico while del Norte and Greyhound share the same type of relationship) Once again witnesses MUST be wrong about what they remember. Bowen/Osborne states that Oswald was NOT the person sitting next to him and Ms. Mumford tells us that she and Ms. Winston took the Transporte del NORTE bus to Monterrey and then Mexico City. Mumford Testimony:

Miss MUMFORD. Well, we traveled by bus on a scheme which allowed us to travel on Trailways buses for a period of 3 months for a certain amount. We just got on and off at various places we wanted to see: For instance, Washington, D.C.; Miami, where we stayed a week; then we went across to New Orleans, down through Texas to Laredo, and from Laredo we crossed the border also by bus and went to Monterrey.

We spent one day in Monterrey and left by bus at 7:30 p.m. at Monterrey, and it was on that bus that we met Lee Harvey Oswald. (NOTE: Let's remember what McFarland said... the Australian girls boarded the bus in the evening of Sept 26)

Miss MUMFORD. Well, the ticket we had on this deal enabled us only to travel in the States, not in Mexico. So, we bought the ticket on the bus at Laredo and that enabled us to stop off in Monterrey. But the ticket was from Laredo to Mexico City.

Mr. BALL. And from what company did you buy the ticket?

Miss MUMFORD. As far as I can remember, it was a bus company called Transporter del Norte.

Mr. BALL. Now, you got on the bus at Monterrey on the evening of September 26 at 7:30 p.m., you just told me?

Miss MUMFORD. Yes.

Mr. BALL. And what was the company that operated that bus, do you know?

Miss MUMFORD. That was also Transporter del Norte.

Miss MUMFORD. Oswald was the first one we spoke to. He left his seat and came down to the back of the bus to speak to us.

Mr. BALL. That was after the bus had left Monterrey?

Miss MUMFORD. Yes... Then we arrived in the Mexico City bus station and he didn't speak to us, attempt to speak to us at all. He was one of the first off the bus and the last I remember seeing him he was standing across the end of the room.

WCD1245 p274 is the beginning of the typed version passenger list #11889 for Flecha Rojas bus #516 for passengers who ONLY got on in Monterrey (i.e. Mumford and Winston). Their names, as expected, do not appear on this list.

Except as we just read, Mumford claims it was a del Norte bus leaving Monterrey at 7:30pm on which they met "Texas" aka Lee Oswald. If bus #516 leaves Nuevo Laredo at 2pm and it is 135 miles to Monterrey on a bus that travels no more than 40-50 mph it appears impossible for bus #516 to arrive in Monterrey, load and unload passengers, and leave by 3:30pm only 1.5 hours later.

The evidence shows that 1) Mumford claims she was on a 7:30pm del Norte bus out of Monterrey, that 2) the 516 Flecha Rojas bus thru Monterrey leaves at 3:30pm AND 3) the originals and duplicates of these manifests were taken "shortly after the assassination." This adds further corroboration that the person claiming to be OSWALD was also not on the Flecha Rojas bus leaving Nuevo Laredo at 2-2:30pm or the Flecha Rojas bus leaving Monterrey at 3:30 on September 26th. The FBI once again has no physical evidence of how this Oswald gets from Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City and the physical evidence they do offer IS the conspiracy.

CE 2534-p731 XXV was an attempt by the Secret Service (Inspector Kelley asking SAIC Sorrels on AUGUST 27, 1964) to see what the schedules of Continental buses from DALLAS to Laredo and for HOUSTON to Laredo.

Note: AUGUST 1964?? We saw above how the FBI dated a Sept 1964 report to Dec 16, 1963. With as much evidence as I've posted that is dated between Nov 22nd and April 30th which spells out which buses, when and where; I find it disconcerting to see this ongoing "Oswald's travel to and from Mexico" investigation still producing evidence as the Report is being printed. The trouble, and what the FBI and WCR compilers banked upon, is that the only way to become aware of this conflicting evidence is to have it all spread out before you. By spreading the evidence across thousands of documents, most of which was never included in the report of the Hearings/Exhibits section published later, it would take years and years before these conflicts could be presented easily as in a paper like this.

Oswald's name was witnessed being added to the Flecha Rojas baggage manifest after the fact and that Oswald may or may not have even been in Mexico at all is a realistic possibility. The other realistic possibility is that as records showed, this person entered and left Mexico in an "auto." Since Oswald was known not to drive or have a license, and that the trip to Mexico had the very specific result of implicating (or trying to implicate ala Alvarado and to some extent the hijacked testimony of Pedro Gutierrez Valencia) Oswald in the assassination, he was either helped into and out of Mexico suggesting a conspiracy; he drove himself and therefore the FBI knew very little about this man, he traveled in and out of Mexico by some other manner which left no trace OR the evidence was created by instruction to certain criteria, certain dates, certain activities.

As we've shown, the original and duplicate of the Flecha Rojas passenger list for bus 516 from Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City were taken from both the Mexico City and Nuevo Laredo Flecha Rojas records "shortly after the assassination" by Mexican Authorities. Again I must ask myself, "David, if the information related to these BUS trips was not known by the FBI until Dec 6th at the very earliest, (a Dec 5, 1963 teletype from San Antonio to Hoover stated that, "Investigation to date has failed to establish subject returned to US on October 3 last or entered Mexico on September 26 last"), how did these Mexican Authorities know to "borrow" the Flecha Rojas baggage manifest for bus #516 leaving Nuevo Laredo at 2pm on the 26th as early as the morning of November 23rd?

Well, the truth of the matter is found in WCD 462 p3-4 dated January 29, 1964. Mr. Kline, Assistant Agent in Charge US Customs, Laredo TX receives a call from LESTER JOHNSON, Assistant Commissioner of Customs in Washington DC on the morning of November 23rd and is directed to inquire about the alleged trip by OSWALD on Sept 26th and his return on October 3rd.

We will investigate the activities and evidence related to the directions given the US INS in Laredo, TX from November 22-23 along with a more detailed analysis of the conflicting evidence regarding Oswald's leaving Mexico and arriving in Dallas. We will show that the ticket in evidence from Mexico City to Laredo, for which there is exchange evidence onto a Greyhound bus thru San Antonio to Dallas, is a forgery and no such ticket was ever used or issued by Oswald or anyone else.

Since so much has been written about the transcripts and lack of Oswald photos from Sept 27th thru the 1st of Oct, I will not be going into the subject in deep detail. I will instead attempt to show that this travel evidence is all a fabrication like the phone calls of Saturday the 28th, that there was no Oswald on these buses at all but someone unrelated given credit for being him, and this traveling ghost was not the same person who the evidence says called and visited embassies during those 3 days.

The Evidence IS the Conspiracy, Table of Contents

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