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Mexico City, Part 4 – Leaving Mexico, Part 1

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David Joseph reviews in detail the evidence for Oswald's alleged trip to Mexico City – Part 4.

Mystery Man with Oct 4 1964 notation - see p5


In virtually every research piece related to Mexico City from Sept 25 - Oct 4, 1963 there exists an acceptance that the Oswald killed by Jack Ruby actually took the trip, while the calls from the Cuban Embassy themselves, especially Saturday the 28th's activity, are understood as neither Oswald or Silvia Duran.

One must accept that the famous and published "Mystery Man" photo in question was taken on October 4th. The FBI claims the reason for its existence was related to Ruby, and proving Marguerite Oswald was not shown a photo of Ruby in Mexico. If Oswald's movements were actually closely watched as Win Scott claims; no one in their right mind associates our Oswald with the man in the photo. This only comes from the self-incriminating "This is LEE OSWALD" phone statement and the translator's claim the voices are the same as the "others" from previous calls, on which the caller did not state his name.

If the desire of a PLAN was to leave evidence of this trip to implicate Oswald at some later date, the job was poorly done; as there does not appear to be any significant evidence to corroborate the stamped dates on the famous tourist visa; the FM-8, with any travel evidence along the way. In fact, the evidence, as I will show, makes it appear that either a tourist visa was created after the fact, or the means of travel had nothing to do with buses. If an Oswald crossed into and out of Mexico on the dates reflected on that stamped visa, it was not a result of the bus trips offered, or the witnesses who place him on these buses. In fact, the original information on these dates of travel come from a completely different source.

If Lee or some other impersonator was to establish that Oswald traveled from New Orleans to Mexico City, a 4-part bus ticket for the full round trip would fit the bill. What we find instead are elements of the CIA, FBI and DFS working together to piece together the elements of the trip based on the TIMINGS of the transportation and the events attributed to this Oswald rather than the physical evidence.

The concerns over this Mexico Trip immortalized in the October CIA cables were front and center in the minds of many on the evening of Nov 22. That the name "OSWALD" was transcribed in a CIA/DFS operation of extreme sensitivity, and connected with information on one Lee HENRY Oswald by CIA HQ , one who had little if anything to do with the photos which would ultimately be associated with the name. Some claim this was part of a mole hunt on the part of the CI-SIG section of Angleton's CIA.

What is ultimately the purpose of the calls and the evidence related to them may never been known.

One certainty remains though; Ms. Sylvia ODIO and her sister were truthful about our Oswald at their home on Sept 27th when the EVIDENCE tries to suggest he is in transit to Mexico in the days immediately after Ruth Paine takes his family away. In this truth we find once again that the FBI is more than willing to create evidence of their own as well as believe the evidence the CIA created to fit the desired conclusion. Surely a CI/SIG mole hunt at the Mexican CIA station would have little if anything to do with the lack of evidence related to the trip itself. With relative ease the authorities found the records of anyone and everyone who may have traveled WITH this Oswald; just not the evidence for his travel.

If an innocent loner was traveling to Mexico innocuously to get he and his wife back to the USSR, to Odessa for the birth of their 2nd child in mid-Oct; there would be little if anything to hide in the way of travel arrangements. The record shows the numerous attempts Marina and Harvey took to secure a Russian visa thru normal channels. Instead we find that CIA assets inside and outside the Mexican government conspired to create a story of travel which fits the need yet could not overcome the lack of its reality.

In our final article we will show who these assets are, what they were doing in these early hours and days after 11/22 and how the most contradictory of evidence can be accepted without a question in the face of what our non-Oswald entity is doing in Mexico City.

CE3097: Vaccination card supposedly found at Beckley

Oswald's stamp kit practice pad shows the signs of what would appear on the FPCC handbills and the date June 8, 1963 which I could never understand until the Mexico connection to the requirement that those returning to the US must either get vaccinated or show a valid certificate of vaccination was found. It is quite obvious that the stamped letters on these forms match the stamp kit. Problem being this kit was never found or listed on the DPD inventories prior to Nov 26th nor do we see the DPD initials on either side of this card which ALL items sent to DC had; not all of them had these initials when the evidence was returned. This kit only comes into existence when all the items are returned to Dallas by the FBI on Nov 26th; in other words, it was never found in Oswald's possessions, it was added to his inventory after the fact.

To Recap Part 2b:

- The TRAVEL portion of the Mexico Trip was "correctly established by the WC" so much so that the HSCA (or any other subsequent investigation) did not bother to even attempt to analyze this information and accepted it at face value (in fact few if any researchers have deeply analyzed this travel which the WCR claims put Oswald at the Cuban Embassy making calls starting Sept 27th at 10:37am... his bus supposedly arrived at 10am)

- The photos of the "Mystery Man" were all taken AFTER the evidence establishes this man left Mexico City - before 8am Oct 2nd and that a call to the Embassy attributed to Oswald was made on Oct 3rd when Oswald was in Dallas at a Texas Employment Commission meeting.

- The document which informs us that the only NEW ORLEANS to Houston bus Oswald could have been on to corroborate the McFarlands' statement about his being on the Houston to Laredo bus was backdated from September 21, 1964 to December 10, 1963.

- The statement of the McFarlands is the ONLY evidence which specifically places Oswald on the bus from Houston to Laredo. The McFarlands were not called to testify.

- The passport with all the Russian stamps as mentioned by an Australian woman, Ms. Mumford, either had to be the 1959 passport, not the newest passport from June 1963 which had no stamps at all CE 1969; a completely different passport entirely; or the information was provided her about the passport which places Oswald in Russia. The normally tight-lipped Oswald behaved as contrary to his persona as possible as told by the McFarlands and Ms. Mumford.

- David Atlee Phillips arrives in Mexico as Chief of CUBAN OPERATIONS on October 7th According to Tad Szulc, his biographer, E. Howard Hunt was Temporary Chief of the Mexico Station during the summer of 1963.

- Many, many more Mexican INS inspectors were working at Nuevo Laredo on Sept 26th than are acknowledged by the FBI evidence while the McFarlands are checked into Mexico by neither Maydon nor Ramos while supposedly being on the same bus as Oswald. The mode of transportation for BOWEN and OSWALD was not stated in the FM-11.

- Bowen/Osborne does not corroborate the evidence by stating that is was not OSWALD sitting next to him on the bus from Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City. (Note: we will find the same thing occurring on the Mexico City to Laredo trip; those on the acceptable bus who were asked did not recall anyone matching Oswald's description)

- While the pre-assassination evidence shows the person traveling was known as H.O. LEE, the post-assassination evidence shows that the name was treated as if it was L.H. OSWALD for alphabetization and investigative purposes.

- ARTURO BOSCH changed the Transporte Frontera passenger manifest from a 1pm NOVEMBER 1 departure to a 2pm OCTOBER 2 departure and added the name "OSWLD" and "Laredo" to the manifest (among other things). We come to learn that Mexican Presidential Officials were at the Frontera bus line office (Mexico City to Nuevo Laredo) before they came to the Flecha Rojas offices (Nuevo Laredo to Mexico City) to take that evidence "soon after the assassination."

- A conflict exists between the bus schedule times of the Flecha Rojas bus which states it leaves Monterrey at 3:30pm and the Continental bus schedule which shows its sister bus leaves Monterrey at 7:30. Mumford claims to have taken the 7:30 "Del Norte" bus (corroborated by McFarland's statement about them getting on the bus in the evening of Sept 26th) which arrived in Mexico at 10am Sept 27th. Anyone traveling on the 3:30pm bus would have arrived at 6am in Mexico City.

- There is no evidence offered about a 7:30 Del Norte bus from Monterrey to Mexico City other than as a result of an inquiry by SS Inspector Kelly asking SAIC Sorrels about travel from Dallas or Houston to Laredo. The bus schedule shows a bus leaving Monterrey at 7:30pm and arriving in Mexico at 9:45am Sept 27th. Sadly, the only piece of evidence for this portion of the trip is one of the documents taken "soon after the assassination" - the baggage manifest listing Lee H Oswal(j/t) leaving Nuevo Laredo at 2pm Sept 26th with one piece of checked luggage.


In virtually the same manner as the "Oswald at the window with a rifle" evidence was created and submitted as evidence circumstantially incriminating Oswald, the evidence for this trip to and from Mexico follows the same M.O. We can definitely understand the need not to tip the Cubans or Russians regarding one of the, if not THE world's largest communication interception operation by either publishing the Mystery Man's photo or by publishing anything in the report which would divulge sources and means. This carefulness cannot be said for the travel portion of this trip, the location of his stay or in the activities he would have engaged while there. These details of the Mexico story take a backseat to the serious events related to his supposed time there and the events recorded which would incriminate our man Oswald. Their relative unimportance in the scheme of things makes them that much more easy to hide them in plain sight within the evidence.

While speculation is grand, there remains not a stitch of corroborated evidence that our, or any Oswald, existed outside of the hotel or the Cuban/Russia embassy/consulate. There is also no corroborated evidence it was actually Oswald at the hotel or government buildings at all.

The orchestrated removal of Richard Sprague from leading the House Select Committee's investigation into the assassination of JFK had more to do with the CIA's evidence from Mexico than anything else. From Gaeton Fonzi's, The Last Investigation, we learn from Sprague that the CIA's Secrecy Agreement was born out of Sprague's desire to see ALL the Mexico City evidence; the "In Mexico" incriminating evidence of which we come to find there are thousands upon thousands of pages all with the same conclusion: we really don't have the evidence to corroborate that any one person took any part of this trip, so they created some.

Before we proceed, let's take a moment and take a mindset break. In 1963 the average citizen did not exhibit the same levels of paranoia towards their government as we see today. And for good reason, "Conspiracies" were something the Commies ran when trying to steal our secrets and upset our way of life. Who believes anything we're told anymore? Today we KNOW conspiracies are part of how government is, was and always will be run. In 1963, the US government was still the good guys to the everyday person. The WCR and a handful of wolves within the democracy would change all that forever.

The stay in Mexico itself is defined by CIA/DFS documentation and FBI reports. In the Mary Ferrell Warren Commission Documents (CIA/FBI/SS/State) database alone there are over 1200 references to "MEXICO," with thousands of other references in a variety of other locations related to the CIA's Mexico records. What we have not finally concluded is whether a real person actually traveled in and out of Mexico at the start and end of these activities; whether there is a direct connection between the man claimed to be traveling to and from Mexico and the activities at the Cuban and Russian consulates/embassies; or whether select parts or the entirety of the Mexico visit evidence was created in reports and provided in testimony to tell a story.

To begin, we will look at how the evidence of the trip ended with Oswald in Dallas. Then we can address a call on the morning of Nov 23rd which must convey the start and end dates of this trip as well as which border crossing was used when, according to records reviewed to date, there was no communication between the CIA and anyone else related to this trip from Oct 24th thru Nov 22nd; especially nothing having to do with the travel aspect such as mode of transport, location of border crossing, hotel, etc...

Treasury's INS officers in Laredo (or Washington DC for that matter) were made aware of these dates and that specific border crossing (especially given that the photos are from Oct 4th yet the info offered pointed to his leaving on the 2nd) from an "unnamed governmental agency." We will attempt to prove that the limited knowledge of those following the request of this "unnamed governmental agency," who asked Lester Johnson of the INS to call Mr. PUGH, Mr. KLINE and Mr. MAY in Laredo, had to have come to them from a very small circle of possibilities.

Keep in the back of your mind the real possibility that the CIA and FBI knew our Oswald was in Dallas, as most of the affiliated Cubans were connected to the CIA, and more specifically David Phillips. They may have even sent him there as part of his infiltration into Communist organizations in order to keep him out of the way.

Yet, on the return, before our man Oswald reaches Laredo, Texas, he must first travel from Mexico City thru Monterrey and arrive in Nuevo Laredo, across the border, exchange his Del Norte ticket #13688, and proceed on.

Strangely, the evidence first received from confidential Mexican sources describes an entirely different trip than what was finally settled upon by the WCR and FBI.


Before we actually get into the buses and other travel evidence, we should address the evidence regarding the date of the Mystery Man photo published in the WCR, since one has such a huge bearing on the other. In this Russ Holmes exhibit we see the Same Mystery Man photo yet now with the date October 1 on the back instead of October 2. So far this is the only document I have found which connects these photos with a date other than October 2nd, 4th or 15th.

This CIA chronology of photos is taken from Russ Holmes' work files shows that no photos were taken on October 1, 1963; that instead they were taken on the 2nd, 4th and 15th of October by LIMITED, LILYRIC and LIONION...

Every single image we are shown of the mystery man was taken after the travel plans attributed to him take him from Mexico City. There are numerous photos of the WHITE SHIRTED mystery man at the above referenced and offered link; all dated October 2 at 12:22pm. One can understand now how a bus had to be found which left AFTER these photos were taken; the FRONTERA manifest was changed to reflect just such a departure time: 2pm Oct 2nd. Later in this paper we will learn why the FRONTERA bus was used at first.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. For now we'll stay with the Official Oct 2nd 8:30am Del Norte departure which makes the Mystery Man timings all the more confusing and complex. Bill Simpich's State Secret, and many other articles, delve deeply into the potential reasons for the Mystery Man interest and what might have been going on at the Mexico Station. For this series though we will stay with the evidence that tries to corroborate Oswald's trip out of Mexico City NOT by auto, but by Del Norte to Greyhound buses.


While we can talk about our traveling Oswald asking PEDRO RODRIGUEZ LEDESMA to call for a taxi between 6:30 and 7am for his leaving early in the morning of the 2nd (while evidence suggests he left the 1st and did not stay at the hotel that night), the taxi evidence winds up recapped in FBI reports which only have the most dubious of corroboration. This man signaled with his hands and said "taxi" which PEDRO interpreted as his not being able to speak Spanish. We are to believe that Pedro does not know the name of the taxi driver nor his passenger's destination and simply left this gringo in a cab without any word of help. We are to remember from his arrival that the bus terminals are within a short walk of the hotel and that no one sees this man with more than a small brown zippered bag. The report of this activity is contained within CE2121 p56 and CE2532 p13-14:

We will learn a bit later that the Hotel Registry was also taken "soon after the assassination" by the same person... But I get ahead of myself. The FBI said they had to search through 1600 hotels to find where he stayed while a main Mexican contact provides the hotel registry "soon after the assassination."

The evidence offered begins with this Sept 30th receipt #14618 for Mr. H O LEE to travel on the Del Norte line from Mexico City on October 2nd leaving at 8:30am. CE 2530:

(Note: As we know, our Oswald was pretty good at causing disturbances both real and contrived. If the CIA needed a memory to stand out in witnesses' minds (think Azcue and the argument) Oswald was their man yet these impressions where not left with anyone with whom he came in contact as they could have been.)

From the ARRB's release "Trip to Mexico" p4:

What I find strange about this "receipt" is that the logo at the top covers the name of the business and does not look like part of the original. Also, the normal two-hole punch in these exhibits seems to only have one hole punched with the other covered by this black area. Finally, the translation says the name of the travel agent was "Agencia de Viajes Transportes Chihuahuenses"

But that is not what it says:

The result of this purchase is shown in CE 2536 which in turn becomes the basis for the Greyhound exchange transaction which occurs in Laredo, TX. Once again we will find discrepancies between the dates of the purchase, the dates of travel, and the date of the exchange. What I will proceed to show now is that ticket #13688 was never issued or used, yet represents the only argument against the FM-11 stating Oswald left Mexico in an auto. CE 2123 p674 is the WCR copy of the FM-11 page in question. Please notice that Mr. LEE is alphabetized as Mr. Oswald even though all of the travel plans for the exit from Mexico are made out to H.O. LEE.

When the ticket stub for the Mexico City to Laredo portion of the trip, FBI D-237, is found in a suitcase in the possession of Marina Oswald (which had been at the Paines at the time of the assassination) the creation of this travel evidence comes full circle and is laid once again at the feet of Marina and Ruth.

WCD1518 p33 (below) is an FBI report which states that Marina informed Wesley Liebeler that she had found a bus ticket stub for the Mexico City to Laredo portion of the trip only 9 months after the fact.

Also found in this one suitcase:

- Paperback pamphlet (English and Spanish tourist guide) from the week of September 28 to Oct 4, 1963 supposedly with Oswald's writing inside

- The book, "Learning Russian"

- A guide map to Mexico City printed in Mexico DF; Marina confirms this was Oswald's (how exactly is unknown and one would think that Ruth's place and Oswald's belongings had been picked over pretty well by then)

- A paperback pamphlet "FIESTA BRAVA" also published in Mexico

- A Russian library pass good at libraries in Russia.

The image below these descriptions is a composite of FBI D-202, the 2 stubs provided by the Mexican Authorities:

And D-237:

These, the envelope they came in, the seat #12 Chihuahuenses ticket #13688 passenger manifest with an "X" thru it and the receipt for their purchase are the sum total of the evidence which gets our Oswald from Mexico City to Laredo Texas aboard Del Norte bus #332 leaving at 8:30am, getting to Monterrey at 9:30pm and arriving at Laredo around 2am. This timing will come into play later when Mr. Voorhees, a passenger supposedly on this bus, makes his statement about when he arrives in and leaves Monterrey.

It was determined that D-202 was attached to D-237 at some point using the magic FBI evidence confirmation pixie dust. (Or the fact that they themselves separated them?)

So, Okay. There IS a bus that is scheduled to leave and arrive when it needs to if ANY of this evidence is authentic. But we did not start with Del Norte.


We are to remember that the evidence which FIRST was associated with this trip from Mexico City to Laredo comes from the Arturo Bosch altered FRONTERA passenger manifest. Eventually, when it was decided that our man Oswald was NOT on the FRONTERA 340 bus at 2pm, it was dropped like a hot potato.

Yet thru March/April 1964 it was believed that this evidence was accurate. WCD 684 p2-CE2122 even though the rest of CE2122 is dedicated to explaining away the conflicting evidence for what is seen on this manifest. There is no mention of ARTURO BOSCH or his handiwork in this Exhibit. CE2122 p5:

CE 2470 (below) lets us know that ALVARADO was interviewed extensively on Dec 7th; again no mention of BOSCH in this report (which appear to be confined to info from WCD 1084). In this earlier Feb 15th report we are informed that officials simply could not find a ticket to cover Oswald's travel on FRONTERA bus #340 leaving Mexico at 2pm.

CE2471 dated February 20, 1964 reinforces that FRANCIS ALVARADO from the Transportes FRONTERA terminal in Mexico City was interviewed and had no explanation for "OSWLD" or the other changes to the FRONTERA manifest. It also confirms that this information was received between Dec 7 and Dec 17, 1963.

CE2471 p1:

As we continue thru this mountain of back-peddling muck we need to remember that the evidence says that our Oswald was at Odio's on Sept 27th and in Dallas from the 27th of Sept "possibly" thru Oct 4th when he finally calls Marina.

(NOTE: FBI 124-10230-10450 dated Nov 27th is a memo from J.B. Garcia to Legat which tells us that he spoke with SA CHAPMAN in Laredo and "no pertinent info had yet been developed re: exact time or specific mode of travel of subject" [Oswald]. Now while that is no great revelation considering what we know at this point yet the more interesting thing to me is the last sentence of the memo where CHAPMAN advises that "Dallas had info subject was in Dallas [Oct 4 notation] and made LD call to another city in Texas (Irvin or Irvine)." Marina did get a call from Harvey on the 4th asking her to ask Ruth to come get him as he's been in Dallas QUOTE a few days UNQUOTE. Marina supposedly was so mad about his not contacting her sooner she said no and Oswald hitchhiked to Irving)

How is it possible that Dallas is aware of a call from a payphone to Marina on the 4th of October; which did actually happen; yet cannot pull it together enough to find authentic evidence of this massive bus trip.

Our Oswald did not make this trip in the manner suggested nor is there any authenticated evidence which links our Oswald to being in Mexico. With this understanding we may better see the iterations the FBI went thru to find the means of travel to and from Mexico City while we operate under the conclusion that IF an imposter (or even our Harvey) went on this trip they would have left a wake of easily found evidence taking him from New Orleans to Mexico and onto Dallas.

What could have caused the FBI to cling so tightly to FRONTERA as the means of transportation given what they learned from ALVARADO and LOPEZ in early December? Well, a few pages after CE2122's "BACKGROUND OF INQUIRY" lets us know that the "OSWLD" on the FRONTERA manifest is "clear evidence" that Oswald took that bus leaving at 1pm (sic), CE2122 tells us that the check with Transportes Del NORTE turned up "completely negative results" for any record of LEE, HARVEY or OSWALD on the only two buses Del Norte offers to Laredo.

With only Flecha Rojas and FRONTERA left as bus related options for Oswald to not leave Mexico in an AUTO, the FBI was running out of options. We must remember that we are offered EVIDENCE that Oswald was on both these buses without regard for why either or both of this fraudulent evidence even exists. Furthermore, once FRONTERA id dropped, "WHY" this evidence was created by Mexican Authorities is never explored.

CE2121, WCD1084 and WCD1063 make up as large portion of the haystack in which the FBI attempted to hide the needle which was that Oswald did not take the trip as offered. Any other option includes either outside help to get him into Mexico (although there is very thin evidence he actually was there) or he was impersonated purposefully. If the person the FBI claims was OSWALD left by AUTO, either driving himself or with others, conspiracy possibilities as to the purpose of the trip come more clearly into focus. This also fits more neatly into the Duran, Alvarado, CIA/DFS games. When our Oswald becomes a LONE NUT, this wonderful corroborative evidence for a conspiracy involving Castro gets flushed. Since the FBI could not allow these options to surface, and the photos are taken at 12:22 on Oct 2nd, we are treated to the mid-March declaration that our man Oswald was on the FRONTERA bus.

So here we are in mid-March, Del Norte investigations have resulted in no information to show H.O. LEE or Lee H. Oswald purchased or traveled on a Del Norte bus. ALL other investigations into travel produced negative results related to Oswald. By default, the FBI stays with the FRONTERA bus leaving Mexico at 2pm (not 1pm as stated above) and arriving in Laredo at 7am, Oct 3rd.

- that is until it was realized that leaving Mexico City at 2pm on the 2nd of October (which describes the created FRONTERA manifest departure time) would not get Oswald to Dallas in time for his Texas Employment Commission meeting in the afternoon of the Oct 3rd . The following is yet another mid-March FBI report dealing with the conflicts brought about by retrofitting Oswald onto buses which do not fit with the timing; the same thing occurred for the 4:40pm to 12:20pm bus out of New Orleans to Houston. Since the 12:20 was the only bus that arrives close to the right time, Oswald must have been on it. It's not that there is no evidence for these trips, just that the evidence was created, altered or never offered, or in fact contradicts the reality of this travel.

Like finding out about Tague and changing 3 shots to 2 shots, discovering the conflicts of working Oswald piece-meal thru this trip caused the same changes and impossible explanations.

Well prior to these March revelations is a report from Dec 3, 1963. The driver of FRONTERA BUS #340 leaving at 2pm on Oct 2 FRANCISCO SAUCEDA VELEZ tells us his bus does not arrive until 6:45am in Laredo and that his relief driver was old and tired so he drove all the way thru to Laredo. Eugenio GARCIA tells us that the stubs of all tickets sold in Mexico City make their way back to Monterrey in 2-3 months yet the ticket sold to OSWALD was never received. Mr. GARCIA also mentions that "agents of the Presidencia had picked up all information re OSWALD's trip... Including the "talonario" (block of ticket stubs)

It is not until Mid-March again that the FBI figures out FRONTERA cannot possibly be the bus he left Mexico City riding. Furthermore, it is Del Norte that has the relationship with Greyhound.

The problem being that this FBI report (at Armstrong's Baylor collection p 2 below) states the conflict and somehow mixes up the 2pm FRONTERA departure time and the Del NORTE 8:30-9am departure (if they got the information from the above report they may have missed it was a FRONTERA report and not Del Norte). The FRONTERA trip was not expected to arrive in Laredo until the morning (6:45am) of October 3rd which in turn would be too late an arrival for Oswald to travel the remaining 10-12 hours from Laredo thru San Antonio to Dallas to arrive by the time he is seen at the TEC and then check into the YMCA by 4:30pm.

For the FBI's story to continue to work, Oswald MUST arrive in Laredo, process his exchange ticket and get on a bus leaving before 3am; and even that is cutting it close to try and have Oswald at the Dallas TEC before 4:30 and check into the YMCA between 4:30 and 5:00.

The following offers the evidence which put Oswald in Dallas in the afternoon of Oct 3rd:

Baylor Armstrong collection TEC folder p40-43:

Only one Greyhound bus leaves Laredo TX and arrives in Dallas with enough time; bus #1265 leaving Laredo at 3am. We will of course examine the evidence which places Oswald on this bus shortly.

Yet, the evidence offered states Oswald left by "AUTO". This is an image of the photostat of a TYPED COPY of the original FM-11 information given to US Customs official CASH on Nov 23rd. The FM-11 as mentioned and partially shown above is the Mexican Immigration alphabetized by day master list created from the cancelled FM-8 tourist visas and will be discussed at length later in this article. (Typed FM-11 info - Hood collection)

And here is the line from the FM-11 CE2123 p676 from which the Oct 3rd information was supposedly taken:

This information in turn MUST come from the FM-8; the Mexican tourist visa. Now, I have to stop here for a second since I recently had an "Aha" moment related to this visa. The application for this visa from Sept 17th and addressed in part 1 of this series was always shown one way, with the CE# sticker at the bottom and the signature cut off... CE2481 p677. The next page though is SAME EXHIBIT yet adjusted to show the entire bottom of the exhibit while losing the header, Application # and the serie (sic) number 24085 seen on the visa. CE2481 p678. The following is a composite of the two copies of the application which to me appears to suggest that an FM-5 was applied for with a different number and Oswald's signature while 24085, without his signature could have been created after the fact. These are COPIES of COPIES of COPIES which make alteration virtually impossible to detect.

An FM-8 is good for 15 days after entering Mexico. An FM-5 is good for 6 months after entry. The Oswald FM-8's have typed on them "VALIDA POR 15 DIAZ" yet the bottom of this "other" copy of the application states that this tourist card would be good for a "six month stay."

Fast forward a few more days and we have a report over Hoover's name which squarely puts Oswald on the Del Norte bus at 9am Oct 2nd. On April 7th two ticket stubs for seat #12 on the Del Norte bus at 9am are acknowledged. These tickets (as shown above) bear the number 13688 and are related to this early morning departure of Del Norte bus 332. (Even though the search from Del Norte produced no results)

Can THIS finally be the evidence which corroborates the FM-11 info about "Viaja en Auto" being a typographical error based on a mistake by a clerk?


WCD 828 p1 (below) offers the evidence that on April 7th D-202, the #13688 ticket stubs and envelope prove that Oswald was on bus #332 and #373.

Can these ticket stubs with seat #12 (or is it seat #2 with a "1" added later?) be connected to Oswald?

As mentioned above, in late August 1964 Marina finds the corroborating evidence for Del Norte bus ticket #13688. WCD 1518 p34 (below) discusses the details of what would ultimately become FBI D-237.

In an undiscovered, small brown suitcase which was in Ruth's garage on 11/22 yet was neither opened or inventoried by the DPD, Dallas Sheriffs or FBI during the previous 9 months, we find pamphlets specific to that one week along with other Mexico related travel documents that were again, not found until August 1964. No matter for these could at least get Oswald to Laredo which in turn allows us to connect this arrival via Del Norte to the Greyhound Exchange order CE2537. CE 2537 p761:

The only major discrepancy found here is the DATE OF SALE and stamp of October 1, 1963, when according to the evidence offered, this passenger actually purchased this exchange order from the travel agency mentioned at the bottom of this order on September 30th as shown above in CE 2530. It was also during this transaction that Del Norte ticket #13688 was supposedly purchased.

WCD 785 p15 (below) is a recap of ticket #13688 which jumps to the conclusion that the Greyhound bus exchange order is what connects seat #12 to H.O. LEE.

CE 2531 (below) shows the recording of this sale and transfer from the Del Norte bus where he supposedly used ticket #13688 from Mexico City to Laredo, to a Greyhound bus from Laredo to Dallas for one "Mr. H. O. Lee." So far so good, right? The FBI may have finally gotten one right! Yet we both know that wasn't going to happen here. Let's find out why.

For all this evidence to be authentic and to represent something that actually happened, our traveler had to have been on the Del Norte 8:30am bus using #13688 in the first place. Once again we come to find that while the TIMING WORKS, there is no corroboration that an Oswald was on these buses.

The next part of this final article will look at the evidence which attempts to corroborate that Oswald was on these buses.

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