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The FBI Knew about David Ferrie on 11/22/63

We publish here two FBI documents from the week of the JFK assassination that demonstrate FBI knowlege of David Ferrie and his association with Lee Harvey Oswald through the Civil Air Patrol (CAP).

The following document was uncovered by British researcher Malcolm Blunt and sent to us by his associate Bart Kamp. This writer, who is pretty up to speed on New Orleans, had never seen it before.

It is a memo of a telephone conversation between a member of the New Orleans police intelligence unit and an FBI agent working out of the New Orleans office. That call took place on the day of the assassination. The police officer, P. J. Trosclair, is telling the FBI that David Ferrie was a possible suspect in the assassination of President Kennedy. He adds some reasons why, but then he also says that he thought that Lee Harvey Oswald was friends with Ferrie. The FBI agent, J. T. Sylvester, replies that the Bureau would be interested in any information that connected the two.

Two days later, Sylvester gets more information from a local newsman about the connection of Oswald to Ferrie through the Civil Air Patrol. In other words, the FBI had information that Ferrie could be a suspect before Jim Garrison actually did. In fact, the document also says that Ray Comstock of the District Attorney’s office called the Bureau on November 25th to ask if they knew where Ferrie was.

Sylvester then calls Special Agent John Rice and Rice says he would be interested in talking to Ferrie. Apparently, this then got too hot. Because at this point, Sylvester now says he is going to call Deke DeLoach in Washington, the number three man in the Bureau, to advise him of any comments he should make about Ferrie.

The second document shows that the cover up about this was then snapped on by the Washington chiefs. They now say that Ferrie did not train Oswald in the Civil Air Patrol. And then the discreditation process begins. Jack Martin’s word could not be trusted about Ferrie. Ed Voebel who knew both Oswald and Ferrie, somehow does not have a good memory.

So who does the FBI trust? David Ferrie, who, as the reader can see, lied his head off to them. The late Vincent Bugliosi wrote that there was not a scintilla of evidence of an FBI cover up in the JFK case. Technically, as shown by this document, he was right. There was a mountain of evidence to show an FBI cover up.

~ Jim DiEugenio

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