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Larry Schnapf's letter to President Joe Biden

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KennedysAndKing publishes the letter Larry Schnapf sent to President Job Biden attaching a Memorandum in Support of Request to Order Executive Agencies to Comply with the JFK Records Collection Act and Jim DiEugenio provides information on how you can help in this effort.

To the Reader:

In the following two posted documents, attorney Larry Schnapf explains what happened to the JFK Act under the Trump administration. As he demonstrates in detail, the law was actually rewritten. We can only assume that somehow the CIA and the FBI put the fear of God into the President back in 2017. He not only went along with further postponement, he got the Justice Department to rewrite certain parts of the 1992 JFK Act. As explained by Larry, what the Gannon Memo did was it relieved the president of writing up individual exceptions as to why he was deferring the release of certain documents. Even though this had been the explicit intent of the law as written and passed back in 1992. It also postponed making a final determination from 2017 until 2021.

What You Can Do:

Please contact President Biden at the White House and let him know that enough is enough: Let us get everything out about JFK’s murder, whether it’s important or not. No matter what, the law should be obeyed. John F. Kennedy was killed 58 years ago. We are in a new millennium. Here is how you can get your message across:

How to contact the White House:

Phone Comments: (202) 456 - 1111

Snail Mail: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC 20500

E mail:

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