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Gus Russo's Phantom Pulitzer Nomination

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Jim DiEugenio exposes the bogus nature of the claim that Live by the Sword was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.


In three places on the Internet plus the jacket of his second book, it is proclaimed that Live by the Sword was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. There is a problem with this alleged fact. The people who hand out the Pulitzer nominations aren't aware of it.

If you go to their site, you will see that no book by Gus Russo has ever been officially nominated for a Pulitzer. If you call up the people at Columbia University School of Journalism, who administer and maintain the Pulitzer Prize nominations, they aren't aware of it.

If you ask them about the process, they will tell you they have a board that hands out nominations in certain categories. That is an official nomination. They will also tell you that many authors and publishers will submit a book for a nomination. This is not a nomination to them. It is a submission. By the same logic, if a film is submitted for an Oscar nomination and is turned down, one cannot say then that it was nominated, no matter how ardently the nomination was pursued.

Many, many people brought this misrepresentation to the attention of David Westin and Peter Jennings at ABC. They had to have known about it. They have yet to acknowledge it.

Everyone else can see the irony of hiring a man to investigate the crime of the century who is mendacious about his own book and credentials. Would it have been hard to predict the result of his investigation?

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