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Sirhan’s attorney to Appeal Newsom Parole Veto Featured

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The attorney representing Sirhan Sirhan says she is appealing the decision to deny the convicted assassin of RFK a parole. James DiEugenio has details.

UPDATE: Kennedys and King has received a special request from Sirhan's attorney. Please scroll down for details!

The attorney representing Sirhan Sirhan has announced an appeal of California Goveror Gavin Newsom’s decision to deny a parole to the convicted killer of Robert F. Kennedy.

Sirhan was granted the parole in August 2021, having served fifty-four years in prison.

At a virtual press conference on September 28 2022, attorney Angela Berry stated that in granting the parole last year, the parole board had followed the law, but in denying it, Newsom had not. Considering Sirhan’s age – 78 – and his model prisoner record, his release should have been the normal decision. According to those in contact with him, he poses no danger to society.

This was one of the most impressive parts of the Sept. 28 conference. Both Berry and Jen Abreu, the director of an agency called Redemption California, presented statements that they secured from those who had contact with Sirhan at Richard J. Donovan Correction Facility in San Diego. Each one of the witnesses stated that Sirhan had both an exemplary record, and was quite cooperative and easy to work with.

In some instances, they said, he had gone beyond what was required of him. He had attended self-help classes that were offered at Donovan on his own initiative. Abreu was very familiar with this evidence since her group had worked with Sirhan for upwards of 13 months to prepare him for his last parole board hearing. She said that in 54 years of incarceration, the record showed one rule violation. And that over fifty years ago. She said, that in her experience, this was an utterly exceptional record. Consequently, according to the prison rating system for release, Sirhan was in the lowest category as per offering a danger to society.

Berry said that at the actual hearing, two of the highest ranking commissioners were in attendance. They voted for release. They then passed on their recommendation to the entire board, which agreed with it. Sirhan joined the conference with a video taped talk. There he stated that what makes his case unusual is that even victims of the crime, like Paul Schrade, have advocated for his release. Its rare that something like that occurs.

There were questions from reporters after the press conference. One was if Berry thought this was going to be a futile effort, due to the notoriety of her client. She replied that she did not think so, since Newsom had previously lost a case like this. In fact, she could have added that the ACLU has filed a lawsuit trying to overturn the governor’s power to do such a thing. (

Berry said she will be filing her case in Los Angeles Superior Court Department 66, adding that the process could take several months. She does not think the local DA will oppose her, but the state Attorney General, due to Newsom’s position, probably will. When asked, she said she would appeal if she lost the initial hearing.

Berry closed with two interesting points. Sirhan’s next parole hearing is scheduled for March 1st of next year. She said she plans on going through with the process at that time. Finally, in a rather forgotten episode, she added that Sirhan had actually been granted parole back in the seventies. But what happened is that the legislature passed a law giving the governor the power to intercede. The parole board then reversed itself and denied Sirhan the parole they had just handed him.

Sirhan’s family chose Angela Berry to represent him because this kind of law – parole and prisoner release – is her specialty.

UPDATE: Kennedys and King has received the following request from Angela Berry, the attorney representing Sirhan Sirhan.


For Sirhan's upcoming March 1 parole hearing, we need new, updated letters from people.

As before, the support can be supplemented with the idea that

    1. He's an old man and no longer dangerous, even [California Department of Corrections] experts have been saying that for many years
    2. It's a waste of tax payer funds to house an aging man who poses no risk
    3. He shouldn't be treated differently because of his victim
    4. The Board must find him again suitable for release and refrain from inappropriate persuasion from the Governor
    5. The governor got it wrong and he has no proper place in the decision

Also as before, the letters should be addressed to:

State of California, Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Board of Parole Hearings

P.O. Box 4036

Sacramento, CA 95812-4036

It would be extremely helpful if the letter authors also sent me a copy of their letter. That way, I can send them also to CDCR to ensure they make it to the "packet" that will be considered by the Board.

Angela Berry


Letters in support of Sirhan Sirhan may be sent to:

Angela Berry

A Professional Law Corporation

75-5660 Kopiko Street, Suite C-7, #399

Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

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