Friday, 15 March 2019 19:32

Clue to When JFK Was Shot in Back

This is an update by Milicent Cranor to an earlier article, “More Proof JFK was Hit from the Front”.

Previously I posted an article here on the significance of S.S.A. Glen Bennett’s statement:  He saw Kennedy shot in the back—and, as you will see from the story, this had to have happened at least two seconds after he was hit in the throat (see the link above).

This could explain the puzzling nature of JFK’s back wound—the way its abrasion collar suggests a shot coming from below.  Some have explained it by insisting JFK was hit while he was leaning over.

As anyone can see from films, JFK was not leaning over at the time he first began to react.

But if Glen Bennett was telling the truth when he said he was looking at JFK’s back the instant he was struck in the back, photographic evidence shows this had to have happened after Kennedy was already hit.

The interesting thing is, seconds after that first hit, Kennedy actually did begin to lean forward. And so no wonder the abrasion collar was on the bottom edge of the back wound.

This is further proof that Kennedy was first hit in the throat, then in the back, but only after he began to sag in his seat.

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