Thursday, 13 April 2023 12:17

Ron Paul Says the CIA Killed President Kennedy

On April 11th, on the Tim Pool podcast, former presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul said something that very few politicians or even former politicians ever say.

Namely that the CIA assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963. If the reader recalls, Paul had Oliver Stone on his own show a few years back after they both appeared at a JFK seminar in Virginia. Here is the transcript as posted by K. K. Lane at the Education Forum.

Ron Paul: But I do believe there has been a coup, and it's been taken over, and if I can, I want to just put the date in my mind. Anybody could probably pick any date in the last hundred years. But I've picked November 22 1963.

Interviewer: What happened on that day?

Ron Paul: That was the day Kennedy was murdered by our government….by the CIA.

And at the time I was in… a matter of fact…Kennedy was killed in Dallas but he landed at Kelly Air Force Base and I was a flight surgeon there the day before, and I was aware of this trip. So this was a big thing.

Those early years which we talked about a lot—especially the first year or two: "Oh, Oswald did it. Oswald did it." And then, you know the person they thought about most is…uh…Allen Dulles as being the instigator of all this. And he, guess what, LBJ met him immediately: "We have to investigate this." The president has been assassinated. What, what is…they never used the word coup…so he's been assassinated. So guess who he puts…there were 7 on the commission, and you know, Dulles was put on the commission to investigate it. So, but he was gonna make sure they told the truth. But that was a big day in history in my mind.

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