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JFK and the Majestic Papers: The History of a Hoax, Introduction

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Introduction to the 9-part series by Seamus Coogan on the MJ-12 hoax and why JFK researchers need to pay attention to this mess.

First a Warning

If someone would like to take a good no nonsense look at the history of the MJ-12 documents I advise reading this overview from Phil Coppens. Bar his comments concerning the ‘real MJ-12’ being behind the false documents, it provides another important backdrop for what you shall read herein.

I’d like to point out before we go on that: no, CTKA is not turning into some Fortean organisation. I’m just going to speak a few home truths to some of the more imaginative types out there concerning something very sacred to ufologists. How, since 1947 the CIA rather than starving you from accessing them, have actually force fed you with it.

Like the vast majority of JFK researchers, I am not an ufologist. I don’t pretend to speak for anyone in this area either. Nevertheless, I don’t believe a fake UFO invasion will be used to unite the world under a one-world government. That fake invasion (that the likes of Alex Jones and other conspiracy magnets bleat on about) and that one world corporation have already happened. Because if the mainstream media is prepared to present balanced discussions about UFOs and whether God exists, then surely a balanced discussion covering cosmically irrelevant issues like the potential for a planned murder of a head of state, and a few others aspiring to benefit all humanity, wouldn’t even be a trifle, or even an afterthought at that.

I believe we went to the moon and I’m a believer in the Drake equation, not to mention an admirer of the likes of Greg Bishop, Mark Pilkington, Larry Hancock, Bill Kelly, Robert Hastings (despite his disagreements with Bishop) and (with particular regards to this essay) Phil Coppens. His work, though poorly referenced, does bear up to scrutiny and has been an excellent resource. This is why I’m puzzled that the terminally appalling Nexus Magazine never picked up on him, nor seemed to have learned anything from him, instead being mates with David Hatcher Childress. Thanks to the efforts of those above, I find myself in a comfortable place of 90 percent sceptic and 10 percent ‘open to anything’ as far as UFOs go… okay, maybe 12. I blame this on my discovery of Bob Hastings. Without Hastings’ work in outing the liars involved with the MJ-12 hoax some years ago this field would be all the poorer.

I also admire the above individuals for not falling for the perpetrators of the JFK-MJ-12 documents and their work in outing them. It appears that the Dulles cabal in the CIA created a powerful myth with UFOs that they have since used as a diversion both internally and externally for myriad purposes, not just the obfuscation of secret weapons and aircraft, but have nurtured a powerful social phenomenon. Both the Kennedy assassination and UFOs are massive cultural happenings that pervade practically everything in Western Civilisation. However, for all of this, the Kennedy assassination and UFOs are and will always be two different areas of study, bar sharing some of the same progenitors of UFO disinformation. Sadly, many people have made the mistake of conjoining the two in some mega plot utilising the MJ-12/Torbitt Document/Gemstone Files inspired nonsense.

The Layout of the Essay

Students of the JFK case, like my self have largely ignored the comings and goings on of those inhabiting Zeta Reticuli, and dare I say most of the time, with very good reason. But with regards to this ongoing JFK-MJ-12 mess we really shouldn’t have. This foreword serves to provide something of a backdrop to the madness herein. It’ll give a series of brief and not so brief looks into the current explosion of JFK-MJ-12 hype, the leeches that have fed off it, the origins of said documents, and a clarification of where I stand on the issue of UFOs. More specifically, I shall adress this topic in the following sections:

Preamble I and II seek to provide a backdrop to Scientist Leon Davidson, who made a number of alarming accusations against the CIA’s whipping up UFO mania. In turn, he created a powerful cultural phenomena--picked up by other agencies who know a good thing when they see it--that is to hide, subvert and confuse all manner of issues within and outside of the government. I would like to point out that I am well aware that there is much conjecture on the topics I bring up. I have tried as best I could to provide some antecedent or give a relevant example to any points made. I hope that the reader will appreciate my honesty in this regard as far too many individuals covering this ground mistake their own fantasies and musings for reality (I hope Richard Dolan and Joseph Farrell read this). All I aspire to is that in putting this out there to provide a template to work from or to debate.

Part I - Majestic Documents & Marilyn deals with how the current craze has started and who has cashed in on it. But primarily it deals with the Wood’s family’s Majestic Documents group, their use of the bogus documentation surrounding Marilyn Monroe, and their attempts to link her death to Kennedy and UFOs and vice versa.

Part II - Kennedy Killed Over UFOs (and Other Lies) deals with the recent assault on the senses concerning dubious evidence concerning Kennedy’s murder being enacted for sticking his nose in and around the UFO issue. In so doing, I rationally (a key word here) discuss what Kennedy’s interests in the phenomena likely was.

Part III - Lunacy, Loyalty and Failed Lie Detectors returns to the Woods, focussing on denials of Tim Cooper’s wrongdoing in the face of strong evidence to the contrary.

Part IV - Tweedle Dee Rob Meets Tweedle Dee Linda discusses Wood Sr. and his lack of knowledge concerning the basics of Cold War intelligence initiatives, with resident UFO/JFK ‘expert’ Linda Moulton Howe. What’s important about this section is that aside from giving the abdominal muscles a good work out from reading this clueless duo is that (depending on one’s prerogative) it also expands upon some issues pertaining to the MJ-12 stuff mentioned in parts II & III.

(Parts V and VI of this essay embark from a more solid and factual basis established in Parts I to IV, becoming more speculative due to the dodgy nature of the subject and the people involved.)

Part V - A Very Sad Attempt At Making a Rabbit Hole in effect discusses how people unprepared to confront the fact that just because someone is a ‘con’ and has a history of being one, doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligence agency material. In fact it often makes them prime candidates for being so and they are thus particularly effective in disinformation campaigns. There seems to be a total and utter failure in UFO circles to acknowledge that counter intelligence is in itself designed to mislead and misrepresent. Once one realizes that intelligence agencies like to ‘cut it both ways’ then looking over scraps from them loses its lustre. It's not a rabbit hole after all, the hole doesn’t even exist, but well you fell into it anyhow. Nevertheless, it discusses the extremely dubious company the originator of the documents has kept. Not too, mention how one well-known figure in the MJ-12 drama has absurdly escaped a great deal of scrutiny.

Part VI - Gus Russo, Phone Home! is effectively a continuation of Part V and discusses how outcasts from the JFK scene like Gus Russo have made homes for themselves in a field all to willing to be taken in by the ‘next bright thing’. In many ways it’s also the most important chapter of this study as it examines why the JFK community ignored the MJ-12 palaver, but more importantly it explores why ‘truth seekers’ and ‘crank busters’ like Russo and others avoided the JFK-MJ-12 issue altogether and gives an outline of one of the potential targets of this disinformation.

Part VII - The Conclusion is a summary of all that has been covered, in the essay and essentially the bookend to this foreword.

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Seamus Coogan

Seamus Coogan is one of a number of JFK assassination researchers hailing from New Zealand and Australia.  He has devoted considerable effort to ferreting out and exposing unfounded and sensationalistic or far-fetched conspiratorial hypotheses.  His most notable contributions include those on John Hankey's JFK II, on Alex Jones, and on the Majestic Papers.  He  has also reviewed numerous books for this site.

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