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JFK and the Majestic Papers: The History of a Hoax, Part 4

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Wood Sr. and his lack of knowledge concerning the basics of Cold War intelligence initiatives, along with that of resident UFO/JFK ‘expert’ Linda Moulton Howe.

Part 4: Lunacy, Loyalty, and Failed Lie Detectors

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard the star ship Boney M for our first passenger flight to Venus.”

~ Boney M, 1978; ‘Night Flight to Venus’

Knock on Wood

Let us return once again to those unfortunates the Woods, who in many ways are almost as big a stars of this essay as Timothy Cooper is. Because unless I am very much mistaken it is they, not their little urchin ‘Pip’ Cooper who have actually been pumping the UFO-JFK stuff too all and sundry over the years, inspiring people like Dickie Dolan to leap into the fray. After asking around it appears that the Woods are in fact very well liked. In particularly the Dad ‘Bob’ thus, a number of people are likely to be highly upset with the following. But spare me the tears please. The Woods themselves have asked for this. If they aren’t conmen in my mind they are utter ‘crackpots’. And while their credentials in the fields of physics and mathematics are impeccable, for all their obvious intellect they have clearly not put 1+1 together as far as Cooper and the Kennedy assassination is concerned.

Indeed, the Woods are the 21st Century version of Arthur Young. But at least Young seems to have had the good sense to realize he had been manipulated by the CIA in some way.

Wood I lie to you Baby?

In 1999 at about the same time as his JFK-Lancer-Snoop memoranda came out. Mr Cooper failed a lie detector test, as the ‘Saucer Smear’ site explains.

We hear that researcher Bob Durant is hopping mad at Tim Cooper and the Woods because of an incident that began when the four of them were on a radio show together last January. "Smear" readers will recall that Bob and Ryan Wood are the father & son team that has been pushing the "new" MJ-12 documents, and Tim Cooper is their principal source. Durant challenged Cooper to take a lie detector test regarding his claims and he agreed to do so. The test was given last April 18th by a polygraph expert chosen by the Woods, but unfortunately Cooper flunked it anyhow. Worse, the Woods tried to avoid telling Durant the outcome of the test, even though he had paid for part of it!

The Woods comeback against the failed test is now something of a legend in UFO circles. They claimed that the questions which Cooper failed (those dealing with his sources) were because he knowingly kept the identifications of his sources secret; not to mention that ‘this was a good thing’. TO further this, on their webpage introducing the argument surrounding the authentication of the documents the third section is titled ‘Critic’s arguments are often speculative’

Now if the above statements by the Woods weren’t speculative enough for you let’s examine the speculation involved in their ‘Ten Reasons Why Tim Cooper is NOT a Provenance Problem’. Which successfully places them in the league of the all time great conspirahypocrites.

1. He did not seek out publicity for himself. In fact, he gave away documents and publicity to Tim Good with the “Hillenkoetter to Military Assessment of the Joint Intelligence Committee memo of 19 September 1947.”

Yes Cooper was extremely coy with publicising his ‘Majestic Tim’ email address and his comments with regards too Angleton and the Monroe-JFK-UFO stuff wasn’t he? Did he grow in confidence from 1992 onwards? It appears so. Its also interesting to note that in point 4) We can see that Good deemed the document Cooper fobbed off too him to be a fraud. Is it any wonder he wasn’t jumping around talking about it?

2. If Bob and Ryan Wood did not visit him, talk with him, become his friend and ask for documents they would still be in Cooper’s attic gathering dust. This shows that Cooper is not seeking recognition for his alleged forgery, which is a characteristic action of forgery criminals.

It’s bizarre enough the Woods seem to be writing this in third person, it’s another to say that Cooper was not seeking recognition, thus the Woods logic here is remiss. Prior, to their encountering Cooper as we have seen he had also contacted the aforementioned Good and Stanton Friedman, who was dubious of the claims and asked the Woods to check Cooper out for him. Which as you have seen already, was rather a big mistake on Friedman’s part. We have also seen that an intermediary of Cooper’s (discussed in Part V) had likely contacted Speriligo, in Hollywood at the same time.

Another question for the Woods is why would Cooper have to promote his documents to them if they were keen to befriend him and get his documents off of him in the first place? Aren’t the Woods supposed to be objective investigators? An investigator isn’t there too gain trust and make friends. The endowment of trust and legitimacy is theirs to bestow upon the investigated. This ‘minor’ detail seems to have escaped them at the time. In much the same way as this rather incredible statement, in his 2009 email to Bob Hastings in which Cooper describes himself as an:

Unwitting dupe in this charade (I must confess I was willing to be led into believing it by Friedman and the Woods).

It’s one thing to say that he now believes the MJ-12 documents he had were fake. It’s another thing to slander Friedman, the ‘doubting Thomas’ of MJ-12’s second coming, and the Woods, that it was they who‘led’ him into believing in the documents’ authenticity.

3. Tim Cooper has a skeptical attitude. He did not openly embrace the documents nor did he have the time to verify the details that have been partially checked by Wood & Wood and others.

Cooper’s ‘skeptical’ attitude (or total lack thereof) were seen in his take on Monroe’s diary and her DOD ID in Part I. This article (which I found by typing Cooper’s ‘Majestic Tim’ email into a basic Google search) is an unsourced quasi religious UFO rant from the man, which touched briefly on how the MJ-12 Documents back up Biblical prophecy. . Now let us return briefly too Cooper’s bio on the Majestic Documents site also touched on in Part I. Here it is detailed that Cooper’s interests lie in ‘military history, intelligence practices’ but most importantly ‘Biblical textual research’. The most curious thing here is that on page 5 of one of the last documents Cooper was ever sent we see mad ramblings from a source called S-1 (Source 1) about MJ-12 being ‘Majestic Jehovah-12’, after Christ and the apostles. Cooper then finally topped himself with a contribution to a book entitled Exempt from Disclosure: The Black World of UFO’s one of the more maligned books in genuine research circles.

We also hear from Tim Cooper a bit in this book and he has some interesting titbits. One was about a crash in 1948 or 1949 at White Sands in which Tim Cooper's father Harry Cooper, a AF Msgt, says a very ancient Hebrew Bible was recovered from crash site. Code breakers at the NSA succeeded in breaking the Hebrew Bible Code and the information was given to MJ-12. The Hebrew Bible was thought to be the key to understanding the UFO/Alien phenomena.

How this failed to set off alarms for the Woods is unfathomable. That numerous other tripwires should have gone off when Cooper told them his initial interest in conspiracy was piqued by the Kennedy assassination has me thinking it must have been a pure fluke that the Woods never hooked up with Marshall Applewhite, Raoul from the Raellians or had David Icke join their document authentication team.

Tim says he was with his father on November 22, 1963, watching television about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Timothy told Bob Wood that there were tears in his father’s eyes when Harry Cooper said, ‘They really did it.’ That led Timothy to become very interested in the Kennedy assassination. Timothy Cooper started putting in Freedom of Information requests back in the late 1980s for information about the Kennedy assassination. At the same time, Timothy began to ask about UFOs. Timothy had put in FOIA requests too about fourteen different government agencies for everything they had about the Kennedy assassination and UFOs.

An important figure here is Harry Cooper, Timmy’s dad. Harry, a Master Sergeant in his day is, judging by the actions of his spawn, a guy I wouldn’t put much trust in. On Bob Collins ‘Peregrine Communications site’ we can see that Cooper Sr. provided his son with (wait for it) a medal and a certificate from Curtis Le May for his work on UFO’s. And in the same commendation it congratulates Harry for…

His exemplar knowledge of film processing and printing techniques.

Now, considering it’s the first I’ve ever heard of LeMay handing out certificates for individuals working on a UFO assignment anywhere, we have to consider what one would do with a certificate from a likely classified operation. Mounting and framing it for decoration in the study or living room would certainly be a problem, and putting it in a CV for a job would be out of the question. One would also think that anyone in their right mind would raise an eyebrow to the potential for forgery of the certificate, considering Cooper Sr’s talents and his son’s proclivities.

But for the umpteenth time, the lunacy of the Woods’ trumps itself yet again (and trust me these guys are still just warming up). If one scrolls down the page in which Harry Cooper’s ‘certificate’ is described, under the list of contributors to Peregrine Communications (the Peregrine is of course a Falcon, which was Collins’ ‘pal’ Doty’s Aviary codename) both the Woods are listed as major contributors to Collins’ studies and his book Exempt from Disclosure, their association with Collins may well have changed since then. The Woods’ failure to acknowledge the circuitous nature of Cooper’s interest in the Kennedy assassination, the information he received, what he peddled, the rants he made, articles he wrote, the company he kept, not to mention that Collins has a website linking all manner of outdated Cooper JFK conspiracy gibberish linked to his home page . All this means that, at the very least, the Woods have no qualities of discernment.

4. Despite claims of forgery by Tim Good, Dr. James Black (a forensic typewriter specialist) was unable to conclude that the documents in question were typed with the same typewriter, only that the make and model are the same. Any of the tens of thousands of typewriters are suspect.

The typewriter is merely inconclusive. It has not been proven or disproven and one could go either way. I tend to think it proves fraudulence. You, the reader, may not. For what it’s worth, this little technicality hardly saves him.

5. Tim Cooper is just one of many sources of the Majestic documents that mutually re-enforce the content of the Cooper originated documents. Cooper is NOT the linchpin to dismissing the government paper trail of UFO and ET complicity.

This comment is quite astounding. That Cooper is just one source is common knowledge. While the fact there are more sources clearly shows what an abysmal failure the fellows involved in MJ-12 would have been in throwing a surprise party. They’re also saying that he confirms his own documents and is not the ‘linchpin’ to dismissing the paper trail. But if Cooper is not the key to solving it all then who is? For since Cooper walked out on them in 2009 there’s been slim pickings MJ-12 wise.

6. There is clear evidence in the form of postage meters, original envelopes, and postmarks showing that many of the documents Cooper received did in fact travel through the mail. Furthermore, two were postmarked “Langley Virginia” (CIA headquarters postage meter) and Ft. Meade, FOIA office.

Postmarks are easy enough to forge. In particular when naïve people want to believe in what’s been delivered to the exclusion of all other possibilities. The funny thing is that Cooper could easily have sent these off to other people to be repackaged and sent back. Or someone at Langley conjured up some stuff for him to disseminate for a giggle. Of course these concepts require a little more abstract thought than the Woods are capable of.

7. Several researchers have commented to Wood & Wood that Cooper’s writing style is inconsistent with the leaked documents. Although anecdotal, forensic linguistics is being applied to definitely conclude that Tim did or did not write any of the documents in question.

This is a real doozy. There are numerous similarities and themes in Cooper’s documents, writings and his appalling research work. One needs not to do an in-depth investigation on him. I also sincerely doubt that people like the Woods, who also employed ‘remote viewers’ to check into the authenticity of Cooper’s claims (see number ten) will ever find the truth of the matter. What they really should have done was employ a handwriting expert (or a number of them), in particular with regards to the ‘similarities and themes’ found on the letter sent to Cooper by Thomas Cantwell in 1999, and in an extremely unlikely document in which William Colby writes about Angleton from November 12 1963 (which is appended here). It appears to my eyes that Cantwell, Colby and Cooper are all the same person. Furthermore Colby’s handwriting and signature on the document is not comparable to Colby’s informal printing style. I also hasten to add that if anybody who is an accredited document and signature analyst would like to pass judgement, please contact CTKA and an update will ensue.

Colby handwriting scam


8. Cooper’s failed lie detector test is consistent with him protecting his in-person document sources — the CIA archivist, the legionnaire, and Thomas (Cy) Cantwheel.

It’s also very consistent with him denying that he created them isn’t it? Because we once again hit a familiar problem: ‘secrecy’. The amount of different people who contacted Cooper with information once again jeopardizes the covert nature of this highly sensitive operation. How unlikely is it that some random recipient recieves numerous top secret files from multiple sources for one, and how odd it is that none of them knew they were doubling up? Note also that Salina Cantwell (Thomas Cantwell’s daughter), a well known fable in MJ-12 lore like her father, also claimed to work for Angleton. Thus that makes it four sources of their top secret documentation-or insight. Three of them are from the CIA, and two are father and daughter whistle blowers who both worked in arch paranoic James Angleton’s office. There’s no evidence of Angleton having a family working for him in his enclave whatsoever, furthermore it doubles the chance of a security leak. And if you believe that Angleton, a man meticulous to the point of psychosis would do such a thing, you’d believe anything.

9. No one has admitted, or come forward claiming authorship.

Why would they when a whole crop of incompetent upper echelon figures couldn’t wait to get their names in or on the memos, even going so far as signing them for other people. Weren’t these self incriminating ingrates the authors themselves?

10. Although of speculative value, high quality remote viewing (psychic) assets have targeted Tim Cooper and the documents and concluded the documents are predominately real and Cooper is not a forger. In fact, there seems to be multiple origins of documents feeding to Cooper.

I had to read this comment numerous times toreally let this sink in. If they were really suspicious of Cooper, wouldn’t a private detective charting his movements be somewhat more efficient? Previously, I stated that Tim Cooper signed two affidavits stating that he was not the author of the materials he received, nor did he know who sent them. In article six of the second affidavit it states:

That he and others have performed and are now performing due diligence to locate, identify, and bring forward the person AKA THOMAS CANTWHEEL or establish his true identity and credentials.

But as Bob Greenwood and Robert Hastings comment:

So Cooper was receiving ostensibly classified government documents in his personal PO box, illegally. He was also receiving improperly prepared materials in his mailbox, subverting post office fees without postage due. If Cooper was walking out of the post office with the documents in hand, and saying nothing, he was breaking the law (that is of course if they were genuine).
Did Cooper report the illegal 'mailing' to the postmaster or box line clerk at the post office, exercizing "due diligence" to locate the perpetrator, Mr. Cantwheel? After all, Cooper could have gone to federal prison for Mr. Cantwheel's alleged actions. How did Cooper know he wasn't being set up for a sting by accepting the papers without question? None of this seemed to have been a concern to him.
Cooper had a PO box. It was a locked box. Only he could get into it, unless he handed out his key to others, inviting abuse. One can't hand a stack of papers to a clerk to put into a PO box for free. They must be in a mailing container with postage. If the clerk didn't do this they would be fired. What mail clerk would repeatedly put classified government documents into a customer's mailbox from a stranger for free, knowing full well that the postal inspection service is always trying to catch illegal acts like this?
Cantwheel was said to approach 90-years-old. Did he break into the post office repeatedly and plant the documents, raising the question again: Did Cooper report the illegal activity to the post office? If not, why not? Only someone who knew they weren't going to get into trouble would approve of this going on, and that would be because this story-line never happened. So where is the documentation of Cooper's reporting a "crime" to the post office? By Cooper's own words promoting MJ-12, he was outwardly committing a crime if he believed the documents were genuine. If he didn't believe they were genuine, he was committing fraud.

It is now 2011, the affidavits were written way back in 1999. Cooper gave up the ghost of MJ-12 ten years later in 2009. Likely without ever trying to find the identity of the individuals who sent him the documentation. Not that any of this concerns the Woods or Linda Moulton Howe, who cashed in her chips big time in light of the renewed interest in the Kennedy MJ-12 links. In so doing she also cashed out of any credibility she may have had.

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