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JFK and the Majestic Papers: The History of a Hoax, Part 3

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On the denials of Tim Cooper’s wrongdoing in the face of strong evidence to the contrary.

Part 3: When Linda met Bob and Timmy

Crop Circle Queen Takes on Kennedy Case

“I would just like to point out that we would have no major frauds if this subject wasn't filled with ignorant, gullible people. Don't take that as an insult, because it's not. It's reality.”

So said ‘Ignorethefacts’ on the forum of the extremely kook ridden tabloid conspiracy site ‘Above Top Secret’ on the 14th of March 2010. In a discussion which listed the heroes in the UFO community.

And while it is not directed at the Woods, if anybody reads the full post I took this off of, they’ll note it very easily could have been. As seen, the Woods’ defense of Timothy Cooper is largely based on their unwillingness to accept the reality that he stiffed them. Big time! Much of what follows was picked up from Linda Moulton Howe’s website in which she utilised an old interview concerning the ‘Scorched/Lancer document’ and intersected it with the more up to date AOL piece linked in Part I. While this was a clever idea, the general execution was not. The repetition of the documents was unnecessary and interrupted the flow of banal questions by Moulton Howe, whose background investigating cattle mutilation and crop circles left her ill prepared for anything to do with the JFK assassination.

Moulton Howe was part of the rather weird Laurence Rockefeller Alien study group of the mid 90’s, along with known CIA stooges like Bruce Maccabee (). This Rockefeller led group tried to convince world leaders of a so-called Contact Scenario, and further, to persudae them to make an annoucnemnt to the world about it. Howe was part of the pitch to Bill Clinton. Moulton Howe, like her buddy Lee Speigel, not only backed this Laurence Rockefeller War of the Worlds move, she demurred on the Burnt Documents as akin to being a ‘mystery’. It’s a mystery how anybody could take her seriously after being part of this group and reading her travesty of an interview with Robert Wood, the pater familas of ‘Majestic Documents’

Bob Wood ‘King of the Impossible’

Though not initially connected to the Howe interview, a quote from a piece claiming that Cooper’s character toward the Majestic Documents was beyond reproach (one of the many) struck me as particularly odd:

In general, our opinion is that Tim is basically honest, hardworking and has very low motivation to forge anything. We have hired Tim as a consultant to research and write about the new Majestic documents. We can assure the sums involved are negligible motivation to fake these documents, given the massive multi-year effort that would have been required.

Now, Cooper is the man who first surfaced the Angleton-MM-JFK document, which is almost certainly a forgery. Cooper first was in receipt of this red herring in 1992, just when the controversy about Oliver Stone’s film JFK reached it pinnacle. Further, he says he got it from a former CIA employee. Now, if this is not enough to raise any eyebrows, how about this: just a few months after receiving the above ersatz document, Cooper is the guy who began to also get the first Majestic Documents. Again, this was from a mysterious source thorugh his post office box. Stanton Friedman, a colleague and friend of Maccabee told Cooper to take the documents to the Woods, for verification! Yet somehow, Moulton Howe did not smell anything fishy about this.

For in Part one of Howe’s interview, Bob Woods Sr. relates that for a fee they bought all of Cooper’s MJ-12 documents:

But I got possession of the documents in 2001, when Timothy Cooper became disenchanted with the UFO subject, wanted to become a TV script writer, and was really short of cash. I asked him, ‘How much would it take to buy from you everything you’ve got?’ He agreed on a price and he shipped me the documents.

This is informative as to how the Woods got started with their website. What struck me was that Cooper seems to have been paid to research his own documents and then decided too sell these documents to the Woods.

Wood believes that Cooper’s long time contact was a fellow by the name of Thomas Cantwell. Cantwell is a man who also shared the same handwriting as William Colby, and claimed he was a member of James Angleton’s Counter Intelligence unit. Prior to this, his daughter, the mysterious ‘Salina,’ sent some documents and a forwarding letter to Cooper in 1996 with evidence of ‘Project Jehovah’, an initiative led by none other than Albert Einstein with his pal Robert Oppenheimer, exploring the physics behind Alien vehicles. This one has been shot to more pieces than a John Hankey documentary on a good day by Barry Greenwood.

As discussed earlier, Salina, like her Dad also worked for Angleton. Thus for Moulton Howe the question of ‘Who was closest to Jesus James Angleton in his counter intelligence realm’ is a timely one, because Wood’s reply below gives us an indication of how far out of his league he really is.

I don't know. That's research that needs to be done.

This comment exemplifies the benign and misguided arrogance/ignorance many in the nexus like the Woods have. Unless ‘they’ have discovered it (usually meaning they forged it or made it up), it quite simply hasn’t happened. Thus I have to break it to Mr. Woods that ‘yes’ the research has already been done, right back in the days of the HSCA, later touched on by John Newman and expanded upon by Lisa Pease:

Angleton’s complete counter-intelligence empire employed over 200 people. Inside this large group was a small handful of Angleton’s most trusted and closed-mouthed associates, called the Special Investigations Group (SIG). According to Ann Egerter, in 1959, when Oswald defected to the Soviet Union, only "about four or five" people were part of SIG, which was headed by Birch D. O’Neal. SIG members included Ann Egerter, Newton "Scotty" Miler, and very few others, Miler was, as of 1955, "either the Deputy or one of the principle officers with O’Neal.

Pease also mentions another highly important figure, Ray Rocca, a person anybody interested in Angleton should study. This article and small contributions from John Newman could be found in CTKA’s Probe Magazine and the excellent Pease and DiEugenio edited volume The Assassinations. The people in Angleton’s group were hand picked by him. Any sign of weakness, like simple human morality and concern for others was literally career ending, and any thought he had at all that you had crossed him, then look out. Thus it’s exceptionally hard to believe anybody would have picked one of Angleton’s documents out of a fire on a pang of conscience. For those of you interested in Angleton, we will later discuss the lengths Cooper has gone through to implicate Angleton in numerous areas of the US power apparatus.

And we Thought Colby was a Cheese?

Robert Woods’ comments concerning the nearest competitor to the ‘Scorched/Lancer’ memo for the title of ‘most stupid and fraudulent document Cooper has ever produced’ is of course the ‘Colby’ one dated the 12th of November 1963. This was also touched on briefly in the previous segment.

In it we can clearly see that the name of the addressee is redacted. That’s okay; it’s likely John McCone anyhow. But the Woods, nor fellows like Michael E Salla, who gave a lot of attention to this practically worthless piece of paper never stopped to think about the problems (rather than supposed mysteries solved) that the comment below presents.

“Response from Colby: Angleton has MJ directive”.

Because, as I discussed with the ‘Scorched/Lancer’ memo, the idea that an intelligence professional like William Colby, future director of the Central Intelligence Agency, would ever write something like this and give Angleton’s position away as the head honcho is beyond mockery. What idiot would redact vast tracts of an internal document to the original addressee yet keep Colby’s scrawl intact? But that’s only the entrée. That a man like Colby, deeply involved in South East Asia, would concern himself with MJ-12, the man who would later end Angleton’s career upon his appointment as DCI in 1973, that this man would act as some kind of secretary for McCone and Angleton is pure fantasy.

Luckily for Cooper, the Woods and Salla, there was an anonymous saviour at hand - it’s our old Biblical rant friend S-1 (Source 1). He wrote on page one of his paranoid diatribe that Colby’s death was because of his involvement with the aforementioned memo Cooper was sent some years back. The source supposedly another mysterious ‘agent’. The agent acatually wrote that somehow the UFO phenomenon was behind the Soviet gamble to place missiles inside Cuba therefore causing the Missiel Crisis. And Kennedy was briefed on this during that crisis.

Uh huh. (I recommend everyone read this doucmnet. It’s a real doozy even for Cooper and the Woods.) 

Operation Artichoke the Alien Andromeda Virus

To further elucidate the acumenof Mr. Wood, when asked by Howe about numerous operations mentioned in the ‘Lancer memo’, Wood could only describe the notorious MK Ultra in the following terms:

I think the part they have admitted to was the use of psychedelic drugs without permission of the subjects. If you look up MK-ULTRA in the public record, I think you’ll find a lot of bad stuff that has been released.

Bob then shows his in-depth (or is it inept) knowledge of the CIA by not being able to discern between the validity and function of well-known operations like ‘Artichoke’, a torturous sub stream of MK Ultra which according to some researchers outlasted its more famous predecessor, and fantasies like ‘Spike’, ‘House Cleaning’ and ‘Domestic’. Operations which no one in the Kennedy world (generally more well read on average than those in ufology circles concerning authentic CIA projects) has heard of anywhere. Indeed Wood Sr. believes the document’s claims that those involved in Artichoke and MK Ultra were overseeing a biological weapons campaign ultimately containing Alien contaminants:

My guess is that these projects, SPIKE, HOUSE CLEANING, ARTICHOKE and DOMESTIC might be responses to an ‘Andromeda strain.

I suggest then that the Woods and Miss Moulton Howe tell the long suffering family of Frank Olson about this ‘strain’ sometime and why he died. I would be interested to see what would happen. I think we can all predict the reaction.

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