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John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

Priscilla Johnson McMillan: She can be encouraged to write what the CIA wants

 Jim DiEugenio writes about Priscilla Johnson McMillan, who interviewed Oswald in Russia then worked with his widow after the JFK assassination.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Milicent Cranor

Big Lie About a Small Wound

Five people, including Michael Baden, MD, have demonstrated great faith in the public's inability or unwillingness to make a simple comparison between what they say, and what is a matter of public rec...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

Ed Butler: Expert in Propaganda and Psychological Warfare

Jim DiEugenio writes about how reporter Gus Russo digs up long-forgotten characters in the JFK assassination to slant the story toward the government's conclusions. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Gerald Posner

An index to the critiques of Gerald Posner's writings by authors at CTKA. ...

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