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John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Johnny Cairns

A Presumption of Innocence: Lee Harvey Oswald, Part 2

Johnny Cairns continues his multi-part reexamination of the key evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of JFK by reviewing the chain of custody on CE 399 and the putative discovery of...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Benjamin Cole

The Death of the Tumbling Magic-Bullet Theory: the Governor’s Shirt, the President’s Shirt, and the Overlooked Dr. Robert Shaw

Challenging the lynch pin of the Warren Commission case, Benjamin Cole demolishes the tumbling single magic-bullet theory by reexamining the physical evidence, namely President Kennedy’s shirt, ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

Jonathan Chait meets Michael Kazin

Jonathan Chait joins Michael Kazin in publishing another non sequitur hit-piece on the JFK presidency in the mainstream media, so Jim DiEugenio, once again, continues his yeoman's work of setting the ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Paul Bleau

Marina’s Sponsor and Oswald’s Fifth Wallet

While researching for an upcoming article on the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, Paul Bleau stumbled upon some intriguing information concerning Marina Oswald’s immigration sponsor, so he decided ...

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