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John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Vince Palamara

JFK Secret Service Agent Paul Landis Makes a Big Splash In 2023 Ahead of the 60th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination, But How Credible Is He?

Vince Palamara casts a questioning eye over the advance publicity in Vanity Fair and the NY Times over the revelations about an extra bullet in the JFK case by Secret Service agent Paul Landis, and is...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

Former People by James Norwood

Former professor James Norwood examines what happened to the true lives of Kennedy, Khrushchev and Oswald after their demises. Deliberate and careful legends replaced the facts. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

Prayer Man: More Than A Fuzzy Picture by Bart Kamp

Bart Kamp does a minute investigation of the controversial Prayer Man figure, advancing evidence that it is likely Oswald. He then summarizes how hapless the Dallas Police inquiry was, resulting in th...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Paul Abbott

Indexing the Garrison Folders

Inspired by Paul Bleau, Paul Abbott explains why he put together the most comprehensive index to the files of Jim Garrison and explains how the user can take advantage of it for further work. ...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
James DiEugenio

The JFK Files: Pieces of the Assassination Puzzle

The only reporter in America who does a regular column on the John Kennedy assassination has put together a collection of his best work on both Kennedy's assassination and his presidency. The volume i...

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